Freedom At Home Team Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Freedom At Home Team Review where I will be telling you need to know when it comes to this program do you can make your own decision at the end.

With many ways to make money online it is vital to know what will be good for you or what you prefer.

I have been reviewing a lot of programs before on this website as a way to help my readers know which programs are worth it and which ones are pure scams.

I make sure to always stay unbiased with all of these reviews.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Freedom At Home Team Review

Program name: Freedom At Home Team

Website:>>Click Here

Creator: Janie Jones

Price:Hidden rating: 1 out of 5

What is Freedom At Home?

Freedom At Home is basically a program that teaches you or helps you to make money using Multi Level Marketing (Network marketing).

It is based on selling medical services and building a team under you which you can use to make money.

The way in which one to make money is but being a sales rep or even using social media platforms to make this happen for you.

You will essentially be selling AmeriPlan Products which will be sold mainly to health companies which are budget for this.

Who is the creator of Freedom At Home?

With every program it is vital that I always check who the creator is and if they are real or not so it will be easy to trust.

After analyzing the program I could not find a visible creator for this program which can be something which can be very discouraging for most people like me.

I generally go for programs which have creators that have visible as this will give is confidence and trust. You always want to follow something that is real.

How Does Freedom At Home work?

The program works in two ways. The first one is that you will be selling the products of the Freedom At Home to companies.

This will be mainly be focused on companies that are big and you will have to follow what they show you in terms of what has been working.

The second and biggest way the program works is that you can be an affiliate and recruit others in to Freedom At Home to help you make money as you grow your team.

You will be essentially recruiting more sales people constantly.

The main thing you will see is that the program mainly focuses on showing you or convincing you to recruit rather than selling the medical products which is what did not sit well with me.

You are also shown a bit of how to manage your team although this information is not as sufficient as it should be. I mean if they are focusing on helping you do this at least they should be more effort in helping or showing you how to do this.

How much does Freedom At Home Work cost?

To sign up it is free, however if you are wanting to start making money you will need to pay. This is not specified on their website which makes it a bit hard for people who are looking to join (this could be done on purpose too).

I personally like programs which are transparent and do not hide anything when it comes to what you will be paying so that you will not keep second guessing.

This also helps with getting the trust of the program. However, do expect that you will pay above $200 to even start making money and this is because you will also be needing to ensure you buy their product before you can start making money from this.

I have been in MLM before with a company called worldventures so I know that this model requires a substantial amount t to start and make money.

What I like about Freedom At Home Team?

There are a few things I liked about the program which I wanted to talk about and below they are:

  • MLM is legit

If you follow this program you are guaranteed that you are following a system that works generally.

  • They have a decent website top refer to

The program has a website that is decent which gives us some trust that we can always refer to them in some way.

What I do not like about the Freedom At Home Team?

Well, there are also something that I do not like about the program and these I will be exposing below:

  • Creator is not 100% visible

We already know that the creator is there, However the issue it is hard to verify the identity like other normal make money programs that are legit.

  • Can be expensive

MLM is generally expensive and this one is no exception at all so you will be spending more to make a little money if any especially at the start.

  • Commission is very little

They also give you a very low commission rate which is something that can cause you to not have decent profit at all.

  • Training is limited

Unless you pay for their training you will not get proper training that will help you. So its like they lure you be an affiliate and be their sales rep and then want you to pay.

Is Freedom At Home Team a scam?

Now after all this you may be asking yourself whether you should involve yourself with this program or not and also whether it is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that the program is a scam. I will give the reasons that I say this below:

  • More of a pyramid scheme

So by definition a pyramid scheme is when a company mainly promotes recruiting others more than selling their products.

Well this is exactly what is happening with this program as they focus more on this.

  • Hard to get creator and access to them.

The other huge aspect is that it is super hard to get most information on their website with things like the costs and the creator.

When a company does this it makes it hard to even trust it.

Is Freedom At Home worth it?

Again for what you will be paying for this company or program to make money it does not make sense that you will be getting such low commission rates.

For this reason I do not recommend this program at all.

There are many ways to make money and they are super cheap to start with and you will not be needing to promote a program to make money.

In fact, you can just make money with any hobby or interest that you like online and one of the programs that helped me was wealthy Affiliate and they have very solid training.

To add to cherry on to is that they give you free training for a lifetime and if you love the program you can decide to follow their core training.

After falling this system I was able to make money online doing a website of my interested.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money the best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on a program that will be legit and will give you the training you need.

Freedom At Home Team is basically a program that is based on an MLM system where you recruit people to be on your team to promote the program and sell the products of the program.

In this case the program focuses on selling products for medical services.

However, since the program mainly focuses on this recruiting it is easily labeled as a scam and a pyramid scheme.

Even the creator is not visible and not easy to find which is not good in terms of trusting purposes.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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