How to make money as a travel blogger easily-The best way possible

Most of us dream of traveling the world effortless and easily, however one thing becomes a big inhibitor and that is finances. What if I told you that does not have to be the case?

Would you be happy? I am sure you would. You see at this day and age there are many people traveling the world without worrying about money. Most of these people have mastered a certain skill and that is how to make money as travel blogger.

Granted, not all of them are travel bloggers but they do have the freedom. I have also been traveling a lot lately because I make most of my money online.

This is why today I am here to share with you how anyone can earn money while traveling.

I have to tell you that the initial stage of building your travel money as a blogger will not be a quick one,however if you stick to my advice you will be able to travel yourself, like others, in no time.

Before you start reading you may be interested in checking out my step by step tutorial on how to start a blog and make profit.

Find your passion

How to make money as a travel blogger easily

Perhaps one of the most important thing for being a travel blogger, like any other thing, is finding what you really love.

Firstly you need to love traveling of any sort if you are thinking of being a travel blogger and why do I say this?

Well, your job of being a blog traveler will require this.

This is because you will need to be writing content on an almost daily basis if you are looking to make it big more especially in your starting or initial stages.

What if you do not know anything about blogging?

The good thing about blogging is that it is a learnable and very easy skill to acquire, trust me.

Before 2016 I was terrified of blogging and in fact I thought it was reserved for certain people in life because it just seemed complicated and stressful.

However, once I joined a free affiliate marketing program for learning how to make money online this skill has become second nature to me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in life.

You can also check the program (no credit card details needed) and learn and get mentorship until you are competent.

Now let us go into steps on how to start your own travel blog today. You will see how easy this process is.

Niche focused website

How to make money as a travel blogger

The first step for being a travel blogger is to ensure that you build a niche focused blog or website.

This simply means that when you start it is important to narrow down and focus on one thing at a time as this will enable google to rank your website better on its pages.

For an example you can build a site focusing mainly on Indonesia and anyone who is looking to travel to Indonesia will find your website useful.

However, you need to ensure you choose a place you have actually been to or a travel product you use or have used before.

The reason I say this is because when people ask you information you should be on your balls at all times. Imagine if you do not know anything about what you are promoting.

The other benefit of focusing on one niche is that you tend to get better traffic (readers) on your site who can actually convert. In the online world we call this niche marketing.

You will get better results than a person who is only focusing on “world travel” Website.

This is because their topic is just too broad and it is more of a hit-and-miss since this person will not get people actually looking for help.

Ofcourse once your niche-focused site has grown you can focus on more countries and the best way to do this would be to first focus on countries of the continent of your first website.

So going back to Indonesia, if your have succeeded with getting stable and consistent income from this now you can focus on countries in the same continent as Indonesia.

How can I start my website?

As I said earlier starting a website is relatively easy and in fact you can do it within 1 minute.

You can create your free website here (no credit card details needed) and start the process to your passive income as a travel blogger.

Use a reliable keyword research tool

How to make money as a travel blogger

Now the reason I said have a focused niche is because this is where you will benefit in getting a lot of traffic on your site.

When you are looking to rank on google you need to find to look for topic (keywords) that are more searched and have the lowest competition.

When I started back in 2016 I used google keyword tool and sooner found out that it was giving me limited results so I left it.

After search for a year and looking at different keyword research tools to help me I had no luck and that was what nearly drove me to quit since my website was not ranking.

It was only when I started using Jaxxy Keyword research tool did my results start to pick up and I was on first page of most of my website posts.

I do highly recommend using jaaxy for your website posts as this will help your site grow faster.

Here is a picture below showing how Jaxxy operates and how easy it is to use.

How to make money as a travel blogger

Content is king


You may have noticed I never put too much emphasis on the look of your website, I just said create a website.

There is a reason for this. Have you ever heard of the saying “content is king?” well if you have been an online business or blog own I am sure you have heard this.

This is very true because most people when they go to check for information online the look of the website is the last thing they look for.How to make money as a travel blogger

This has been proven over and over in the online world and if you do not believe this I will give you a few examples:

1.What makes a site like Facebook so popular is it its look or the fact that you can communicate and interact?

Interaction right?

2. When you go online to check information do you look for the most beautiful site to find information or the one which has the best value?

Best value right?

I can go on an on about this but at the end we can see that content and information is one important aspect for success in the online world.

Writing content is another skill that you need to master because you need to be engaging well with your audience in a conversational way.

If you are looking to learn this the most fast and simple way I can help you get started as you will interact with some of the most successful people online.

What is more is that I can give you a bonus if you are really interested to taking a huge step to see the results even faster with advanced training.

Get the best quality camera or video camera

How to make money as a travel blogger

Having the best looking content is the only places where you should worry about the beauty as this will be in your content where your readers are mostly.

When you are writing your content you must include photos and videos that you took yourself as this will make your travel audience more relate with the authenticity of your content.

The good news is that nowadays there are very cheap high quality cameras that you can use and the following are some examples which are under $200:

  1. Cannon Powershot SX 410 IS
  2. Nikon CoolPix A10
  3. Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220

These are some of the most popular cameras I know work for travel bloggers so it is worth it using them.

Join advertising companies online

While you are building your website the best way is to take advantage of some advertising on your website as this will help you get extra income without really working for it.

The best thing about joining these companies is that they are free to join and start making money instantly.

There are many of these online but the best one that I have been using for years is google adsense which is free to join too.

By using these you can have two streams of income as your visitors will tend to go to it if they do not find anything valuable on your site.

Final thoughts

Starting a travel blog has become one of the best ways to make money online if you know what you are doing and you have proper training.

The first step is creating a good website and then make sure your site is focusing one a specific niche.

This will help you when you are using the keyword research tools like Jaxxy, which is what I recommend for all bloggers who are serious about making money online.

Once that is done make sure you have good content on your website with the best photos and videos that YOU took as this will make it personal to your readers.

You can then add advertising on your website to add more income for yourself as this advertising is free for you to use.

If you would like to get step by step details on how to do this with 100% mentorship fwith a community of the world’s top earners online you can join here.

I hope this post was helpful to you and I hope you benefited from it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them.

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  1. Hi Thabo, nice interesting post. Love Indonesia, spend most of my time there when I can. Now that I don’t have to worry about a fixed workspace anymore. Maybe we see eachother in INDO somewhere.



    1. Hi Eric

      Wow great to hear that you have reached financial freedom and you do not need to go to the office.Do you like Indonesia?

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