Googlix Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Google Review where I will be talking about how this system works and whether it will help you out or not for making money online.

In these times I’m sure you know that there are endless opportunities for you to make money online and with this comes the fact that there are quite a few scams that also come out.

This is what I faced myself in 2016 when I was looking for a way to make money full time online and doing research and was helpful for my journey.

That is why I want to congratulate you for taking time to do your research so that you will know the truth and thus made an informed decision.

This habit will help you find legit ways to make money online that will help you reach your goals.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Googlix Review

Program name: Googlix

Creator: Branson Tay

Price: $19 For Front End

Guarantee:365 days

Recommendation: Yes

What is Googlix?

Googlix is a system that pays you money every time you search something on google and you are promised you will be getting paid $39 each time.

This means for every search you make you increase your income and the more you search the more you can keep making more money.

This is a unique system which requires no other tools for you to make money online.

Generally when it comes to making money online one needs things like a website (buying a domain and web hosting) and more.

However, this system is made purely by the creator and the team by doing the heavy lifting for you so that you do not have issues with paying high costs before earning.

So if you are a person who enjoys searching on Google or who does this daily then this system may be a huge plus for you especially at these times when people are looking for ways to make money online.

So for this system all you will need to do is to log in to Googlix app and activate Paid2Search technology and then you will be required to search some words and after that you will be getting paid.

Who is the creator of Googlix?

The creator of the product is Googlix is Branson Tay. Branson is a well-known figure when it comes to making money online which is a good thing.

Branson is an expert who has created many systems to help people especially newbies to make money online. Some system or programs he has created is Googlepay and Read4money.

These are all programs that are made to help you make money easily.

I generally like to follow systems or programs which have expert or at least proven person who has made money themselves with the system or something similar.

How does Googlix work?

Googlix basically works in 3 simple step that is made to help you make money online. I will talk about these 3 steps.

  • Step 1: Access

The first step is to get the app and once you have gotten it all you need is to login and set it up on your device.

This step is needed so that when you search on Google it will be able to track your moves and know if you need pay or not according to whether you searched on Google or not.

  • Step 2:Activate

Turn on the system of search to be paid and you are ready to start earning. This is the quickest process and will not require any effort other than clicking a button and instantly it is ready for you.

  • Step 3: Bank

This part is where you have the option of getting paid once you have done the work of searching. You will have the option of choosing a paid option that you prefer. You can choose between PayPal and direct deposit.

What are the features of Googlix?

  • Googlix money making system

You will get the main money making machine for making money with searching.

  • Step by step video training

You will get a small training on how to get the system to work well for you and fast.

  • Support

The support team is there for you if you have any issues.

  • Breakthrough “paid2search” technology

This is the system that will help you profit while you are searching automatically so you make money just by logging in to Google.


You will also get 5 bonuses when you get this system and I will list these below:

  • Bonus 1:1k per day live masterclass
  • Bonus 2:30 second free commission
  • Bonus 3:$513 per day viral traffic
  • Bonuses 4:Free commercial License
  • Bonus 5:$1M/year Blueprint

Additional features of the system:

  • AI powered Google Ranking tool
  • Email automation system
  • AI Powered Traffic software

How much Does Googlix cost?

Googlix costs only $19 on the front End. Below are the OTOs

  • Bonus 1:1k per day live masterclass valued at $1997
  • Bonus 2:30 second free commission valued at $997
  • Bonus 3:$513 per day viral traffic valued at $497
  • Bonuses 4:Free commercial License valued at $1497
  • Bonus 5:$1M/year Blueprint valued at $1997

What I like about Googlix

  • 365 days money back guarantee

This means that the system will be risk free for you as you will be able to get money back guarantee. This shows the confidence of the creator.

  • Creator is an expert

Branson has created other systems and we can trust that he is an expert in this field which is great for you.

  • No skills needed

There are no skills that is needed which means that even if you are a beginner you can start making money with this system.

  • Affordable

The system is quite affordable for anyone who is looking to start and make money online.

What I do not like about Googlix?

  • There is a big hype

The system is made to believe you can make millions or thousands quick, however the issue is that it may be hard to achieve this especially since this is an active system that needs a lot of energy.

  • Not passive

This way of making money, as I said above, will require a lot of time for you to make money. This is not something that I like because it means you can not make money while you sleep.

This also means that you will not be able to make money if you do not have time for searching proactively which means it will limit your income.

Who is Googlix for?

The system is basically for any person who is looking to start making a side income easily without the need to have skills.

The system is thus made for beginners and also advanced people who have made money online before and have time to do searching for making money.

It is also not for people who are looking to build a passive income for themselves.

Is Googlix a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this is a scam or legit. The simple answer is that the system is legit, However I wouldn’t recommend it for people who want to have a business.

I will list the reasons why I say this system is legit.

  • Expert creator

This is a sure sign that a system or program is legit when you can see an expert who has been doing this for a while.

Branson has created other systems to show people that making money online is possible and realistic.

Final thoughts

People who are looking to make money online need to learn that getting a proven system or the right program is one of the best thing one can do for seeing results.

I personally struggled a lot to make money online and it was only after 2016 where I was able to start seeing results after getting a genuine program.

Googlix is a new system that helps you make money just by searching on Google every time.

Googlix was made by a person called Branson who has made many other programs in the past to help people make side income.

Googlix claims to help you make money with just a few clicks and searches on their app that you need to put on your device.

The app is still new so it is not 100% proof-tested by people which could be a concern to some people.

The main backing is that it has money back guarantee and also made by Branson which makes it more trustworthy for now.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

5 thoughts on “Googlix Review-Is this a scam?”

  1. I’ve known about Branson Tay from Youtube and have been following him. I have to be honest here; he knows how to make money online and shared a lot of his methods, but I don’t really like the methods.

    They always seem to be something missing that will enable people to make passive income.

    Googlix looks like another system that is full of hype and the person who benefits the most from this will be Branson Tay and his affiliates. It’s best if people stick to a more solid way to earn passive income like affiliate marketing.

    Anyways, thanks for the write-up. It’s useful

    1. Hey Jason

      Thank you for your response. You are right because that is how most programs or products are made to work in some way.

  2. Hey Thabo,

    I know you say this is legit, but there are a few alarm bells when I look at this program. Like the expensive upsells for a start… Is there any concerns I should know about regarding searching the web using this platform? Especially from a personal data point of view?


    1. Hey John
      Yes upsells are basically things that are optional for you so you do not need to take these. Yes it will take your data because they need to know what you searched so as to pay you. Again it is all up to you if you would like this or not.

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