How to earn money online with a blog- This you must know

The internet is growing more and more everyday. According to there was a growth of 366 million from January 2018 to 2019.

This means that people who are looking to earn money with their blogs will benefit a lot over How to earn money online with a blogthe coming years. This is the reason that I will show you how to earn money online with a blog.

When I started blogging in 2016 I was looking top earn a full time income and quit my job. Fast forward to 2019 I decided to quit my job to focus on building my empire full time.

Although I am not at a million dollar income however I am able to live well with the online business focusing on my passion.

Before we start you may be interested to check out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

There are many ways to make money with your blog and all you have to do is to choose your path and focus on it fully.

I will be giving you the best ways that even a beginner can start using to their full advantage from today.


Let’s begin.

Make sure you have a great-looking blog

How to earn money online with a blog

When it comes to knowing how to earn money online with a blog the appearance is one of the most important aspects that you should never neglect.

Most people bloggers tend to take this step for granted too much as they usually say content and engagement is the important aspect.

Although this is true however no one will ever read your blog if your website is not inviting.

Let’s use relationships for instance. Who would you be interested in dating between the following two people? (assuming you see these people for the first time).

  1. Someone who looks normal dressed and a bit untidy
  2. Someone who is well-dressed and looks after him\herselfHow to earn money online with a blogHow to earn money online with a blog

If you are like most people you would choose number two because of just what you see right?

Do you notice that I said nothing about how well each person speaks?

Why did I do this do you think?

Well this is because when you meet someone for the first time the appearance introduces itself before anything else. Well it is the same with your blog.

People will tend to trust a blog that looks professional and catches their attention so you have to make sure you take care of this department as it will help you in the long term to keep new blog readers coming to your site.

1. Sell digital products

How to earn money online with a blog

This is one of the most popular way people make money on their blogs. They do this by selling their own digital products which they created.

This can be in the form of information you have that people need or just some sort of special skill you have and want to help people with.

Here are a few digital products you can sell on your blog:

  • Create and sell online courses
  • Create and sell ebooks
  • Themes for websites
  • Plugins for websites
  • Apps for phones
  • Music/videos and images for people
  • Recipes for different types of diets

These are easier to do if you have a passion for what you are doing and they can create a huge amount of income.

Just make sure that what you are doing is relevant with your blog content so that when readers come to your site they can be able to buy things which are related to what they are there to read.

2. Have affiliate programs in your content

How to earn money online with a blog

This is by far my number one way of earning money online with blogging. This is because with this part you do not need to create your own digital products to sell.

You simply use freely available digital programs online and you promote them with a link that you will get from that company.

So whenever one of your readers decides to click on those links and buys you simply get a commission and everything from products distribution is handled by the company, simple as that.

In fact this is how I started out in the online world in 2016 after attending a financial empowering seminar called National Achievers Congress.

The great thing with this option is that you are spoiled with choose of affiliate programs from companies waiting for you to put their links so they can pay you for helping them.

This is because they do not want to pay a lot for advertising costs whereas you are here to help them.

And do not worry you do not need to pay any upfront costs or anything, you just get their links and promote with these affiliate links.

In fact if you would like to learn this for free I would recommend joining my #1 recommended program for this which helps you every step of the way just like I did.

The best thing is that you can create your free account (with no credit card details needed) and get two free websites to build on while you get the training.

3. Sell membership sites

Selling memberships is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online with your blog because you can make it part of what you are an expert on.

For instance if you are a fitness training blogger you can charge people $200 per week to gain access to your strategies that work well that no one knows.

Remember the key is that you must have information that will be exclusive so people will literally rush to buy for it since you are providing a solution for them.

4. Use CPC and CPM

How to earn money online with a blog

This is another great way to earn money on your blog which most people tend to just focus on.

So what are each of these?

Let me explain each of them.

  • CPC ads

This is cost per click in abbreviated form.

These are basically banners that you locate on your site and whenever a person clicks through them you get paid.

  • CPM ads

CPM ads are abbreviated as Cost Per 1000 impressions. You basically get paid a rated that is fixed for the people who view you ad.

You probably are seeing some of these ads on this content or on my other posts on this website. There many companies you can get these ads from and I use google Adsense for my sites (and it is totally free).

5. Create content for you business and be an authority

How to earn money online with a blog

If you do not like all the other options you can build an authority to yourself and business through your content.

Since people will be visiting your site you will end up being an authority in that subject and google will love your site and rank it higher on the web.

For instance if you are good in Fashion or have a fashion company you can simply create content related to that on a constant basis.

This will come easy and it will make you consistent in your content and you can even start promoting any of the above things are mentioned like affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts

Blogs are going to be one of the most popular things in the future and if anyone is looking to make money online I would recommend they start their own blog.

It is totally free to make your own blog on the internet these days especially with credibly companies or websites.

There are five ways that you can monetize your blog with and they are easy to do even for beginners and they are:

  • Creating content for your business
  • Adding affiliate links with your website
  • Use CPC and CPM ads.
  • Sell membership sites
  • Sell digital products

It is vital to choose what works well for you and that you will enjoy. My # 1 recommendation is to use affiliate marketing and creating content for your business as these are the fastest to grow.

They also have huge amounts of potential as far as money is concerned.

If you are looking to get training and mentorship with one of these or any of the five ways of making money you can create free account at wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to see what Wealthy affiliate is all about you can check my Wealthy affiliate review.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to ask them or leave them below.

4 thoughts on “How to earn money online with a blog- This you must know”

  1. Thank you for creating this easy to read list of how to earn money with a blog. I am new to the blogging world and realize I have so much to learn. It all gets a bit overwhelming, you know what I mean?

    I have been afraid to monetize with google ad sense because I am afraid that having banner ads will create a spamming look.

    Do you think that is true? What do you think about dropshipping? My niche does not really go with digital products.

    I look forward to hearing your advice.

    1. Hey Dovey

      Great to hear that you are starting out. Good choice and well done.

      Having google adsense will tend to have that spammy issue of course, however if your google ads are in relation to your content you will tend to get a better conversion.
      Google ads also do help if you tend to have average content since on your site as people will tend to just click on ads more and you earn, However this works w\ell if you have huge amounts of traffic on your site.

      About drop shipping it is good too..remember with drop-shipping you also have to focus on the marketing side of things a lot since every other thing is done for you.
      Hope it helps you

  2. I have my own website and I’ve an issue with google adsense and share a shale not accepting my submission to get ads on my website though i use amazons affiliate program to promote products earning money from a blog website seems a bit time consuming to me as i haven’t been able to earn a penny but i focus on my content and headlines more and hope the magics happens 1 day.

    1. Hey Suijit

      Yes making money on your blogging site will take time if you are using SEO or unpaid traffic-generating methods. Remember a blog can take between 7 months to a year for you to start earning.

      You are on a good track as long as you will focus on good keywords and good content on your blog. I hope this helps you.

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