How to make money from a youtube channel- 5 best essentials

With the rise of the internet it has given many new platforms a way for you to make money and the most popular one goes to YouTube.

Even though there is such a great opportunity for YouTube it still seems hard to make money from this platform. So how do others do it? Well today I will be talking about how to make money from a YouTube Channel easily.

These methods I will show you are easy but they will require discipline since they are all free, but if use effectively can make you grow as a YouTuber.

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Is it worth it to make money on YouTube?

Well the simple answer to this is that making money of YouTube because it could end up being turned into passive income if you work on it long enough.

The main problem that people have with this financial vehicle is the fact that with the views which are rewarded money seem very hard.

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So how many views do you start getting paid?

YouTube only pays you$5,5 per 1000 views on each video you upload. This means that to make a living you will need to make videos each week which have at least 100 000 views.

This may seem tough but if you think about it if you think of YouTube as a business those views are not hard to achieve.

All you need is to basically work on your YouTube channel for 3 years.

So how can you do this practically?

Let us look at the steps you need to do now.

1. Find a niche you love which is hot

How to make money from a youtube channel

Now the first step to making money not just on YouTube but anywhere is finding the niche or a field you are more passionate about.

The reason you need this component is that you need to stick it through with it forever (yes, I said forever).

Most people make a mistake of taking a topic they see as if it will make them money and when the tough times come around it is easy for them to quiet entirely.

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The other second important aspect is to make sure that your niche is very profitable (very hot) otherwise you will be basically wasting your time.

Some of the most topics are those in the following categories:

  • Entertainment (Pranks, comedy etc)
  • Teaching ways to make money (like affiliate marketing teaching)
  • Reviews of programs

Although I have put these categories there are many more which you can do as well as long as you check if the topic is in demand or not.

2. Have catchy titles

How to make money from a youtube channel

There is nothing more interesting with a video which does not have an interesting hook, No matter how good your content is.

This is because this is the first glance a person has when they decide on watching a video on YouTube.

This is the same as dating. We all know that when you see a person for the first time if they are looking good they hook you quickly and you become interested (this happens mostly to males more than females).

Here are some most interesting titles you can put to lure people in:

  • How I made my first money online
  • Secrets of making money selling books in a week.
  • I just fought with a lion and this is what happened
  • How I left my day job

You can see all these topics are intriguing and make people want to come and check out what is happening.

If you go on YouTube you will see that the top YouTube views have these topics.

3. Make sure your video is interesting with a variety

How to make money from a youtube channel

Now once you have captured a person’s attention you need to make sure that you do not bore them.

Many people on YouTube these days have catchy titles but their videos are very boring and these are called “Click baits”.

Make sure you do not end up doing these because you could end up losing a lot of viewers once they start seeing your video.

So how do you make your video interesting?

All you need to do is to have a video which you are not just talking throughout, Make it a point to either change positions or add something in between your talk.

No one likes looking at someone they don’t know talking for long (This only works if you are well-known already either online or in real life).

Another thing you can do is to make the first 10 seconds super interesting.

This is because the concentration span of a person lasts for a very short time (according to wista it can be from 20 seconds to 60 seconds).

This means the first 10 seconds are the most crucial and that is where you must put all your effort.

4. Have the right tags on your videos

Tags are the most crucial aspect of anything online even websites. This is because tags have the ability to show YouTube who your video is targeted at.

So if a person types a title which is linked to any tag you put, you have higher chances of having your video showing.

This of course must go hand in hand with your title which you put on your YouTube video otherwise your tags will go in vain.

5. Stay consistent

How to make money from a youtube channel

This aspect is perhaps one of the hardest and this is what makes or breaks a YouTuber.

At the beginning I said choose a topic which you are passionate about remember?

So this is where you can actually make it big on YouTube. All you need to do is to have schedule where you upload weekly or daily (you decide).

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Once you decide on your schedule make sure you stick by it no matter what.

The reason this is vital is because YouTube really rewards you for consistency no matter how small.

I know many YouTubers who only blossomed after 2 years of being consistent (imagine!).

So can you stay the course even if it takes a year or two not seeing the results?

Only you can answer this question for yourself.

Final thoughts

Making money on YouTube is no different than making money in any business as the principles are the same.

The only difference is that now you are doing a business which is a huge hobby and this is the reason most people do not take it serious.

The fundamentals include the following aspects:

  • Choose a topic or field you are passionate about which is hot
  • Have catchy titles for your videos
  • Have a variety of on your videos
  • Have tags on your videso
  • Stay consistent

If you apply all of these I am sure you will reach your goals soon and be able to make money consistently.

If you want to learn all of these things step by step you can checkout a free program which helped me get started called wealthy affiliate.

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

6 thoughts on “How to make money from a youtube channel- 5 best essentials”

  1. Thank you for the insights. Frankly, uploading video, writing catchy headlines and even getting views isn’t very difficult for most of us. The main challenge is creating engaging videos. Creating and editing videos is a time consuming process. Any tips on how to expedite that?

    1. Hey Prav

      I understand where you are coming from. As I said it will be easy to have engaging content if you love what you are doing. One of the tips is to add variety within your videos so people can have highs and lows.
      Other aspects depends on what you are doing (i.e your topic).

  2. I didn’t realize all that went into having a successful youtube channel. Youtubers make it look so effortless! I have way more respect for them! I agree that consistency is probably on of the best indicators for success. Thank you for giving me more direction.

    1. Hey Randi

      Great to hear that you learnt a thing or two about succeeding on YouTube. Yes this is more than what meets the eye.

  3. Hey Thibos, you are an inspiration man, you really inspired me with your post. It is so educational. I joined WA late last year and I am still in training but I am determined to make money here. And with people like you I can see it happening.

    Thanks Thibos, I would like to keep in touch with you as often as possible

    1. Hey Jeffrey brother

      Thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this post and I hope you can apply these. Hey man no problem at all. You can hit me up anytime. I wouldn’t mind to help you out.

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