Douglas James Marketing Review- Read this before Investing

If you have been in sales for a while you may know how lucrative this industry is and now since many things are online it is even more lucrative.

This is why it is vital to get a good program that will help you achieve your goals. Douglas James Marketing seems to be a program that claims to help you achieve this. This is why I will be doing the Douglas James marketing Review for you.

However, before rushing to get it you should check if the program is actually worth it or not.

I have been reviewing many programs that cliam to help you make money online and Most are generally scams especially those in sales or dropshipping.

The whole aim is to help you get legitimate ways to make money online. This is what helped me be able to make money online.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Douglas James marketing Review

Program name: Douglas James Marketing

Creator: Douglas James

Price:$3000 rating:2.5 out of 5

What is Douglas James Marketing?

This is basically a program that teaches you how to sell high ticket sales by closing deals so that you can be able to make passive money.

The course is focused on digital marketing course where it will require you to put in lots of work in the beginning so you can be able to make passive income.

The course focuses on using Facebook ads or posts to help you get clients for your business in the long run. This will be the core of it all.

After succeeding with this model and plan he was able to craft a course that has all the details for this for any person to make money if the script is followed well.

Who is the creator of Douglas James?

The creator is Douglas James was a regular guy who wanted to live a life of Freedom after working too much and not having enough time with his wife.

After discovering a winning strategy with Facebook and YouTube ads is basically which helped him be financially free and have time with his wife.

You can find Douglas on YouTube where has has a channel where he shows some of his strategies and also has a website.

How does Douglas James work?

As i said before that the course is all about Facebook and YouTube ads for building an online high ticket sales business.

The course also focuses on helping you get your business in automation eventually so you can have time freedom and this you will achieve by implementing some paid tools like ClickFunnels.

The course focuses on helping you find the clients, however  there is not too much value that you are taught that will help your clients stay and buy.

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The only good thing is that you will learn to be able to attract clients with any business that you decide to start since you will be taught powerful skills of traffic generation via social media avenues.

The only issue is since you will be selling high ticket programs you will need special skills to make your business grow and this is where most people lake when it comes to online businesses.

Sure Douglas can get these methods to work and get sales but for a regular person it is not easy especially since he doesn’t teach this topic well.

This is why there are less positive testimonials of the program which is very questionable.

The principles you will learn from the course is pretty generic to me and since I have been online for many years and seen the same programs I can tell that this program is just the same.

What are the features of the program?

Let  us look at the features of the program so that you will know what you will follow.

  • The High ticket Experience

This course is all about showing you how to make phone calls to close sales and this you will be able to do when you get phone calls.

You will then be using the booking system on its website. The goal is to talk to your clients so that you can work with them for a long time.

  • Local Business Funnels and ads

This part of the course is where you will be getting a funnel  for the leads that you will have gotten with your Facebook ads.

  • Industry Marketing Academy

In this part of the course you will learn how to do Facebook ads and automation via using tools like ClickFunnels.

The good thing is that the ads are basically made for you already as well as the funnels so you can start replicating the same winning process as Douglas.

What I do not like about the program

  • The course is basically too generic

The program is just to generic for any person who is looking to make good money. The course will just show you what you can get from many other courses.

The other issue is that the course is too outdated which was what I really got disappointed with.

  • Course is too expensive

The course is basically too expensive and to be honest most people will not be able to afford this and also even if they do afford it this means that it will be less value since you don’t get great value.

This means that the risk to reward ration is not good.

  • Too much false promotion

You can see from Douglas’ video that the course is made to make you believe that you can start making money quickly.

The whole course is about hype  and this should show you some red flags if you are a person who is basically have been on the internet for a while and have been scammed.

What I like about the course

I will also highlight what I like about the course so that you will also know the good things about it.

  • The creator is not hidden

The Douglas does a great job of marketing himself and the course and you can clearly see him on YouTube if you have any questions about them.

  • Concepts are legit

It is fair that you can be able learn concepts that work although it is hard to actually make a decent living since the content is very generic.

  • Ads are done for you

The great things about the course is that you get pre-made tools for yourself which help save you loads of time even though you will still get  the training that you need.

Is Douglas James marketing a scam?

Here is that part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this course is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that the program is not a scam at all and you can see that you get concepts that work and the creators is real and you can confirm on his YouTube Channel.

Final thoughts

Making money online is great because it will help you be able to work from home or anywhere in the world.

This means any person who has the drive and some money can be able to do this if you find the right course.

When it comes to Douglas james Marketing course it is legit course that can help you as long as you have money to invest as well as you have some experience with digital marketing.

This is because the course is very expensive for an average person to afford. The course is also made in such a way that get loads of clients but the value is very questionable.

This is because the content is very generic and it will be super hard to stand out and start making money even though the system will be automatic.

This is why I do not recommend the program to any person who is looking to make a full time income with this especially fast.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

6 thoughts on “Douglas James Marketing Review- Read this before Investing”

  1. Thabo,
    I just read through your review of the Douglas James Marketing program and course. The review was well done. I was able to understand what the program was all about, including how it worked, and its features. I learned a little about the creator, Douglas James. You shared what you liked and disliked about the program and course. Finally, you made it clear the program was not a scam. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Hi Thabo,

    Paying 3k for an online training course is not my cup of tea since it’s too much for an average person who is tight on budget. Other similar platforms teach the same thing at a much lower cost, and a few online searches do not complicate it. So, I will ignore this one and find another one. Do you have a recommendation?


    1. Hey Matt

      I truly resonate with you and understand where you are coming from. I also would not recommend this to anyone who needs to make money online.

  3. Thank you for your Douglas James Marketing Review. I agree with you. The internet is a game changer in terms of being able to make sales. We have over a billion people using the internet. That’s a lot of people to sell to.

    I like that you explain who Douglas James is. It really helps me to trust in terms of having someone’s credentials. Your review is thorough and honest. I like that it wasn’t all roses. You stated that pros and cons and then gave your conclusion. Great job.

    1. Hey Shalisha

      I am glad I could be of help and I am happy that it was able to give you the information you need in order to be confident.

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