How to make money as a clickbank affiliate- 5 steps that work

Clickbank is one of the many affiliate programs that are used by many online internet marketers or affiliate marketers to make money.

To hardest thing for people to do is to make money in this platform. Having used the platform and being able to build an income from it I have learnt what works and what does not. In this article I will talk about how to make money as clickbank affiliate.

These are all the methods that I have used to help me earn money online over the years.

To check how I make money online you can check my #1 recommendation for making money.

I love this topic because I failed to generate any income only until last year and it has started to become consistent every month.

You can also watch the video if you don’t feel like reading (it’s a summary):

What changed for me online

Until last year I had not generating any income online because I had gone through many scam online business teaching programs which left me nearly bankrupt.

I was lucky to find a program which has helped me be able to generate income on a consistent basis.

After I got training it took me nearly 6 months to start generating income and below is my typical income below.

The most important factors

Before we start talking about actual practical steps to make money online I would like to cover some fundamentals that you must first understand before you start.

These you must understand that as you will not be able to get a decent income in clickbank without these.

There are 2 most important factors and they are:

  • Having a website
  • Having affiliate marketing training

I will expand on these just a little.

1. Website

How to make money as a clickbank affiliate

The most important step to take is creating a website as this will be what you will be using as a platform for where your customers will be driven to.

The website will be what will help you with the revenue generating part for the long haul and I will talk about this later.

2. Having affiliate marketing training

The other crucial part is to get proper affiliate marketing which will make your path better as an affiliate marketer.

There many affiliate training program which you can choose from and that will help you to be able to know how to be a better affiliate marketer,

Here are the programs I have tried:

Step 1: Find a great niche

How to make money as a clickbank affiliate

The first step in being able to be profitable in dancing is to choosing a hot and top niche which will bring in money. There are many top niches that you can focus on.

Here are some to niches that are always ever green and are said to be green all the time:

  • Make money Online
  • Health
  • Fitness and weight loss
  • Fashion
  • Dating and relationship

The importance of finding a niche is that this step will either kill your chances or give you great advantage to earn money online.

Most people who try to be a clickbank affiliate or an amazon affiliate marketer is that they focus on niches with little potential.

Now, unless you are very lucky or you have an unique brand then you can make it in almost all niches and I will talk about this in the next few sections.

Step 2: Make sure you love your niche

How to make money as a clickbank affiliate

Now in the last step I said you need to have a hot niche right?

Well this step may seem a bit contrary to what I just said. This is because it is.

You see if you happen to choose a niche which is not hot (but still has a market) what will make a difference is the passion and the unique angle you create your business.

If you love the business that you are creating then you will find that you can stand out from your competition in that niche because you will be more persistent and grow daily.

The other aspect is to ensure that you narrow down your niche so that you will have a lower competition in your audience.

Once you have a narrow audience that you will be able to grow your brand in that niche and once that brand has been established you can then grow it.

To find a narrowed niche you can use keyword research tools for your business.

Step 3: Find problems in forums and google

The next step is to look at forums and google to check what people are mostly complaining about and need help from.

This will help your online business to be established for the long term and to keep thriving.

For example if you are in a dog niche, you would want to go to google and look for forums related to dogs.

I have done this for you below:

Once you have found a forum you like you now need to dedicate you time once a week interacting with the people in the group and helping them with information.

Once you have developed trust in that forum then all you need to do now is to focus promote products or program which can help them.

The key is to look for the most high priced products which are popular and have been developed.

Step 4: Find one of the most popular products and start promoting.

As I said before it is possible to start promoting a product which will give you a decent income.

On clickbank you can find many of these just by a few clicks like below.

You go to the niche you like and then at the top categorize it in terms of most popular.

Once you have found that product you have to focus you energy on giving to them people who need and how do you do this?

I will explain in the next section.

Step 5 write a product review

When you have chosen the product the next step is to ensure that you write a good review talking about these products.

It is important to ensure that you have a review page on your website so you can write reviews to help people know about certain products or programs.

I know you might be saying “but Thabo I am not a writer”

Do not worry I was also never a writer and now it may seem like I like it but it is only a skill of which anyone can develop.

I mean right now I can right an article or review on my websites in less then 2 hours whereas before it would take me nearly the whole day.

This is why I recommend getting training for this just like I a year ago.

The training I recommend is wealthy Affiliate and it’s free (no credit card details needed)

Final thoughts

Many people want to make a living with clickbank as the main source but they fail to do this because they are not focusing on the right ways to do this.

Making money in an affiliate network is one of the best ways to monetize online.

The important step that people forget is that they should start with making a website as this will be where their clients come to as a website becomes like an online shop.

When you are done with a website you will then need 5 steps to actually start making money online and they are:

  1. Find a great niche
  2. Have passion for you niche
  3. Find problems in forums and google
  4. Find one of the most popular products and start promoting it.
  5. Write a product review and content related to your niche.

These are all the steps that you will have to do over time to see results. I know this can actually be hard to know how to do this especially if you are beginner.

This is why I recommend joining a free program which will help you gain the skills called wealthy Affiliate.


I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or commenst to add you are more then welcome to leave them below.

6 thoughts on “How to make money as a clickbank affiliate- 5 steps that work”

  1. Wow, thank you so much! You help me understand some mistakes I have been making. I will definitely use your 5 steps, there just what I feel like I’m missing in my online business. I want to bookmark your site.

    1. I am happy that you enjoyed and benefited from my article and I hope you can really succeed in you online business. These 5 steps have helped me succeed in my online business.

  2. Hi
    As a starting affiliate marketer myself, this post has given me a lot of information on how to make my journey a successful one. I am sure I made the right choice by joining wealthy affiliate, and I will be able to make better success after reading this post. Thank you

    1. Good luck on your journey as an affiliate marketer and if you apply these principles will work. I used to be a beginner like you so I know you can achieve your goals.

  3. Thank you so much for your article! I was wondering on how to get started in fact and thinking whether to join Clickbank University. But I wish to have more broad training than just on one affiliate marketing place, so I will go with your number one recommendation.
    Hope to find you there and have some further guidance?
    Thank you very much in advance

    1. Hey Jan

      Fantastic to hear that you are taking action for with your goals. Bet wishes for your success. I will be here to help

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