HercuList Review- Should you trust John Gloeckner?

Welcome to my HercuList Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to this program so you can make your own choice.

Having a framework that will actually want to assist you with bringing in cash in the correct way is what we as a whole need so doing all necessary investigation about a program prior to joining is vital.

To that end I need to salute you for doing this prior to joining or choosing to get it. This will help you not get misled.

Hey, I go by Thabo and I a full time web-based worker and I had the option to go from procuring $0 to a full time pay on the web and presently all I do is to help other people accomplish exactly the same thing.

I generally survey programs I have either utilized or investigated with the goal that it tends to be an unprejudiced audit.

Right away, we should get everything rolling with this survey.

HercuList Review

Program name: HercuList

Niche:Traffic generation

Creator: John Gloeckner,

Price: Many membership options

Theworkathomegraduate.com rating: 3 out of 5

What is Herculist?

HercuList is a promotion trade site that advances the safelist advertising strategy. It permits enlisted individuals to elevate their organizations to each other for the most part through messaging as well as program surfing.

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You get to join free of charge, acquire credits by clicking other individuals’ promotions and utilize the credits to publicize yourself.

Premium choices are likewise accessible, permitting you to pay to promote to a bigger number of individuals with less credits.

Grown-up/pornography specialty is precluded, as is anything unlawful, yet other than that, you can advance organizations in any specialty.

HercuList permits enrolled individuals to elevate their organizations to each other chiefly through messaging as well as program surfing.

You can join HercuList for nothing and acquire credits by clicking other individuals’ promotions and utilizing that credit to publicize yourself.

There is likewise an exceptional choice that permits you to pay to promote to a more huge number of individuals with less credit

Who is the creator of Herculist?

It is always good to check who the creator of a platform or program is so you will have an idea who you are dealing with.

According to the domain registry, herculist.com was first registered in 2001 and is owned by John Gloeckner, making it one of the most original traffic and ad exchange sites.

There is no huge further information about this though which can be scary. The only insightful information is that you get from the video.

What Is Safelist Marketing?

Safelist advertising is basically, an email spamming technique that is concurred by the two shippers and beneficiaries. For the most part as a client, when you get spontaneous mail, you can check it as spam so the ISP (network access supplier) will boycott the shipper’s email address.

Any resulting messages from a similar shipper will be sent directly to the garbage mail organizer.

With safelist showcasing, you join a shut gathering where individuals barrage crusade messages with one another.

It’s not possible for anyone to whine about you as long as your missions are in accordance with the terms set out by the gathering. So the rundown is “protected”.

How Does Herculist Work?

Safelists were the primary promoting efforts I utilized when I began web showcasing and I came by extraordinary outcomes.

As a matter of fact the main safelist that gave me more leads and deals was the Herculist safelist. I have likewise seen numerous other web advertisers give a similar survey of the Herculist safelist – it is awesome and generally responsive.

Safelists work best when you send your proposal to bigger amounts.

Thus you might get a superior reaction on the off chance that you email 80,000 contacts rather than 1000 contacts.

Herculist PLUS offers a few different free and paid ways of publicizing your deal.


Here, you can make your altered MonsterBlurb sprinkle page.

Free and Pro individuals will get 1 dynamic MonsterBlurb, and Gold individuals will get 10.

Promotion Mailers

You can send your promotion every day to huge number of arbitrary Herculist individuals as free individuals.

Star individuals can send their promotion to the whole data set each and every other day, and the equivalent goes with the Gold part as you can send an email consistently.

Prime Ads

Prime advertisements are where you can get your proposition shown at the absolute best “Prime” region of their site.

This will give you much more openness than standard promotions or text joins.

The Zone

Here, you can get moment traffic to your proposal by surfing for credits in “The Zone.”


You can get huge traffic here by making and submitting enormous electronic promotions to HercuBlurb.

Login advertisements

You can have your promotion seen by different individuals who sign in to the Herculist enrollment region.

Solo Ad Specials

Herculist offers solo promotion specials to send your email solo promotion to individuals who have bought items and administrations.

Extraordinary Advertising Deals

Inside your Herculist participation region, you can find truly extraordinary publicizing bargains at a reasonable cost.

What I like about HercuList

The promotion trade possibly works assuming different right away conspicuous manifestations are locally.

For instance, on the off chance that you are at a device show, you’d evaluate your rivals’ contraptions and see new ones.

Though with HercuList, the greater part of the individuals advance pretty much exactly the same thing like 100 percent Bitcoin Commissions or Amazing Daily Profits.

Below are some things I like.

#1 Learn Marketing Techniques

You join HercuList at night, get up in the first part of the day, and track down 100 new limited time messages. You lack opportunity and willpower to really take a look at individually, neither does anyone.

Envision one of them is from you – it would rapidly be covered before scarcely anybody saw it.

So you can skim through the headlines and give calculating a shot which ones really shout out to you.

Furthermore, when you click the connection in the email and visit a presentation page, once more, you won’t have any desire to burn through a ton of time perusing 1,000 words to see if it merits taking up the proposition or not. So you can find great and terrible point of arrival models and gain proficiency with some showcasing strategies.

For instance;

Page plan – regardless of whether you are advancing member items, you’ll have to make a point of arrival in the future in any case. So you know how a straightforward, current looking, quick stacking presentation page is more compelling.

Copywriting procedure – utilize the least potential sentences to let the crowd know what you’re selling. Be immediate! Try not to decorate stories!

Advance/promote An Attention-Grabbing Niche

Among the great many “bring in cash” messages, the ones in particular that grabbed my eye were the non-abundance related crusades.

Free sign up

You will have the ability to sign up for free to get started which gives many people to option to be able to make it.

What I do not like about HercuList

No Target Audience

On the off chance that you got a hundred messages every day, you couldn’t take any of them, correct?

Assuming you are new to web based showcasing, you may be interested and need to understand what others are advancing, however you will rapidly become weary of browsing out the messages.

It implies from the source or other Herculist part’s perspective, you are not the interest group.

That is on the grounds that you, as well, are an individual from Herculist to advance your items.

Number of Promotional Emails

At the point when you join with HercuList, you’ll be assaulted with special messages from the HercuList mailer.

You will receive a couple of messages at regular intervals over the course of the constantly.

The messages you will get are tied in with creating riches, advanced by different individuals.

Every one of the messages go directly to your spam organizer, and the entire situation sounds like a really bad idea in the event that you don’t need your inbox topped off with messages from Herculist consistently.

New or Very Old Users

You realize that the promotion trade and safe mailer sites like Herculist just inspire you to offer your items to your rivals that you generally dislike.

Such destinations are either new or old to web based promoting and never stay up with the latest.

Amateurs are as yet realizing what’s happening. Subsequently, they will generally overstate deals duplicates.

How Much Does Herculist (Or Herculist Plus) Cost?

After the information exchange, you’re being given 3 different participation choices


Everyday plain text email/web promotion submitted to 1000 individuals

Procure 25% commissions on all reference enrollment installments

20-second clocks

2:1 surf proportion (the zone)

$5 information exchange reward

Genius ($9/month to month or $29/yearly PRO)

Plain text email/web promotion submitted to large number of individuals each and every other day.

35% commissions on all reference enrollment installments

15-second clocks

1:1 surf proportion (the zone)

Dynamic get-away mode (send email promotions without getting other part submitted advertisements)

$5 information exchange reward

Gold ($9/month to month or $39/yearly GOLD)

Day to day HTML or plain text email/web promotion submitted to great many individuals with first and last name title and body personalization choice.

half commissions on all reference enrollment installments

5-second clocks

1:1 surf proportion (the zone)

Dynamic excursion mode (send email advertisements without getting other part submitted promotions)

$5 information exchange reward

In any case, the disadvantage here is that HercuList doesn’t offer an impalpable help, and that implies NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE on any paid participation or other help installments.

Is HercuList a scam?

No, HercuList isn’t a trick. They have been around for twenty years at this point, and they are as yet rushing right up ’til now.

Notwithstanding, I don’t really accept that safelist is the correct method for creating traffic.

You will not learn anything in the event that you continue to depend on an enrollment site that sells traffic and promotion bundles for additional charges.

You can in any case attempt the let loose sign choice in the event that you are keen on HercuList, and with the free participation plan, you can procure a 25% commission and procure $5 join reward.

How I make money online

For a long time I battled to bring in cash on the web and this was expected to getting bogus or wrong data which lead me to nothing.I attempted many create cash open doors throughout the long term which incorporate Network advertising, Surveys and so on and the greater part of these didn’t work.

It was shortly after I learned about a framework called subsidiary promoting which vowed to assist me with bringing in cash even while I rest.

It wasn’t long after a got a program that had the option to show and guide me bit by bit that I had the option to begin bringing in cash on the web.

DecemberJuly 2021

What made me intrigued was the way that the framework had the option to give me a free enrollment so that some preparation could see with my own eyes.

After I saw the free preparation (which is forever) I had the option to join the top-notch enrollment which had the option to assist me with beginning bringing in cash which went from $0 to full time pay on the web.

The program has every one of the apparatuses you want to begin bringing in cash online with preparing and furthermore support bunch which is accessible to help you 247.

You will likewise be getting week by week live preparation and collaborate with other top workers and myself to assist you with arriving at independence from the rat race.

This is the explanation I generally prescribe this program to individuals since I realize it produces results and you are come clean that you really want to attempt to obtain the outcomes.

You can likewise look at it yourself beneath to see what I am referring to.

Final thoughts

In survey, Herculist.com is an extraordinary promoting choice for anybody attempting to fabricate their business on the web.

All in all nothing remains to be lost, since you can join free of charge and give it a shot. I’m content with their administrations and I am almost certain you will be as well.
However, for creating a sustainable business I would not recommend it as getting traffic from such sites or platforms deprives you from learning to build a sustainable business.

There are way to many good options to help you make money online and all you need is to choose one that will help train you well like Wealthy affiliate or savage affiliates.

On a side note, what is your take? Have you attempted Herculist.com previously? Provided that this is true, leave a remark beneath to let us know your experience like. I anticipate hearing from you.


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