Ecomm Clubhouse Review-Is Ted’s program legit

Welcome to my Ecomm Clubhouse Review where I will be telling all you need to know when it comes to this program so that you can make a well-informed decision yourself.

Like always I try to buy the programs that I review and software on my websites so that I will ensure that I provide the best value for my readers.

If you have been looking into making money with drop shipping you might have heard of this program that promises to help you get this ball rolling with drop shipping.

So the real question is whether you should invest in this program or not and whether it is a scam or not.

Well you have come to the right place as I have checked it inside for you so you do not have to and I will reveal it all in this review.

Without further ado, lets started with the review.

Ecomm Clubhouse Review

Program name:Ecomm Clubhouse


Creator:Ted and Sarah

Price:$67/month rating:

What is Ecomm Clubhouse?

Ecomm Clubhouse is program that teaches you how to be able make money with droppshipping/ecommerce with proven systems.

The program is made to ensure that you can be able to set everything up so that it can start making you money in a few months.

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The program is not too hyped as I have seen other drop shipping programs which have been released.

The course was created by Ted by seems to be promoted by Sarah who is the face of the whole thing. Sara is the one is in the forefront and even helps with mentoring you.

Who is Sarah?

Sarah is a young lady from New Zealand who owns a very big YouTube Channel where she shows people different ways to make money online.

She is generally upright about earning good money online using e commerce/drop shipping although that is normally hard to verify.

But if we judge according to her accomplishments such a huge following on YouTube and what she shows us (proof of income) on the course and also on some of her YouTube we could have an idea that she is earning quite a bit.

This is the reason she claims that she travels the world due to this.

How does Ecomm Club work?

Now that you know a little about what Ecom Club is let us now get into how the program actually works.

The program is in video from and is made up of 6 models which will take you from nothing to having your own online store and in this section I will talk about each of these:

  • Module 1

First module is basically a welcome course and helps you with the foundation of your business which is to do some market research.

This is a standard procedure when it comes to programs that help you get started when it comes to making money online.

Sara goes a step further and helps you write down a list of 20 niches which she also helps you with so you are not lost.

She then helps you find the niche that you will like and will be able to give you money for a long time.

  • Module 2:Source and choose products to sell

The next step is when you are shown how to choose the right products and get the best supplies which will increase your chances of success.

You will also be taught how to beat the competitors in your niche by doing techniques like spying on them and doing what they are not.

  • Module 3: Create a store by yourself

This module helps you with the basics of creating your store with things life printify for your shopify store.

  • Module 4:Upselling to big orders

This section is where you start paying a lot because you will be required to get paid apps for doing your up sells for your stores.

Some paid apps she suggests cost $47 per month and you are not required to just add one. You need at least 2 or 3 depending on what you what to achieve with your audience.

As you can see this can to amount a lot already as you will already be paying $67 per month with the course already.

  • Module 5:How to get traffic to your store

If all you did was just made a good ecommrece store then you would not make money if people are not there to buy.

This section is what you will be taught how to get not only traffic but high quality traffic to your store so that you will,l be able to make great profits.

The traffic taught here is mostly Facebook related traffic.

  • Module 6:How to run and manage your business

This last section is basically ensuring that your store stays healthy and efficient by you ensuring ads are good and all.

Who is the course for?

The course is basically for any person who is looking to make money with anything such as the following online business modules:

  • Shopify
  • Eccormrce
  • Dropshipping
  • begignners who have budget (since it is expensive)
  • People who want to grow the dropshipping business

Is Ecomm Clubhouse a scam?

When it comes to Ecomm Clubhouse you can be assured that this program is not a scam at all it is very legit and all is authentic.

Here are the reasons I say this:

  • Creator is real and an expert.

Sarah is a well know figure who has been making money online herself with various methods like drop shipping mainly and teaches such on her YouTube channel too.

  • The course follows well-known working system.

The course also follows something which is well-known and has been working for many courses which teach how to make money with drop shipping.

Final thoughts

Making money online can be done in many ways and droppshipping is certainly one of the well-known ones and has been working for many years.

Thus one needs a program that has been proven to work and is working and that is where Ecomm Clubhouse comes in as it helps people be able to achieve their goals of this droppshipping business model.

The creator is also a well-known figure=ure who has a huge following on YouTube which she is helping many people be able to make money online with her tips.

The program is divided into 6 modules which one needs to follow in order to achieve the results.

However the one thing I did not like about the program is that there are so many hidden costs that one needs to pay without knowing.

Other than that one can benefit from the course if they have the money to do so since it is also on the expensive side.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments than you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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