How to make extra money as a physical therapist online- The secret to full time income

The online world is booming with many opportunities to make money especially if you have a good skill like physical therapy. In fact due to physical therapist getting laid off, according to McKnight’s long-term care news, more of them will look else where for opportunities.How to make extra money as a physical therapist online

Online is where most will look at and this is obviously where all opportunities lie. This is the reason I wrote this article to help you know how to make extra money as a physical therapist online.

I have been working online from 2016 and only quit my corporate job (as a Civil Engineer) this year (2019).

Now I want to say that I am not yet making millions but I am able to cover my living expenses with my money online and I am well on my way to making millions.

This article is written for anyone who wants to make money online as a therapist, whether beginner or advanced.

Before we start you may be interested in checking how I make money online here.

The reasons for choosing the online route

Before I start giving you the ways to make money it is worth telling you why you should focus on building your income online.

As I had said before the online world is where many opportunities lie and only those who are eager to take them and work hard will prosper.

Working online also provides you with a lot of opportunities that you would never ever get if you worked online like the freedom to work with patients online.

1. Build a blog and be an affiliate marketer

Now this is the best way to make money as a physical therapist and it can make you have many streams of income in the process (I am speaking from experience here).

So what is a blog and what is affiliate marketing?

Firstly a blog is another name for a website. The reason you will need to build a website as an online physical therapist is because this will act as your online store.

Not only will it be your online store but it will also be your business card.

Think of the fact that most physical therapist who are physically working paycheck to pay check or have their own practice may only have a website.

Their website is just standing their and they refer their customers to it now and then.

This means that if you become a blogger and blog about ways that help people (patients) in no time you will have customers from all around the world as your audience.

You will basically be a head of the game.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote certain products to earn a commission and this works well if you are well known and trusted by the audience on your blog.

So in your blog you just promote any products which are related to physical therapy and if people buy you earn a commission (easy as that).

Well since you are already a physical therapist you have that as a huge advantage. This means that your audience will already trust you.

By blogging (writing more helpful content) you increase your authority to these people which will make it easy for you to promote anything to them that you wish.

Now the next section I will show you how to get started with this process.

1. Create a website

How to make extra money as a physical therapist online

The first step of being an affiliate marketer is to first start by creating a blog. This will take you less then a minute to do, thank to the technology advancements.

In this section I will show you how to start a blog for free.

The first step to starting a blog is to register a domain name and link it to a hosting platform which you have to buy separately.

Once you have bought these two things you will need to merge them together. You will then have a fully functional website.

I know this can be a bit expensive especially if you are starting up like I was two years ago where I had to pay huge amounts for these times.

It was only I found a free platform which enabled me to create two free websites to start off. The platform was Wealthy Affiliate which is free to open an account and you get two websites free.

You can create your free website in less than a minute with site rebruix

Or you can get your own domain that you will own and I recommend Bluehost. You can check how to start a blog for profit with bluehost yourself.

Once you have created your website you we can move to the next step where you choose a theme that is good for you.

2. Choosing a theme for your website

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It goes without saying that having a website that looks good is good for attracting customers or clients for your.

Think of your website like a shop where people pass by daily. Would customers go in your store if it was dull and did not have anything appealing to it?

I hope your answer is no.

So this is why you should ensure your website looks good and appealing.

Luckily when you have created a free website from siterubrix you will have many free themes to choose from like the ones below.

Here are the steps for choosing and uploading your theme.

On your wordpress back office go to APPEARANCES then go to THEMES. and you choose which ever one you prefer.

3. Choose affiliate products and attach links to your site

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After having a blog and start having a beautiful themed website you can start choosing products which you can promote on your website.

Here are affiliate programs that you can find products related :

3. Research keywords

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After registering and signing up in an affiliate marketing program you will need to look at topics which will rank higher on google so that more people will see your site.

To do this you will need to have a good research tool to do this. unfortunately most of these research tools do not work well or they are very expensive.

Here is a research tool which I would recommend which is free to use called Jaxxy keyword research tool and I did a great Jaxxy keyword research tool review for you too.

4. Be consistent and helpful

After you have got content to write about through Jaxxy keyword research you will need to have consistent content which is helpful to your audience.

The more you are helpful the more audience you will get and the more google will love and rank your website.

Since you are already a physical therapist this should be easy for you to achieve.

How you can be trained to do this

In this section I will talk about how you can get training for you to be able to do this from scratch as a beginner online to a full time business owner.

This is a platform this gave me all the training to be an online business owner or affiliate marketer which helped me quit my job this year to work on my online business full time.

This training program is totally free to join (no credit card details needed) and you can join premium if you want to go deeper and there are no other upsells.

When you join you immediately get training which will help you know all the basics of starting a blog or any online business.

On top of everything you have a community of thousand of online business owners who are ready to help you 24/7.

I do recommend it if you are a beginner and are ready to make serious money online in the long term.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to make extra money as a physical therapist or even to be full time online as long as one is willing to work.

Affiliate marketing is what any physical therapist can use to help him or herself make a fulltime income with the skills they already have.

All it takes is creating a website and learning how to blog while incorporating affiliate links on your content.

The best way to do this is to get proper training so that you can understand that you need to be consistent to make a full time income and wealthy Affiliate is a good option as it is totally free to help any new beginner.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

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