How to be successful in online business- This is what helped me (forget motivation)

Today I wanted to point out something which could literally help your online business skyrocket : How to be successful in online business.How to be successful in online business

Are you ready?

Well as you read the title I said you must forget motivation.

The thing with a business is that it is more like you are building a house and this will require a different mindset.

Motivation is something which you look for from the outside in order to move forward.

I am sure you have seen or heard the saying that “motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going”

Well this is precisely true and the problem with people is that they are constantly looking for motivation to start writing their blogs and stuff.

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What is motivation really for business?

How to be successful in online business

When it comes to how to be successful in online business motivation is what kills most people.

If you are at starting your online business or have started you already have the first piece of the puzzle for success. You were motivated to start making money online.

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Now you need to forget the motivation such as looking at quotes or things to lift you up. This will be crucial for your success and I will talk about it on this post.

This can serve as a big distraction for your business trust me. 10 minutes of looking at motivational posts can turn to 1 hour (you can do that when you have spare time).

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So what is vital and what should come first for your business.

Now the habit is what I need you to focus on because that is what will make you money online and more.

What is habit for business?

Habit can be many things but today I will talk about things to move you forward in your blog.

Here they are:

  • Committing to writing your blog weekly or daily (depending on the time you have available).
  • Committing to work on your business (not in your business) . This can be done by looking at things on the outside to change, such as website theme, outsourcing your writing etc.
  • Researching the best people in your field who are succeeding and learning from them in some way.
  • Trying new things in your business to see which one works so you fail quickly and move to another which works. I have done that myself my post called WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC SUPER QUICKLY.

The list goes on but I hope you get my point (your time needs to budgeted well).

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The issue I usually see is that people tend to not focus on these aspects and then they end up not achieving what they want.

If you focus on motivation daily I am telling you that your success will lead to happening in 5 years whereas you were supposed to achieve this in just 2 years or a year.

The problem with motivation is that it is an energy sucker in a way because it is something you require daily.

Ancient principles of motivation and success for business

Zig Ziglar said it well when he said that “People often say that motivation does not last, well neither does bathing and that is why we recommend it daily”

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In essence ZigZiglar was basically saying that you actually need to make motivation of what you do a daily habit.

if you look at the history of the people who made big success of themselves they almost never talk about getting motivation from somewhere. You hear that they were in love with what they were doing so they did it 100% daily.

This is vital because sometimes your first business may not succed so you may have to divert to find another one. That is what happened for me anyway and many online business owners who succeeded.

Why success usually takes long?

How to be successful in online business

Well to put it bluntantly the reason success takes long is because of the fact that people have a hard time in developing a habit.

This is because most people have many factors which disturb them and end up seeming like something significant to them.

For example most people know that watching TV is not good for success in business but they will not miss their favorite soapie.

In fact they will keep tabs of their soapie but not keep tabs of their bsuiness in the same way.

This bad habit because what they focus more on, sadly.

Final thoughts

Success in business is more about finding a driving habit or rather somthing which you love and can do daily.

The problem is that more people look at motivation is something vital to them.

This is the reason that in success the rate is ussually measured to be 1% and failure is 99%. It is simply this principle.

I know what made me start earning onmline was my persistant and drive and not givinhg up because I love doing my business daily.

If I can do it I know anyone can do it as long as they are committed fully to their course.

What is vital is focus in on the vital aspects of your business such as writing daily or uploading on YouTube daily.

I hope everyone can learn to use this for their success online and the results will really surprise you because you will just be moving forward daily positively.


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