Fast Fortune Club Review-Should You Trust Tom Gentile

If you have landed on this page the chances are that you heard about a new opportunity to invest that will help you make good amount of money and that is via Fast Fortune Club.

You may be wondering whether this is even true or you should skip it and that is why I did the Fast Fortune Club Review so that you will be able to know the truth.

As some who is a professional trader myself I decided to take a look at this program to see how valuable it is for beginners or even people who are looking to advance their skills.

This is the reason I spend hours of working looking at it and analyzing to see this. I am not affiliated with the program so this review will be totally unbiased.

I would like to congratulate you for taking time to take time to find the truth before you spend your time and money with this and this will always prevent you from being scammed in the future.

This is what helped me be able to make money online with different sources of income.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this.

Fast Fortune Club Review

Program name: Fast Fortune

Niche: Investing and trading

Creator:Tom Gentile



Recommended: Maybe rating: 3 out of 5


Fast Fortunate Club is a program that teaches you how to invest your money through stocks by giving you alert, tips and training.

This means that you will be able kind of depending on the program to make money most of the time since it is based a lot on alerts.

The program is also made in such a way that it will suit newbies in trading and investing mostly and for advanced traders it will be hard to make money following this.

What is Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club Review

Fast Fortune Club is a program that promises to help you learn the strategies of investing your money so that you will be financially free.

You promised that you start making couple of thousands when you have gone through their system which has been helping others be financially free.

The strategies are based on what the market conditions are favorable for new investors who are looking to make their money and for their family.

In essence, it is a stock training and investment newsletter made with the mind of people who are new who are looking for best growth for their money.

As a trader myself I can say that the opportunity does show that it is made for people who are starting out and have no experience with the financial markets.

However for people who already know about stock training or investing it is not at all beneficial and will not give you all the skills that you need.

Who is the creator?

Just like with any program it is vital that you know who created the product so that you will know who is behind it so you can have trust as you will know who you are following.

The good thing is that this program has a creator and his name is Tom Gentile who is a self-claimed trader and investor who says he has made millions with investing and trading.

Well I could not find any proof of this, However I am not saying he has not achieved it but I wanted to have actual proof as someone myself who is very transparent with his work as you can see my Income reports for my trading.

The only good thing I could find is that he has been featured on many magazines and Bloomberg (a big investing website).

He has also written many columns on stocks through these websites which does show he is a trusted expert.

However the issue I had is that the claims are far too big as he promises that with this program it will be able to help anyone start making loads of money.

If you have been in trading for many years like me then you will know how hard this is hard to do this especially if you are starting out in this business.

In my case it took about 3 years to become profitable after losing so much money in the process even with some training.

The fact is that investing and stock trading is a hard thing which requires good amount of skills and mentorship until successful and that is why I created a program to help newbies myself as I know how beginners can struggle.

How does Fast work?

The program basically works by you following the advise that Tom will give you that will be able to give you the information and training to be successful.

You will get money Calendar Alert that will be focus for you to make money with this program. This is because this system will help you analyze previous results and predict future movements with its algorithm.

So for every month you will be able to help get information and alerts for the coming month.

Each Money Calendar has appointments you can use to test your strategy so that you can see if this will work for you or not.

There is also a Million Dollar Master class course which will help you know skills and become an expert in the game of stocks trading and investing.

This will be getting a step by step training to guide you through so that you can get skills as a beginner or advanced person.

You will be getting a course if you are a beginner which will be able to help you understand what trading and investing is with indices, bonds and stocks.

What is inside Fast Fortune Club?

The Fast Fortune Club basically is filled with many courses that you can use that will help you be able to make you money according to your situation.

I will list these below:

  • The Fast Fortune Money Calendar

This app will help analyze for you and see consistent patterns that have happened in the past and those that are likely to happen in the future too.

It will basically do the work of seeing how the market moves and this will be done by it checking patterns on the charts.

You will then be able to use all this information to make good and informed decisions which will help increase your chances of success in the markets.

I do know that this is a good way of doing things because I always use something similar when I trade on the markets.

  • Payday appointment and Alert

This is an additional app which works along the previous one that I mentioned whereby you will get alerts on what opportunities are up so you can take advantage of these.

These are basically alerts that come from experts too.

  • Progress Report

The progress report which you will get every week will basically tells you how much money you have made each week and how you can improve on the results.

This aspect is good for helping you with progress too.

I liked that the progress report works similar to your broker that you choose which means that you will have two similar statements each month.

  • Million Dollar Masterclass

This has to be the best part of the features in Fast Fortune Club because you will be able to get loads of training and strategies on how to trade yourself from experts in the game.

This ,means that if you can build a skill for a lifetime just with this section.

I am also glad that Million Dollar Masterclass is made for beginners and advanced traders or investors who are looking to help you make money

Just know though that it will not be quick for you to learn all these skills and strategies it will require loads of time and hard work.

  • Quickstart Cash Course

This course is mainly for beginners who have never been in trading or who have never made any money with investing and trading.

The course has loads of theory that you will be learning to help you get ready for the markets as well as some good trading lingo.

  • Annual Summit

You will also have the opportunity to attend a summit that is held once a year which Tom organizes to help all students learn from experts.

You will also be able to network with others who are just like you and help you grow fast. The summits are strictly about education and also telling you about the latest global events that could affect the trading markets.

Although I have never attended such events but I can tell from the summits I have went to in the past that you do get value.

  • Weekly podcasts

You will also be getting loads of information and tips through Tom’s podcasts which are held weekly. You will hear what his success has been on that week or previous week.

He will also talk about what he is intending to trade and do in the coming week or weeks which is quite valuable especially for new traders.

  • Notifications

Tom will also be updated with notifications of stocks should anything change with any stock that you are holding or looking to buy or sell.

The notifications are optional though since you can turn these off or not.

These are basically what are called signals in the trading world where you will be learning how to ensure you do not miss out on a move especially if you are busy that day.

How much does Fast Fortune Club cost?

With any program you get it is vital to check how much investment you will be putting to help you make a good investment.

The cots of the whole program will amount to $599 and this will be a yearly payment for you to stay in the “Club”

As soon as you pay you will have access to all the features that I mentioned and also be able to have some contacts of Tom and other experts.

The investment is not too bad considering that you are getting so much value for your money and you will be getting alerts.

You will also be able to get a money back guarantee for 60 days which will be able to help you get a risk free investment.

This means that you will not have any issue when it comes to your money being wasted or feeling that you are scammed in the process.

What I like about Fast Fortunate Club

  • Created by an expert

Not only is Tom a real person but he has been able to make himself a millionaire with trading and also he is a well trusted investor.

This can be seen by his influence on websites like Bloomberg which he writes his advice and all.

  • Risk free program

The program is basically risk free since you will be able to get you money within 60 days if you feel that you do not like the program.

This will help you be more confidence with the program and also with just trusting the creator as it shows that he is very confident with his program.

  • Many experts inside

Along with the creator, Tom, who is well-known there are other experts who are there to also help you make money with giving you some tips and alerts.

This will also help you have some confidence with the program as a whole as you are led by experts.

  • Training

The program does not just have tips but it also has load of training that are there to help you make money with this trading journey.

  • Beginner-friendly

The program is good for newbies as it starts everything from the bottom so that you will know all the information and lingo of trading.

This will be able to help you give you skills that will give you a foundation.

  • Private community

You will also be able to engage with other like-minded people who are looking to make money with investing and trading.

This ill help boost your confidence and help you along the journey as well.

What I do not like about Fast Fortune Club?

  • Some false promises

The main thing is that it is hard to trust some claims as they are just wanting you to get the program. There is no way that you will start making 1000s just by starting out with no skills.

  • Information overload

The information is too much and there is no flow especially for people who are advanced. This can make your whole trading process a nightmare trust me.

This is what I experienced in the past myself.

  • Trading is not easy

It is said only 1-2% of people make money which means that for many people it will not work especially this program is not personal.

This means that the program will be able to give you just enough to help you trade but for you to succeed you need a super hard work for long or a mentor and that is what happened to me and that is why I mentor my students and ensure that are making money.

  • Subscribers are losing money

Students are reported to be losing money and it is the above reason which highlights why this is the case.

There have been far too many complaints online which have come from subscribers who have been in the course.

  • More based on alerts

If you have been in trading for long you will know that it is hard to be able to make money if you are just relying on signals or alerts.

You really need to know what you are doing and this can be done by learning the skill yourself.

What are people saying about Fast Fortunate Club?

As you can see below that Fast Fortunate Club is basically filled with many negative claims of people who are claiming about losing money.

This is not a good sign for people who invest so much money with this and are looking to make money.

Is Fast Fortune Club a scam?

Fast fortunate Club is not a scam at all and all the systems inside are legit which shows that you can learn some things for your trading.

The creator is also real and well-known which shows that you are dealing with someone who knows what he is doing and has been doing this for a while.

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You also get a money back guarantee which I think is great as it shows the confidence of the creator with this program.

The other aspect is that the program is also made for people who are new so that they can be able to make money online at their will and with many valuable assets.

The main issue is that all of this is made to make you overwhelmed as it will be hard for you to be find your way of making money well.

However, all in all the program is legit and made to help people get started with investing.

Who is Fast Fortune Club for?

Fast Fortunate Club is a program that is made for people who are completely new and are not looking to have a mentor by just to learn information about investing.

If you are a person who is wanting to learn information and many strategies and also get signals then this program will be a good fit for you.

It is also for people who already know trading but are looking to get some advice from experts but not to totally focus on training as it is mainly made for beginners

Do I recommend Fast Fortune Club?

As I said above that I only recommend the program to a few people and those are newbies who have never hard any information or training with trading.

I also recommend it for people who actually have money to invest and what to get information when it comes to trading.

If you are looking to start making money with this I will not recommend it because it will not be easy to do this as I said above.

How I make money

In this section I wanted to let you in on how I make money online and as I said before that I make money with trading and also with affiliate marketing.

having many streams of income has always been what I wanted to do and I was finally able to do it in 2019 and you can check my income reports for Trading and Affiliate.

When it comes to me I feel affiliate marketing is best for people ho are starting out as it can build free money for you which you can then invest on trading or investing (that is what I did).

However, you do need a good program that will help you every step of the way so that you can become a professional and make money fast.

This is why I was able to go from $0 to a full time income within 6 months of following a program when I knew nothing.

July 2021

This is why I always recommend this program to any person who is looking to start out with making money online.

The program has a free training which will give you free training that will give you 10 free training videos and also 2 free websites.

however, I recommend that you go to premium which was what helped me make legit money with 6 months.

The premium is $49 per month and $359 which is way cheaper than Fast Fortuner Club and will give you step by step training as a beginner.

You will also have loads of support from experts who if you have a problem personally. You can check out the program and how it changed my life below and see for yourself.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for ways to make money online there are many options and Fast Fortune Club is one of them whcih you can use to make money online.

This program is based upon teaching you how to be an investor so you can grow your income in the long run.

The program was created by an expert who is called Tom who is claims to be a millionaire trader. He has been featured in places like Bloomberg.

This means that you can trust his advice somewhat when it comes to this.

However, the main issue is that he makes far to many big claims for making people join his program which is not backed.

Not to mention the fact that there are negative testimonials online which show that the program is not as effective as he says or not effective at all.

However, it has a money back guarantee which means that you can get this program at a risk free factor for yourself and be able to get your money within 60 days if you feel it is not good.

I hope this review was helpful and I hop it gave you the value that you were looking. If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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