How to make money during a recession easily- These strategies will always work

Almost everyone hates a recession because of the negative connotations which come with it. It is no doubt that currently the world is facing a near recession with the coronavirus.

However you may be asking yourself why I said “almost everybody” hate a recession. This is because there are always people who benefit financially from it and this can be done by anybody. This is why today I will be talking about how to make money during a recession.

These methods I will provide you have worked in the past and are likely to keep happening in the future.

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Understanding recessions

How to make money during a recession

To be able to understand the whole ways of making money with recession you need to understand aspects about it.

According to its pure definition of economics a recession is a business cycle when there is a huge decline in economy activities.

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In the past the world has gone through 47 recessions which have changed the world.

One of the greatest recession was called the greatest depression which happened in the 1920s where everyone lost huge sums of their money and wealth.

However did you know that a recessions all about the transferring of wealth and a new economy being introduced especially those which happen every 100 years.

This means that there will always be more people who become wealthier than others because they know how to adapt.

let’s look at some historical revolutions so you understand more of what I am talking about:

1. The Hunt gathering ageHow to make money during a recession

This was the first revolution when man came to earth. During this age every person was relying on their hunting skill to survive for their families.

This was a survival of the fittest age and the social security was the tribe.

At this age every one was poor and no one was rich.

2. Agrarian age revolution

Once man discovered that they can be able to make food from growing food through nature a new age was born. Here the was introduction of technology.

Technology was used for to help cultivate the plants. This age saw the rise of what are called classes between people such as the poor and the rich.

Those with the land and technology were the rich and known as royalty and those who worked for these people were called the peasants.

3. Industrial ageHow to make money during a recession

After the disaster from world wars the industrial revolution was born. You will note that during this age there was what was called the Spanish flu ( a disaster).

You may note that just after the Spanish flue the industrial revolution started immediately where companies needing workers to construct and make buildings

4. The information age

This is the age we are in right now where everything is digitized and operates mostly online as we are seeing during the coronavirus.

In this age we will have more classes of people since knowledge enables people to make money easily

There will be the following classes:

  • The poor
  • Middle class
  • The rich
  • The super rich

so do you think the coronavirus and the recession are just another event?

Well whether you want to believe that it is just a coincident or that it is genuine the real issue you should be concerned about is that wealth transferring will occur at a large scale.

This will mean that more people will get wealthy than the previous revolution just like all other historical revolution.

If you do not position yourself in the right way will be left behind financially and luckily for you I am here to point you in the right direction.

Lets start with what you can do.

Since we are in the information age technology, Those who have information and use technology wisely will be amongst the rich.

You must remember that those who are still relying on jobs in the brick and mortar will be left behind just like those who were relying on land to make and sell food got left behind when the industrial revolution.

The truth is that the super rich believe in the theory of 1/3 each.

This means you should have 1/3 of each wealth over different investments and I will show you the most important.

1. Buy and collect Metals like Gold or Silver

How to make money during a recession

The truth of the matter is that if you want to save money it will be off no good or value to you.

One thing you must know is that money is known as currency and currency is a made up item.

This is because money is only got value due to the confidence we give it, that’s all.

The good news is that anyone can just go to a store and buy gold or silver and keep stacking these until they become real wealth later on if money decide to have no value like in the past.

2. Having a property

How to make money during a recession

Property is another great vehicle to keep your wealth in even when money vanishes like in the great depression.

The super rich have a property because property is something which will always have value even when currency decided to vanish.

In the past property has always increased in value and it has always been the basic need of human beings no matter where you go.

3. Invest when prices are low but have knowledge

How to make money during a recession

The other great thing about recessions are that the prices of certain investments really go very low and provide huge opportunity for people to make money when the value finally goes up.

The only issue with this I would advise is that you must really know the investment you are invest in otherwise you could still lose money.

I would say study history and what that particular stock or whatever item you are looking at did in the past,

Howvere generally most would be low so you just need to buy

My bonus tip

How to make money during a recession

Another aspect you should know, which I had talked about is the fact that there are always known things coming up and you should be part of this trend.

If we were to go back to the start of the industrial age you would have made a killing if you invest in companies and also if you became great at school so you could learn to be a top manager and make money.

After making money as a top professional than you would have invested in property and became super rich like many did.

This is because they were following the industrial age trends which focused on school. corporate and property.

We are not in the information age and internet/technology is the leading part which will make many super rich.

We can already see little kids being so rich using the internet like the YouTube millionaire who is just 6 years old.

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This is the reason I started an online business a few years ago to ensure I am part of the rich.

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This training is by wealthy affiliate and if you decide to start I will help mentor you until you become full time with your online business too.

Final thoughts

The recession can either be a great opportunity for you or not depending on how you look at things.

Many people over history have made a fortunate during this time just by focusing on the right things.

Over the years we have had about 47 recessions and in each one people made money.

The super rich have said before that there are three things which cause them to sustain their wealth and it is about having 3 items which will hold monetary value even if currency vanishes

These items are the following:

  • Investing in metals like Gold and Silver
  • Investing your money in property
  • Buying low on certain instruments
  • Following the current revolution trend

If you follow these tips you will be able secure when it comes to your future moving forward after the whole coronavirus.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you were able to learn well from it. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

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