Freedom Breakthrough Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Fredom Breakthrough Review where I will be telling you all you need to know about this program so that you will be able to make an informed choice at the end.

If you have been looking for ways to make money online I am sure you may have come across Freedom Breakthrough and are wondering if it is legit or not.

With ways to make money online becoming very popular now one should be mindful that now there are even more scams more than ever.

This is the reason that I do reviews of programs to help people like you decide which program is legit.

I am also glad that you are here to do your own research so that you do not fall victim of such.

Freedom Breakthrough Course Review

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What is Freedom Breakthrough Course?

Freedom Breakthrough course is a program that is made specifically to ensure that you learn affiliate marketing using methods that are similar to legendary marketer course which is a Legit program for affiliate marketing by the way.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing really is then I will give you a brief explanation for you below.

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote someone’s product or program to people and if they buy through your referral link you will get a commission.

The good thing about this you do not have to sell anyone to buy you simply educate them and give them the correct and helpful information either through your website or social media platform.

This can end up being a passive income the more products or program you promote. This process is actually one of my number 1 ways to make money online especially for beginners who are starting out in the make money niche.

So the course will teach you basics when it comes to email marketing and social media marketing ( we will go over the content in the next section.

Who is the creator of Freedom Breakthrough course?

Knowing the creator is vital as it will help us have a good understanding on who to promote to and who to refer to should we have issues with the program.

This can also help us weed scammers very earlier on.

Luckily for this program there is a real creator and his name is Jonathan Montoya who has been an affiliate marketer from 2016/7.

He got his success through a program called Legendary marketer which is quite well known for helping people make money online (affiliate marketing).

Jonathan also has a YouTube channel for affiliate marketing which he started in 2018 and has had good amount of success judging by the number of subscribers.

How does the Freedom Breakthrough work?

In this section I will talk about the modules you will encounter on this program so that you have an idea what it entails and what you will get.

  • Module 1: Pick the correct niche

You will be taught the best niche to focus on so that you will be able to start you business running. Your success is dependent in whether people are searching that topic or not.

So here you will be shown which niches are best and which ones to avoid.

  • Module 2:Creating your website

After choosing your topic you will then be able to make a website focused on that topic.

Module 3: Getting you on the first page of Google

You will be taught free traffic (SEO AKA Search Engine Optimization) so that you will be able to make sales. This module will be taught by a person called Nathan Lucas.

Module 4:The perfect affiliate funnel

This section is purely for teaching you how to make customers of your paid traffic where you will lead your customers through a sales funnel to buy.

  • Module 5: Email marketing mastery

This module will teach you how to master the art of making long term relationships with your email list and how to make them loyal customers forever.

  • Free Traffic with Facebook

Having social media is vital for helping you make sales and here you will be taught various ways you can do this.

  • Module 7: YouTube SEO Mastery

This module will teach you how to use YouTube instead of your blog or use them together to get a great amount of free traffic.

  • Module 8: Free Traffic with Tik Tok

Similar to YouTube Tick Tok uses videos so you will be able to get far more traffic with videos than with a blog and thus they show you how to do this.

  • Module 9: Paid Traffic with Google and YouTube Ads.

You will learn how to use paid ads on Google and YouTube to make more money.

  • Module 10:Paid traffic with Tik Tok

You will also learn to use Tik Tok paid ads to make more money.

  • Module 11:Paid ads with Facebook

This is self explanatory as you will be using ads on Facebook to get sales and put them through a sales funnel.

Is Freedom Breakthrough a scam?

Freedom Breakthrough is not a scam at all and there are many reasons for this and I will highlight these below:

  • Creator is real and known

Jonathan has a successful YouTube channel and some blogs so we can see that you are taught by someone who walks the talk.

  • The methods have shown to work

If we look at the methods of the program we can see that they are usually the ones used for affiliate marketing and they are comprehensive.

Is Freedom Breakthrough worth it?

Even though the program is as legit as they come we still have to take a look at whether the program is worth it or not.

As for me this program may not be worth it for beginners who want to start affiliate marketing and here are the reasons:

  • Content can be overwhelming

If you are a beginner it is better you focus on something that is free (unless you have a lot of money to start with).

This is because this will help you get sales for cheap as opposed to paying and using trial and error of paid methods.

  • Creator still a bit new in the industry

If you have been in the make money online for some years you will know who the industry changes constantly so for someone who just succeeded now it may pose some risks. rather, follow people who have a long track record.

  • No actual testimonies

I have seen no real testimonies of students who did well in the course so I will guess there might be none.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online the best way to do this is to find a program that has not only been proven to work but the creators have also succeeded.

Freedom Breakthrough promises to be that company for you as it teaches you all basics and more of affiliate marketing.

The only issue is that the program is basically made by a person who has not had a lot of students to give real testimonies.

The course is also very comprehensive and has loads of information which may make it a bit confusing for some people who are starting out.

Other than that it is not a scam but I would not really recommend it especially for beginners who have no budget to play around with.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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