My name is Thabo and I am a 29 year old who was fortune enough to find the right opportunities to help make me financially free.

Amongst many Business ventures I tried over the years I was not able to find success. I tried for almost 5 years to reach financial success but I kept running into many scams.

Now, you may also be like this and are tired of many programs or people promising quick riches and I fully understand.

One of the best Business venture for making money online is Forex Trading and the cool thing about this business is that it has the lowest barrier of entry.

This means even if you have $10 to your name you can start and make a killing. In fact this is my story because I started with very little money and I was able to scale it.

Below are my typical results of Forex trading that you can see.

Ever since I quit my job in 2019 I have also had the passion to help people succeed with this skill. What is different about what I do is that I hold all my students accountable monthly to see the progress.

Trading and any success ,to me ,is something that you will need someone to be able explain everything to you weekly and monthly and that is how success comes. Unfortunately most mentors say  you will make money quickly and easily after joining their course.

I hate to break it to you…but it is all a lie. If you do not put in the work you will not get the results over time that is it.


This is why I am upfront with all  my students or anyone looking to start trading. Ofocurse once you have the skill the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately not many people get told this ,let alone get proper guidance to accomplish this especially beginners.

This is why I developed a way to help people get started and make money with Forex trading for free and see what trading is and how to make money with trading.

This is the same way that I got started with trading back in 2016. You can check out the free program that will show you the journey to Trading success with is a free Telegram group providing signals and analysis.

I do this because I feel into so many scams and not getting proper mentorship. You can see the typical operations of mentorship in helping people weekly.


Everything is documented because my aim is to be very transparent for my students in this business.

This is to ensure and make sure that I can show you that if you have the right information you can trade and be a professional trader.

Why Trading is the best skill to reach financial indepedence?

making extra money after work

The reason trading is my number #1 recommended model is because it is one of the less intensive business models out there.

For example, if you where to start a traditional business you will need a lot of capital and tools to get started.

You will even need to hire a place to rent to have your services or products sold which can cost a fortune.

By the time you start you will already be way behind financially and then you will have to try ensure that you make all your profits back. Let alone the people you will need to hire for your operations.

You see the idea right?

Even if you were to compare Trading to many online businesses it is no match at all.

For example for an online typical online business you will need to following to start:

  • Domain ($10 per year)
  • Webhosting ($100 per year)
  • Email service ($15 per month)
  • Funnels ($97 month)

This could easily add up to $1250 per year to get started.

Even if you were to not focus on other aspects and say you will eliminate it that will cause your business to slow down.

Even if we compare this to one of my best business model (affiliate marketing) it still wins hands down.

This is because with affiliate marketing for you to see success it  will either take a lot of money or a lot of time to reach that.

Given the fact that affiliate marketing has become very competitive it will not be easy to crack the code now even with some best programs guiding because it will take more time than normal due to the market (maybe a year, which is still better than a traditional business though).

Although I would still say affiliate marketing is a good match with trading if you have the time to put in the work for a year to get the results like I did.

Let me list the reasons why trading wins over the other business models:

  • Based on your level of skill.
  • No overnight competitors to take your market.
  • No relying on third parties like sourcing people.
  • Easy withdrawal of money anytime.
  • Can even start with $0 (Yes some brokers give you free money to start trading with).
  • One of the most long lasting business models.

Now that you know how powerful trading is and why many young people are reaching success with it I will tell you how it works and how you earn money.

Before I tell you about how Trading works and how you can make money I would to show you what some of my students are saying about my mentorship.

Beginner students who started with no knowledge (By the way these are all results on my Social media like Instagram so I show all of these weekly/daily as trading is my lifestyle):

  • From $200 to $500 in a few months

  • From No knowledge to making $200 in a few hours:
  • Making Great returns with Trading Nas100

What is Forex Trading?

Forex Trading is a way that you make money by simply trading two currencies against each other. This means you will be seeing which economy is stronger and which one is weak.

For example let us say you are trading EURUSD and you are deciding to buy it.

This means that you are “betting” that the Europe economy is stronger than that of the US. and this is called going long.

Now you may asking so do I have to know what the economy is doing every time?

Good question..

Not really because in Trading there are two ways to make money and one is with technical analysis where you check the structure and the other is Fundamental analysis where you look at the news.

There is always a huge debate in trading as to which way is better to trade as there are Fundamental traders and Technical traders.

The good way to go about it is to follow what works for you. Let me let you in a secret. You can make millions without even looking at One of these.

For example I hardly look at fundamentals when I trade and it works well. Ofcourse you can use both it is all up to you.


This is purely looking at the Forex charts and mapping out what you are anticipating where the market Is going.

The thing though is that you need to use a strategy that will be able to work and unfortunately most people (90%) people fail because they do not have a strategy.

More than that you need to have the following to ensure the chart is working:

  • Risk management
  • Strategy
  • Psychology

Fundamental anaylsis

This part is where you will be looking at the news so that you will be able to trade purely with news and not looking at the charts.

As I said before the most important issue is that you need to ensure that you get what works for you.

The good thing with using technical analysis is that it will help you not stress about the ups and downs of the news because the news can be very complicated to trade.

The good thing though is that with my mentorship I show my students how to do both of these so you can profit more in the market.

This is to ensure that one can be able to make money.

The other aspect is to find the Right broker to trade with and that is what I do since I am able to help trade profitability.

Once a person understand all the things that comes to trading they can be easily able to live a life of freedom like many of us are doing.

If you want to start you trading journey you can start with my free course and introduction which will help you get started with Forex.