How to earn money online fast- 5 options that work for anyone

As more and more people are going online the more they need to make some extra cash or to how to earn money online fastreplace their job income so they can live a life of financial freedom.

The problem that people encounter when looking to make money whether online or offline is that it takes a very long time achieve this. However, with the internet has made it easy to make money fast. This why I will be showing you how to earn money online fast.

These methods and strategies I will show you today will and can work for anyone who is willing to make money online the fastest way.

However I want to tell you that these 5 methods are merely for making only EXTRA income online and nothing more like a full time income.

These methods can be done by anyone even college students looking to earn money online fast while they are studying.

Before we start you may like to see my #1 recommendation for making money online if you are looking to build an empire online.

1. Review music and get paid

how to earn money online fast

When it comes to knowing how to earn money online fast I just have to start with reviewing music.

Reviewing music is the most easiest thing to do as it needs no skills or any experience to qualify doing it.

When you have registered to one of the music reviewing sites all you do is wait for emails with link to music you have to give your opinion about.

How cool is that?

What is more cool is that there are no wrong or right answers since it is opinion based payments. You simply have to say if have to decide if a certain song is a hit or miss and next thing you have earned a few bucks for yourself.How to earn money online fast

So music artist produce songs and you as the listener or consumer must give valuable feedback.

This is familiar and popular amongst teenagers and also young adults since it is something they are already doing.

So if you love music I would say give this a try to get paid instead of listening to your normal music and get nothing.

When it comes to actually doing this I would recommend that you look at legit companies that will pay you well like Slice the pie.

With review sites like slice the pie you will get paid for referring a friend to their site. Every time the friend you referred reviews music you get bonuses as well.

2. You can get paid for your thoughts

How to earn money online fast

Just like reviewing music can earn you a commission your thoughts can also help you get paid if you want to earn a quick buck.

If you feel that you have good ideas or your friends always ask you for your thoughts on their everyday life that means you are lucky since there are many sites you can earn a good extra income online.

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However, having said that it is vital to ensure you know the right and legit sites so you are not scammed.

Do not worry I have you covered, Here are the best and legit sites:

  • Opinion outpost
  • i-Say
  • Take part in research
  • Mint Vine

3. Take surveys and get paid

How to earn money online fast

Companies online are looking for people’s opinion when it comes to their products so they are willing to pay anyone who is willing to help out.

Survey sites live Survey Junkie are one of the most legit and well-known sites for doing this as they have been paying their customers well.

You can check my Survey Junkie review where to see if it is legit or not.

Taking surveys is not only one of the fastest ways to earn extra cash however it is one you can make a decent amount from.

The only downside if you want to earn a decent amount is that you need to put in lots and lots of hours.

4. Get paid with ibotta

how to earn money online fast

Do you shop online for anything? Or are you planning to shop online soon?

Well if the answer is yes to one or both questions then you should consider getting ibotta app because you can earn cash just for purchasing anything online on their app.

This is the best way to earn extra cash which accumulates very quick to more then extra cash.

You basically earn cash for absolutely anything you buy through their app and the best thing is that they have loads of retailers to choose from.

You not only earn through purchases you also get paid through referring friends to their app which is cool.

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What I love about this app is that you do not just earn but you save a lot when you are buying since you have many options of retailers to choose from.

5. Get paid through Swagbucks

how to earn money online fast

Swagbucks is another great reward site for you to earn from which is very legit. You can turn your swagbucks points to Pay pal, gift cards and cash or even Amazon codes.

The best thing about Swagbucks is that you can earn a good amount of income due to the fact that this reward site has many aspects you can do on their site to earn cash. Here are some few options:

  • Play games and earn free gift cards
  • Earn Swagbucks by searching the web
  • Earn free gift cards by discovering new deals
  • Earn points by shopping
  • Earn points by watching videos

What to understand about making money fast online

How to earn money online fast

Now I want to clarify something about ways on making money online fast.

When you are looking to earn money fast you should understand that this is indeed possible to do as you see the are options available, however the downside of this is that it is normally short-lived.

So what do I mean by this?

An example is a lottery winner. Just as quick as how they win the lottery the money usually dwindles just as quick. This is true too for making money online quickly.

Yeah sure there are those who manage to make quick money which stays for long, but those are exceptions to the rule. For me and you we should focus on the reality. Which is making money for a long term

This is why I want to show tell you how I make money online which are very sustainable.

Let me give you a reason why this options has been the best:

  • Mentorship and trainingHow to earn money online fast

Whenever you are building a wealth online you need a program which has loads of training and also consistent mentorship.

This is what will help you not just make extra income online but it will help you make a full time income online. This is what all top world online earners have gone through top get to where they are.

  • Affordable training

If you are like me you and do not have a huge extra income for training online you need something legit and free or super affordable.

This will help you be able to continue to grow your online business while you are building income online.

How to earn money online fast

When I started my online blog it has been the best investment for me although I never knew that I could blog as I was not even close to being a computer program or IT specialist.

However, with a lot of help I have been able to build 3 websites with the help of mentorship and training.

The above two reasons are the reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join (no credit card details needed) and I have been able to build an online business of my passion.

You can check my review of the Wealthy Affiliate to see how it works.

Final thoughts

If you are a person looking to earn money online fast there are many ways to skin the cat and some of the most legit ways are the one where you do something to earn points.

Those point are then turned to cash which is normally instantly avaliable to you. These options are one of the fast ways:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Get paid reviwing music
  3. Get paid with Ibotta app
  4. Get paid with doing surveys
  5. Get paid with your thoughts or ideas.

Although these methods are the best for making money online fast I would only recommend them for building  extra income online not for full time income.

If you are looking for a full time income to build then it is better you do things like blogging where you get mentorship and coaching 24/7 like me with programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

This is best for anyone since it is free to get started and build your online business focusing on whatever passion you love.

I hope this article of how to make money online fast was helpful to you, If you have any comments or questions to add you are mopre than welcome to leave them below.

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