Dropshipping Titans Review- Is It a Worthwhile Choice?

Imagine the convenience of dropshipping products without the need to manage your own eCommerce store, all while tapping into a pre-established customer base of millions of users.

This is the essence of eBay dropshipping, where success can be achieved without the complexities of running a traditional online store. While my own attempt at eBay dropshipping in the past faced challenges, individuals like Paul Lipsky have persevered and uncovered the secrets to success.

Paul Lipsky, the brains behind the Dropshipping Titans training course, is the expert who demystifies the art of eBay dropshipping. Intrigued by the concept, I embarked on a quick review of Dropshipping Titans to gain insights into this innovative approach.

Dropshipping Titans Review

Program name: Dropshipping Titans




What is Dropshipping Titans?

Similar to many online courses, Dropshipping Titans begins with a bold claim: it can help you escape the “Rat Race.” This promise is especially ambitious when considering the average US salary, which stands at $56,000.

However, unlike other course sales pages, this one doesn’t bombard you with PayPal screenshots or eBay Seller account accolades.

While the promotional video provides Paul with some credibility, inconsistencies in his statements soon become evident. The video initially asserts that he earns $10,000 per month, but the sales page later boasts $15,000, a red flag for discerning viewers.

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Paul also fails to address a significant challenge for new eBay sellers – account limitations. New eBay sellers typically face restrictions to prevent fraud and other scams, a common practice on the platform. For example, new eBay sellers can initially list a maximum of 10 items per week.

These limitations significantly hinder your earning potential from the outset, and if you fail to accumulate positive reviews, they may persist indefinitely. Additionally, dropshipping from China often results in extended delivery times, making it challenging to garner positive reviews with a two-week turnaround from purchase to delivery.

This is why Paul suggests sourcing products from Home Depot. While finding bargains there is appealing, factoring in postage costs and eBay fees means you’ll need to locate highly profitable products with substantial profit margins to make it worthwhile. This, in turn, necessitates high-volume sales, which can be taxing and time-consuming.

Furthermore, increasing your sales limit on eBay entails a rigorous process designed to protect established sellers and reduce the risk of fraud, with no recourse for new sellers.

Concerns arise during the promotional video, particularly when observing a pause as Paul reloads the page between his yearly sales. While internet lag is common, this instance seems suspicious. In an age where income earnings are often manipulated and adjusted, it’s challenging to accept this as a mere technical glitch.

Content in the Dropshipping Titans Course

Upon enrolling in the course, you gain immediate access to its modules and materials. Here’s a high-level overview of what you can expect to learn:

  • 75 over-the-shoulder training videos
  • 18 individual modules
  • Access to a private Facebook mastermind group (Titans Tribe)
  • Downloadable customer service templates and scripts
  • Additional information to support your scaling efforts

Modules 1-3

The course begins in a typical fashion by showcasing Paul’s sales revenue for the last 30 days as a form of proof of his success. However, this financial data pertains to December 2017 and January 2018, making it over a year outdated.

The reported sales revenue is an impressive $150,000 in 30 days. While this figure may initially seem impressive, considering the page preload before the video, it appears staged and altered. Legitimate earnings of this magnitude would likely be demonstrated live with real-time dashboard updates.

Module 2, titled “The Basics,” provides an introduction and overview of the dropshipping model, which may be redundant for those seeking a dropshipping course.

Module 4 is designed to teach you how to set up your eBay store. This process is made needlessly complex, as eBay is already known for its user-friendly and intuitive platform, which requires minimal explanation.

Like similar modules, the course primarily caters to US students, neglecting an international audience.

Modules 5-10

Modules 5-15 primarily focus on establishing your eBay dropshipping business and managing your eBay Seller account. These modules address listing more items, processing orders, providing customer service, increasing profits, managing sales tax, staying organized, and addressing “Advanced Topics” like starting a second eBay store. These modules appear to provide a self-explanatory, basic overview of eBay account management. Users with prior eBay experience will likely find these features familiar and straightforward.

In conclusion, Dropshipping Titans may offer valuable insights, but it appears to contain readily available, basic information that may not justify the course’s cost. Additionally, the US-centric approach and omission of crucial information for international students may limit its relevance to a broader audience.

Final Thoughts on Dropshipping Titans

We’ve covered the course content and what it entails, and with dedicated effort, you could potentially complete this course in just one day.

However, the paramount question to consider is not whether you should purchase eBay Dropshipping Titans but rather, whether you should venture into eBay dropshipping at all.

From my perspective, I would advise against it, and here are my reasons. Firstly, eBay hosts a multitude of Chinese sellers offering products at incredibly low prices, often acting as the manufacturers themselves. With their vast resources and cost advantages, competing with their pricing can be exceptionally challenging.

Secondly, eBay imposes certain restrictions that new sellers must contend with. As a newcomer, you’re limited to selling just 10 items per week. Exceeding this limit requires seeking eBay’s approval, a hurdle you don’t face in traditional dropshipping on Shopify.

Lastly, depending on your location, you may encounter issues with PayPal, which can lead to account troubles and potential loss of funds. In contrast, Shopify dropshipping offers more secure credit card payments, reducing such risks.

My Top Recommendation for Online Income

While Growth Cave does present opportunities for making money online, it may pose challenges for those with limited funds or those in search of a simpler business model.

Hence, I consistently recommend, whether you are just starting your online income journey or already possess some experience in the field, that you focus on programs that require minimal upfront investment.

I advocate for programs that offer comprehensive training for free, enabling you to assess their value before making any commitments. Once you have evaluated the training and initiated your online venture, these programs provide premium options.

Such programs often come with a 24/7 support system, complete with live chat for addressing any queries, along with a supportive community you can engage with daily to overcome any challenges.

These programs have a track record of countless success stories, including my own experience as a testament to their effectiveness. It’s the very system that allowed me to attain a full-time online income, ultimately leading me to bid farewell to my conventional job (you can find my average online business income for December below).

If you are intrigued by the prospect of this program and how it aided me in achieving financial independence at a young age, I encourage you to explore it yourself, at no cost, through the link provided below.


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