Growth Cave Review-Read Before Trying it out

If you are here I am sure you are looking to know what Growth Cave is really about and most importantly whether it is even worth your time.

Well you have come to the right place because in this Growth Cave Review I will be giving you my unbiased look inside the program so you can make your own informed decision.

Before we start I want to make it clear that I am not in any way affiliated with Growth Cave so this is why this review will be totally unbiased.

Hi, my name is Thabo and became a full time online earner in 2019 and quit my high paying job as a civil engineer.

Now I am helping people do the same thing I did so they can live a life of freedom and this I do by showing you legit ways to make money online.

Needless to say these days there are a tone of scam programs that are out there to get people’s hard-earned cash without giving any value.

So getting an opinion from someone with experience is very beneficial and that is why I want to congratulate you for taking time to do your research about the program before jumping in.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Growth Cave Review

Program name: Growth Cave

Creator: Lucas Lee-Tyson

Niche: Make money online

Recommendation: Yes rating:4 out of 5


Growth Cave is a simple lead generation business that is made with the intention of helping people with good capital to start generating an addition stream of income.

The course is made with steps that are actionable for anyone who is looking to make money with lead generation with no skills.

You will get to interact with students who are successful and also others that are learning just like you to leverage their income and you will also be guided with videos by Lucas, the Founder.

What is Growth Cave?

Growth Cave is basically a program whereby you will be taught how to make a business that is focused on local lead generation.

This is basically where you create a business that is an ad agency where you get clients for local businesses .

This business model has been taking off these days even though it has been around for quite sometime and many others have been making millions.

The rise or fame of the program can be attributed to the fact that most people went online during the worldwide lock down and were looking for best ways to make money online.

This business model became one of the most sought after along with the likes of dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

So in essence this business model is legit however will require a lot of skills for it to take off and some skills that you will need are the following.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Closing
  • Email marketing

All of these parts will need to be followed step by step if someone is looking to see any results in terms of money otherwise it will be a waste of money.

So now back to the program. The big question is: Will Growth Cave help you to make money and is it even worth it.

Well read on to find it. But first let us look at the creator of the program as this will give us an idea of who we are dealing with.

Who is the creator of Growth Cave?

The creator of Growth Cave is a Young and Vibrant man called Lucas Lee-Tyson who started his agency with a lot of credit debt.

Growth Cave Review

This is when he realized that school was not really for him but rather digital marketing and this he all saw when he was only 15 years old.

talk about a young boy who had a dream that most people did not see and this is what has led him to this success.

He has made millions with his ad agency since he started it and he now consults people who are looking to be experts with Facebook ads and YouTube ads.

Local lead generation is basically all he has known and this is why his skills are shining as they are and attracting millions of people to him.

he started Growth Cave to help people follow steps of how he does local lead generation.

As you can see we are dealing with a person who knows what he is doing and not only that but he has been teaching it for many years.

How does Growth Cave work?

Now that you have an idea of what Growth Cave let us now look at how it works in terms of helping you make money.

You will be essentially using Facebook ads to get clients for your local business and you will be convincing your clients/businesses that you can help them get more clients on a monthly or weekly basis.

This will be adding value because it will be saving them loads of money and time which is what will be easy for you to do since you will focus on the statistics.

The program is split into 3 modules which is set to help you get started and start earning passive income with this business model.

I will talk about the modules that you will be getting below:

  • Module 1:Fundamentals and Foundations

Growth Cave Reviews

This module is all about showing you the importance of mindset when it comes to success with entrepreneurship and also this business model.

You will be taught things that make people fail when it comes to making businesses work even if they have been given the correct information.

This module according to me can be skipped if you have been in business for long or you are aware of the importance of focus and dedication.

For me this section was rather boring although some aspects where interesting a bit. I just felt I could have figured most of them out along the way anyway.

You will also be taught the importance of planning which is what you should be doing anyways in any business to make it successful.

  • Module 2: Carving out your niche and irresistible offer

Growth Cave Review

This will be the most important aspect out of the whole program according to me because it is what will make or break your success in this business model or any other online.

You will taught the importance of looking for a niche that will be able to be profitable for you so you can start making money.

Most people usually fail in business because they either choose a niche that has not been proven to work or a niche that has no demand at all.

This is why Lucas makes sure that you know and learn how to do it so that you do not end up just chasing shadows.

I know the importance of this because I have been in this position in my online businesses and this is what led me to not making money for a very long time.

In this section he talks about what businesses are worried about and how you can come in and be helpful by being an expert in that niche that you choose.

He then shows you how you can be successful like some of his previous students who were able to spot these niches.

He also talks about things like Facebook ads and YouTube ads how business generally struggle with such things.

  • Module 3:Your automated Client Attraction machine

This module is all about helping you achieve automated strategies for contacting your clients.

Lucas mainly talks about using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to get through to clients and the main one is cold emailing too.

The aim is to keep contacting new clients so you can keep increasing your client base and overtime you can have a huge client base.

The aim is for you to let the machine keep getting you clients and all you need to do is to do the work of getting clients for these people or businesses.

I loved this module because it will be what will actually help you make money consistently and not worry about not having work.

You can then have a huge team that will help you do this and you can end up doing minimal work.

  • Module 4: The Science of Sales and client conversion

Growth Cave Review


This module is all about closing your clients after you have gotten their contact and the good part is that he shows you how he does it himself and his students so you can learn.

So in essence this is the action part of the training that you will need to take note and see what works and what does not work so you can duplicate this.

You will also be learning how to follow these steps such as the Part 2 call closure.

This part is where students are able to relax and see that it is possible to do it since they may have been too anxious in the beginning of it all.

  • Module 5: Autopilot Service Delivery

This part is where you will be learning the tools that you need to use for your business so you can be able to manage your business easily.

You will be shown tools like Google sheets where you will be doing most of your work on so that you do not have any issues with time and not being organized.

  • Module 6: Automation, Systems and Scaling

This part is all about learning how to automate your business once it has started to generate income that is good.

This will help you be able to do the most important things for your business so that you do not work in your business but rather on your business.

The good thing is that he has a lot of contacts that he suggests that you can hire for your business so your business can start growing fast because they already know what to do when you hire them.

However, you can still hire your own team if you like from different websites although this may be a bit time-consuming for you since you may have to teach these new people to do what you do.

Lucas does stress though that automation is the last part that you should think of because it can be very expensive. Unless you have money to invest then it will be no problem for you but if you are starting out and looking for additional income it may be super hard for you.

  • Bonuses

You will also be getting some bonuses along with getting the program which will help you with easing your business a lot.

One of the tools you will get is a software called ClientBolt which is a system that automates client acquisition for you. This is helpful for facilitating the growth of your business.

This is because all you will need to do is to put in the niche of your interested and then put in the zip code and the software will spit out companies in the local area which is super cool for your growth.

You ill also get another bonuses in the form of a mastermind group whereby you will interact with other students of the program so that you will be able to get solutions or help of things that other members have faced when they were dealing with clients.

This is also a form of you getting support along the way.

I think having these bonuses is good because some students may have more issues when trying to start out this business since it has a lot of moving parts to think of.

How much does Growth Cave cost?

Growth Cave Review

With any program it is vital to know how much you will need to start using it so you can see if the value is even worth it or not.

This course is basically $1497 once off which is a high price if you ask me considering the things that you will still need to make the business run.

generally courses which cost like this usually promise you Done For You templates or tools which is what they do offer, However, I still do not see this as a good value and I will discuss about this below.

What I do not like about Growth Cave

  • Very expensive

The program is very expensive and not everyone can be able to afford the program which makes it less appealing to people who are looking to start from nothing and make a side or full time income.

  • Duplicate Done For You tools

Although having Done for you tools and templates can seem like a great thing the worst thing is that those tools are generally not working.

Think of it, If all the students are using the same tools what are the chances that they have been seen by many clients online and thus that will make them seem like spam.

This is more so when it comes to templates that Lucas has done for you.

  • Many moving parts

With this business model there are far too many moving parts that you need to consider to make the business operational for you.

You will thus be needing to learn to put all the parts yourself which can be a bit of a stressful thing. Again if you have money to invest it will be not a problem at all for you but for the average Joe it will not be the case.

  • Some irrelevant parts in the course

The first module may not be to vital for most people especially people who are just wanting to get started. I think he could have added more valuable content instead of the mindset part for this level of training.

What I like about Growth Cave?

  • The program does teach you legit things

As you will see the program does teach you all things you need to make this business work and Lucas even does a demonstration Infront of you which is quite cool and transparent.

  • The creator is an expert

Lucas is not only real but he has loads of experience and has succeeded many times over when it comes to this business model.

He is not only a course creator like others but he also consults many big businesses with his skills.

  • Success students

The are a lot of successful stories which you will see in the training and on the Facebook group so you can see that the program works for people who put in the work.

What people are saying about Growth Cave?

The results form students do speak for themselves when it comes to the program and most people found it very helpful for giving them skills they needed.

This can also been seen on places like Trustpilot where the program is giving a higher rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

This high rating shows how much Lucas has put to make this program work for people who can afford it.

Is Growth Cave worth it?

Growth Cave is only worth it if you have enough money to invest on getting the program because you have to think that you still have to put more money on things like ads and the like which you will get from your clients but it is always good to have your own budget should the client default at first.

Remember this is a business so you should expect anything so having a reserve of capital is always a must especially if you will be using things like paid ads.

Is Growth Cave a scam?

If y you have been reading up to this point then you will know that the program is not a scam at all and you will be getting value to make your business work.

Just to summarize he are the reasons I say the program is not a scam:

  • Creator is an expert
  • Properly demonstrated videos
  • Very good testimonials and reviews

Growth Cave is not like Profit League which is too expensive for no reason.

My #1 recommendation for making money online

While you can certainly make money with Growth Cave, However it is hard for people who do not have enough money to invest and for people who are looking for a business model which does not have too many moving models.

This is why I always recommend whether you are just starting out or have experience with making money online to focus on programs that will start you at the bottom without too much investment at the beginning.

This is why I recommend the program which will give you all the training for free for you to check it out before committing.

The program will then give you a premium option when you have seen the training yourself and have even started your business a little.

The same program has a 247 support system if you have any questions via live chat and it also has a community that is helpful that you can interact without on a daily basis would you have any issues.

There are a thousand of success stories of people using this program to make money and I am one of them as this was the same system that helped me make a full time income as a newbie online and I was shortly able to leave my job for good. (My typical income below of my online business).

If you are also interested in check this program out and how it helped be financially independent as a young boy you can check it out for free yourself below.

Final thoughts

If you have been looking for a Growth Cave Review which will not beat about the bush then this should have been worth the read.

The program is definitely not a scam and it can make you serious money if you stay dedicated to what you are taught.

The only issue is that if you do not have the money to invest it can be a huge issue for you as you will need the business to work by putting a lot of capital.

The program is basically made such a way that you can follow it with the 6 modules that are in it.

You will be learning how to generate leads for local businesses so you can make money and all the techniques you will be taught by Lucas who is the creator.

The program also has a lot of Done For you tools or templates which will be able to help you lessen the load for your business in the long run.

The program is also made with the idea that you will be able to follow and implement the actions that you will be watching so you can start generating results which is quite important for people who are scared to start.

I hope this Growth Cave Review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

10 thoughts on “Growth Cave Review-Read Before Trying it out”

  1. We are glad that you reviewed his post that he does on YouTube I saw it today and we had to watch the whole video. And its funny that we ran into this article and now we are reading on it. We did some urgent research and will continue to do more.
    The Other suggestion to making passive income online is a great we are in a learning curve right now.
    We will continue to watch out for your reviews and learn more thanks again for sharing.


    1. Hey Guys

      I am glad that this review come is a good help for you to start making money. I am also happy to here that you will keep checking my reviews as I am here to help people.

  2. Thanks for the review Thabo!

    Looks like an interesting business model and training program. I’m glad to find that it’s not a scam, as it’s a lot of money to handover without being sure…

    Thanks again

    1. hey John

      Yes Growth Cave is legit, However it would be hard for me to recommend it to people out there.

  3. Wondering where you got the one time payment of $1497? I am considering doing this program and as of the end of October just a few months after you did this review I am being quoted $6800 and 20% of sales until they get an extra 8k out of you.

    1. Hey Martin

      That was the price of there basic online course called the Growth Cave Program. You will only be charged that amount of you go for the elite part or program (which you do not need) but they are likely pitching you higher price for that.
      In summary here are the prices of the program for your information:
      Growth Cave program: $1,500
      Growth Cave Elite program: $6,000
      I hope it helps 🙂

        1. Do you know if they want profits on the back end with the basic program? I am going to email them later with questions and knowledge is power 🙂

          1. Hey Martin

            I would be lying if I told you about that. I didn’t get to find that out on their program. However, you can ask them about it man.

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