Explaindio review-Is this software worth it?

Video technology becomes a keen part of growing businesses in terms of quality and visual appearance. Both are the main components of video making, which are getting updated through different high-level software.

Today, most businesses are running through online platforms where they promote their products and offer their services to the customers. For this purpose, many online tools are high in demand especially those that are associated with video technology. Such tools make your services look more attractive in front of the customers.

On top of it, customers are turning their heads towards Explaindio, which is currently recognized as one of the most attractive video-creating software. It not only increases your content quality but also allows you to get an instant boost to your Google search ranking.

In this review, you will know all the prime and vital facts about Explandio that help you to make the right decision at right time.

Product Overview

Name of Product: Explaindio

Creator: Andrew Darius

Launching Date: First version in 2014, but now upgraded to 4.0 in 2021

Skill: All levels

Niche: Very stable video creator software

Price: $37/ month, $67/year, $497 one-time investment

Official website: www.explaindiovideocreator.com

Recommend: Highly recommended

Support: Highly responsive

What is Explaindio?

Explaindio is one of the fast and easygoing software beneficial for creating professional and mesmerizing videos. For example, 2D & 3D animated videos, doodle animated videos, whiteboard videos, explainer, and full-motion videos.

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You can create all such videos within few minutes using Explaindio because of its easy drag-n-drop interface. Moreover, the software also has the ability to engage more traffic towards the websites for product promotion, sales announcements, and story-telling in several unique styles without any hassle.

Now the latest Explaindio version has come up with modified features to grab more customers.

How does Explaindio works?

As you know, Explaindio is among the easily accessible software extensively utilized for video creation. The best part is, Explaindio is compatible with all the available operating systems and

you can easily create videos on your iOS, Windows, or Android mobile devices within minutes by following three easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the create button and choose the project as per your requirements.

Step 2: By clicking on customize option, you can edit the project and add the elements according to the given requirements. For example, custom effects, images, animations, texts or illustrations, etc.

Step 3: Go to the export and share option after completion of the project. In this way, you can share the videos on social media platforms for promotions.

What are the features of Explaindio?

Explaindio delivers a wide range of features to its targeted customers in the following ways:

  • Viewers Catcher: Explaindio creates mesmerizing videos to engage more traffic which ultimately results in better leads and sales.
  • Device Compatible Software: It is featured with motion and doodle sketch videos which are facilitated through both Mac and Windows.
  • Video types: This software is perfect for making videos if you want to call an announcement, add a story, event, or product promotion. You can also generate promo videos in Hollywood style through Explaindio.
  • Facebook Group: The feature will help to collaborate thousands of video makers in one loop for improving the beginner’s capabilities in a form of feedback.
  • Sketch Images: It facilitates the users with 800 build-in doodle black lined and colored images.
  • Background Video Templates: It has 100 full HD quality animated background videos which you can use as video templates.
  • Background Music Tracks: By adding sounds in the background, it helps you to create fascinating videos.
  • Customized Animated Templates: It has 200 editable templates in which you add text, colors, videos, images, etc.
  • Stock Images: You can add up to 300 stock images in the background while making a video.
  • Cloud Storage Memory: You can save your video file in its cloud storage memory.
  • Animated Characters: It also provides the user with 6 inbuilt animated characters.
  • Video Tutorials: It has around inbuilt 28 video tutorials of different styles.

How much does Explaindio cost?

Explaindio mainly offers three types of pricing plans for its users. Based on your usage, you can choose either of these plans that best suits your interests. However, you can also grab special discount offers by visiting its official website www.explaindiovideocreator.com.

The basic package plans of Explaindio includes:

Monthly Pricing Deal: $37/month

Annual Pricing Deal: $67/year

One-Time Special Pricing Deal: $497

From our perspective, it is better to go with a special on-time pricing deal in which you get the software service along with future updates for a lifetime without any restriction.

Another consideration is the annual pricing deal of 67$, more economical for users.

Free Trial Service: Although, Explaindio is one of the reliable software without offering any free trial service.  But it provides 30 days money-back guarantee to its clients.

Once users will purchase its monthly, annually, or one-time plan, they will get a 5 PC license that allows them to use Explaindio on multiple devices.

Is Explaindio a scam?

Explaindio is 100% stable and genuine software. Around 35,000 plus users are engaged with this software for the last 5 years. People feel so relaxed after using its services from the beginning.

There are overall 4 versions of Explaindio launched so far, these versions not only hitting the market over its market competitors but also gaining the trust of the customers.

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In its latest version, it has all the required features that are necessary for video creation of every kind like adding 2D and 3D video slots, etc. With this up-gradation, its reviews are breaking the records day by day.

Final thoughts on Explaindio

Explaindio is legit animated video software featuring the customers with doodle sketch, explainer, motion, 2D, or 3D videos. It depends on the customer which visual effect is worthy and best suits its demands.

The addition of explainer spec has made the video more flexible for the user. You can easily place the text in the video even if you don’t know about the technicalities of using the software. It is among the most rated tools that every professional loves to use.

Conclusively, Explaindio is user-friendly video software, serves high-quality videos to its customers. It is available at an economical price compared to its market competitors.

2 thoughts on “Explaindio review-Is this software worth it?”

  1. I’m about to start adding videos to my blog posts, and Explaindio certainly looks a good piece of software. I like the fact you get customised animated templates as it makes the process of creating a video quicker and easier. I also like the addition of stock images and music tracks. I’ve recently bought Invideo which I’ve yet to use, but will keep Explaindio in mind for future reference:)

    1. Hey Kathy

      Great to hear your feedback. Great to hear that you will be having some videos on your blog because explaindio works for any video you want it for.

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