Getresponse Review 2021-What you should know

Welcome to my getresponse review 2021 where I show and tell you all you need to know when it comes to this software.

If you are in an online business you will already know how imperative it is to have a have email marketing. In fact every big business knows all about this.

This is because they know that this will help you be able to make money consistently and for a long time.

I am sure you have heard the saying “money is in the list” Well this is because this is true and this means that the way to make money is in the emails you have.

Knowing all this is good but what is vital is knowing which is the best email marketing software out there. So today I will be telling you about getresponse and my experience using it.

I will not be biased since this is a software I use daily.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Getresponse Review

Software name: Getresponse

Website:>>Click Here<<

Support: 5 out 5

Features: 4 out 5 rating: 5 out 5

Getresponse Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Very affordable
  • Amazing support
  • More than just an email marketing service
  • Amazing and unique email marketing features like AB testing.


  • May not be too easy to understand

What is Getresponse?

Getresponse is one of the biggest email marketing software on the market and the software has been around since 1998 which shows how much experience they have.

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Getresponse has a huge database of more than 400 000 users which includes businesses and individuals.

Getresponse is an email marketing system which has been evolving from being only an email marketing software system to being an all-inclusive online business tool which can be used not just for email marketing but to do anything like running webinars and having landing pages.

In essence thus is what getresponse offers:

  • Automation of your emails
  • Creating landing pages
  • Hosting webinars
  • Creating email workflow
  • Use of analytic to be able to see open rate of your emails and conversion rates etc.
  • Doing email broadcasts with newsletters
  • And so much more

How does Getresponse work?

In this section I will unload how getresponse really works so that you will know a bit about it.

Getresponse helps you run your business from the comfort of your home online by helping you send emails manually or automatically.

These are the two ways you can set out your email marketing:

  • Broadcast emails

This is where you send your emails manually with the whenever you feel like to your email subscribers

The cool aspect is that you can even send emails to only the people you want to only and also to people according to the best time they will open their emails.

This helps you with increasing conversions even more.

  • Automation

Automation is where you can set up your emails to be sent to your subscribers automatically for a period you like 1 month.

This will allow you to be able to make money while you are sleeping.

  • Webinars and landing pages

You will also be able to host your whole business using their new features, The landing pages and the webinars.

This will also help you with increasing conversions since webinars are currently one of the best monetizing strategies for many businesses online.

Once you get subscribers through webinars and good-looking landing pages you will then use your email system to see your products or promote any of your products.

Getresponse Pricing

Now with every product it is good to look at the pricing to check if it is worth the investment or not and which package is best for you and your business online.

Getresponse has 3 price packages you can choose from and they are the following:

  • Basic package

The basic package is $15 per month and you can be able to use for up to 1000 subscribers and includes features like email marketing, 1 sales funnel, unlimited landing pages, selling products, Facebook ads.

If you are an individual who is starting out this is a good plan. Please note that this package and all others come with a 30-day free trial.

  • Getresponse Plus package

This is the most popular package of getresponse because it basically provides all you need if you are running a big business or are planning to make your business bigger quickly and grow it faster.

The main thing this one features is the ability for you to set up an automation system with your emails and also host webinars.

  • Getresponse Professional

This package is merely for super big business and if you are just starting you do not need this package. However, if you are big then this is the best platform to have.

The main features is that those package will give you everything in the plus package and more such as unlimited sales funnels and instead of a maximum of 100 attendees here you will have 300 attendees.

Getresponse Features

Now let us look at the features which makes Getresponse unique and one of the top platforms.

  • AB split testing

With this feature Getresponse has become one of the sought out feature in this email marketing industry.

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AB split testing is simply where getresponse sends your email subscribers different emails to find the best one which your subscribers resonate with.

So if you have 1000 subscribers then getresponse will send two different emails to 250 email subscribers and a different one to the other 250 subscribers and depending on one which email was successful between the both then getresponse will send that email to the last 500 email subscribers.

  • Webinars


Webinars is also another great features which you will be able to attract new subscribers daily so that you will be able to keep having an influx of customers daily.

They will help you host these webinars in their system.

  • Timeshare

This feature will help you be able to send emails to your subscribers at their time zone whenever you send emails.

So if you want all your email subscribers to open their emails at 10am and they are all from different countries than you will have a problem if you want to do this individually.

What getresponse does it makes sure the email is sent at each subsciber’s time .. 10am.

  • Analytics and conversions

This feature is one of the best because it helps you see how your conversions are going so that you will know who is engaging with your content.

Is Getresponse worth it?

The answer you may have been waiting for is if this software is worth it of not. The simple answer is that getresponse is more than worth it if you consider what you get with what you pay.

I will give a summary of why I believe this is a good software for you:

  • Price and value is the best in the market

If we compare this software with others like Aweber we will quickly see that getresponse is cheaper and yet gives the best features for your business.

  • Software has great support

Having a great support is one of the best to have since this will help you not have any delays when you have a problem worth this software.

The support is 24 hours which shows how committed the company is at helping people.

Software has been around for long

Being one of the oldest it shows that the company has a huge reputation behind it.

Final thoughts

Getresponse is ans email marketing software which specializes in more than just email marketing but in helping businesses reach new heights using their advanced features.

The software which was developed in 1998 has helped many business owners and is still helping them make money online.

The software is full of features which you get at the lowest price compared to any other email software system.

The software keeps growing yearly and keeps adding more features such as landing pages and webinars which have recently been added to help your business grow,

The good thing is that you can be able to start this service free off charge for 30 days with their 30 days free trial.

>>Try getresponse free trial here yourself<<

I hope this getresponse review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value you are looking for. .=f you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be able to engage with you.

3 thoughts on “Getresponse Review 2021-What you should know”

  1. Hi, great review you have here, I have heard about Getresponse before but not in the same way you explain it here. It seems to be a very good product to get if you have a website or online business. Thank you for sharing, I happy to read this.

  2. I have tried a few email marketing platforms and I wasn’t happy with them, even Aweber which receives many glowing reviews. Then, I came across GetResponse, and I love it! I have been using it for a few months now, I use the basic package, and it works really well for me. What I love about GetResponse is their support. They reply immediately, are very friendly, and they always find a way to help you.
    Great review!

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