Ecom Tom Review-Is Dropshipping University a scam?

Welcome to my Ecom Tom Review (Dropshipping University Review) where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this program so you can make your own informed choice.

With many make money online businesses out there it is always vital to know which ones are vital and key when it comes to help you in a legit way.

I have unfortunately fell into many scams in the past when I was looking to make money online which made me lose hope at some point.

However, after succeeding and finding legit ways to make money I was motivated to help others to do the same as me.

This is the reason I started this blog as a way to help people learn to do this for themselves and thus make full time income,

This is the reason I put in loads of work weekly so that people will be able to get some help and also be able to enjoy their lives while make money online.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Ecom Tom Review

Program Name: Ecom Tom


Creator: Tom Cormier

Price:$497 & $697

Recommendation: No and Yes


What is Ecom Tom?

Ecom Tom is basically a dropshipping business where you will be learning how to be make your own dropshipping business using eBay or Amazon.

This is the reason that its is kind of split into two sections so that you will be able to choose the journey that you like.

I have to highlight that one is not necessary better than the other, however I have noticed that most people end up opting for the Amazon part.

The reason is that E bay has become very less attractive over the years due to their compensation plans not to mention their short period cookie.

This thus means that one will have to do more sales on EBay just to match what one could sell on Amazon.

So if you are comfortable doing that then it might be a good option for you to do in their training.

Who is the creator of Ecom Tom?

It is always good to look at who the creator of the program is before you commit yourself fully on the program and even trust it since you will know who to account to.

The creator of the program is Tom Cormier who is a very active YouTube with about 30K subscribers currently.

I was hoping to get some valuable information but I was disappointed that the creator only promotes his courses and keeps bragging about his income which is a way to help make sales for him.

You can check one of his videos below:

How does Ecom Tom work?

When you get this program you will need to choose which program you prefer over the other and as I said they both have their advantages and disadvantages but generally E bay is the less preferred.

Let us look at eBay Course

E bay Course

E bay has 14 courses inside with 67 videos which are their to help you make money following a basic method that Tom has been using for many years.

Let us look at the courses:

  • Module 1: Introduction to eBay dropshipping

This module is to help you understand the whole business of dropshipping and will just lay out what dropshipping is and also its market.

You will also be learning how to do some research and be able to get good products that will help you make money online.

This module is good for people who have never done any dropshipping at and are looking to make things happen.

If you feel that you also need to get some touches up basics as someone who has done a droppsipping business or has one then this business can be helpful in this regard.

  • Module 2:Rules

This module will talk about how to comply with rules of the business so that you do not get in trouble in any other way as you progress.

The program is also made in such a way that you will be learning even the smallest things that has made many people have problems with this business.

  • Module 3-4 Sourcing highly profitable items

This section you will be learning the art and science of sourcing out products which will lead to you to making loads of money in the process.

This process is vital as it will determine what you will be paid in the long term. So by learning to find good high paying products you will be helping yourself a lot.

You will also learn how to find good suppliers for your products.

  • Module 5: Listing

This module will talk about how to list your modules so that you will be able to get people to know what they are about on E bay.

This means that the more you optimize these the better for you.

  • Module 6:Listing 2

Module 6 is the same thing in just an extended way where you learn how to list it quickly.

  • Module 7-8: Processing sales and customer services

This section will help you with payment process so they go smoothing as well as reviews or ratings so that it does not impact your business and thus your earnings.

This process according to me is very vital since it will easier mean long term for your business or not.

  • Module 9-10: Feedback and organization.

This section is to help you further with giving your business a great reputation since it will teach you how to get the best feedback from your customers.

  • Module 11-12: Maximizing Margins

This section is all about teaching how to get less tax which will help maximize your margins.

  • Module 13-14: Advanced topics

This section is about helping you get more sales by teaching you sales that Tom uses to increase profit margins. Although OI believe this section is not to valuable but it is worth doing if you are starting out.

You will also learn how to do promotions with ads which will cost you money.

Amazon course

This course is basically an Amazon FBA which means that you will need to get your products to Amazon and then Amazon will do the rest of the job which is to source your products to the suppliers.

The course also has 14 modules which basically has the same structure as the E bay course so I will not go over that in that way.

However what you should know is that Amazon has more potential for profit overtime.

How much does Ecom Tom cost

There are two price packages to this program which are for eBay and Amazon.

  • eBay-$497
  • Amazon-$697

This means that you will also be paying more to actually run your business through your ads. This is one of the most expensive courses because this makes it super hard.

What I like about Ecom Tom

  • The creator is real

The creator Tom is real and legit, However the issue is that I am not sure if he can really give you value with this service at all unless you just want to know how it works.

  • The

What I do not like about Ecom Tom

  • Business model very saturated

Dropshipping business is one of the most saturated business out there and it is hard even make a decent income with it at the end of the day.

Even the people who are really good are finding it hard to make huge profits these days.

  • The need for sourcing

With dropshipping and Amazon FBA there is a need for doing the service of sourcing and all of them that which can take a lot of time and also having your own products sometimes.

This can make you have loads of overheads for your business.

  • Very basic

The course is also super basic which means that it will only be good for people who are looking to start a bit and make foundation for success for their business.

  • Very costly

The program is basically very costly which means that it will take a lot from you should it not work. Remember you still need to do loads of trial and errors to find what will work.

  • Costly checking what works

You will need to keep checking what works if you are looking to ensure that you want to keep winning which is what will help you in the long run.

What do I recommend?

As I said I do not really focus on dropshipping since it is very hard and super saturated. You will end up really having an issue when it comes to costs which will have an issue if you can not make your business work.

I only recommend an easier program which is called affiliate marketing and that is what I do which was able to help me make money super fast.

I will give you a program later that was able to help me and could also help you since it is made to help beginners to reach a professional level.

Is Ecom Tom a scam?

Ecom Tom is not a scam at all because the business models you will be learning are still functional and the creator is using the same methods that he is showing you.

Ecom Tom is also legit because you will have the chance to be able to learn loads of techniques like Facebook ads which is a skill that you need to make money online.

Ecom Tom is also good in that you will be able to get help should you get stuck along the way in the process of establishing your business.

Course that work are basically those which help the students step by step and give them all the guidelines that are needed.

This is what this course does although I still have no seen a lot of successful students but when I checked the program I could see that it had all component that are needed.

So I would recommend this to people who are looking to start a dropshipping business although I still feel there are better alternatives like….

How I make money online

The way I make money online is basically by not having my own products by only promoting those products to people.

This is called affiliate marketing and I think it is a way better business because you can easily make money while you sleep as long as your websites and links on their are set well.

I was helped by a program that give me skills for this as a beginner which helped me go to advanced level in no time.

I was able to go from earning $0 to a full time income within 6 months of starting out.

July 2021

This is the reason I always recommend this program to anyone who wants to start and build a legit business that will make money for you while you sleep.

The program has loads of professionals who will help you along the way to success and also people who are willing to see you and your business succeed ( which is what helped me).

There is a free training which gives you two free websites of your own and 10 training videos which are geared to give you help too.

Then if you are wanting to make legit money you will have to go to premium which will costs you $49 per month of $359 per year and there will be no forced up sells like other programs.

If you want to check this program and how it was able to help me reach financial freedom in no time then you can check it below.

Final thoughts

When it comes to make money online you have many options to do this and the best way will depend on your preferences and different factors.

Dropshipping is one way and just like most business models nowadays it has become very saturated which means you will either have to invest loads of money to make it work or loads of time or even both.

The Ecom Tom (Dropshipping University) is a program that teaches you how to make money online using dropshipping and Amazon FBA.

This means that for people who are looking to make money in this way can benefit and I only recommend for people who want basic knowledge for building their business as there may not be huge earning potential due to the lack of students.

The program is legit since it has a real creator who can be seen and contacted when their are any issues and is also doing the same business.

However, for me I only recommend this for people who are really looking to start out because there are so many costs that one has to take account of.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

4 thoughts on “Ecom Tom Review-Is Dropshipping University a scam?”

  1. When I was deciding which direction to go in search of business opportunities on the internet, I always skipped dropshipping, exactly for the reasons you cite. This business is very saturated, with a lot of competition.
    Affiliate marketing also has similar circumstances, but it seems to me that it is easier to master for a complete beginner, especially if you decide on a great program, such as the one you recommend.
    However, your Ecom Tom review is excellently written with all the necessary information, and I find it very suitable for those who are seriously thinking about the dropshipping business and would like to gain their knowledge in this area, as I find the Ecom Tom program really very comprehensive.
    All the best,

    1. Hey Nina

      yes most markets are very saturated and all I recommend is that people find markets that are less competitive and then decide to follow a program that will work.
      The simpler you keep it the better.
      I am happy that the review was super helpful for you.

  2. Hi Julius,
    I did try a bit of training for the Amazon dropshipping business. But, it wasn’t long into the program when I found the whole dropshipping thing was a whole lot of work and very competitive. I remember something about having to get the Amazon Buy Button on your product ads, and it is hard to do. Basically, it felt like I was just creating a 12 hours a day job for myself.
    Thank you for bringing Ecom Tom to everyone’s attention. It is good to know who is the best teacher in the end and knows all the latest quirks. I think this course would be too simple, and not in-depth enough for anyone who has any experience. But, It would be ok if someone just wanted to find out about the business. Their may be better options for free online to do that.

    1. I am glad that you are able to experience dropshipping and the course for yourself which proves my point of showing that the course is not even helpful.
      This also means that you will be able to work a lot indeed when it comes to this business and let alone that it is too competitive.
      Thank you for your feedback.

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