Digital Real Estate Review-What you are not told!

Welcome to Digital Real Estate Review where I will be telling you if this program is even worth it or not and whether you should put in the effort or not.

It is vital that you ensure that you check the right information so that you will never be scammed and this is the reason that many people have issues.

With many ways top make money online the best way is to ensure you get the skills so that you ensure you build a long term business.

Hi, my name is Thabo I became financially free after starting my online business and within 6 months I went from $0 to full time income.

Now I spend time helping people find the right program that will help them make money in a legit way and I love doing research and the like as this has been my passion for years.

So in this review I will be giving you a deep review of this program so that you can be able to make up your own mind.

Digital Real Estate Review

Program name: Digital Real Estate

Creator:Jame Kuck

Niche: Lead generation

Price:$297 rating:4 out of 5

What is Digital Real Estate?

Digital Real estate is just real estate in the online where it is not brick and mortar and is not physical.

This means that all the assets that you will be investing in will be faster to do or get which means that you will be able to make money easier than a normal real estate business.

Usually investing in conventional real estate will involve some sort of big financial investment and let alone the process of waiting for returns.

I do know this because I started small with real estate and over time it was profitable and made me big bucks.

However, with digital real estate the game is way different because the overheads are little to nothing and the profits or returns can be almost immediate.

Digital Real estate is also very new which means it is unlike other business models like dropshipping which are super competitive.

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This means that there is a great potential for profit with this business model as long as it is done well and in a legit way.

So the main idea is that you create a website and find lead generation for local businesses.

I will talk about how it works in a bit but now I would like to look at who the creator is?

Who is the creator of Digital Real Estate?

Knowing who the creator of the program is very important so that you will know who you are dealing with and it will just help with accountability issues moving forward.

Basically a program with no creator is usually a scam or close to it because it means that creator is hiding something.

The creator of this program is James Kuck is a well-established online entrepreneur who has made many online investments which have been successful.

He has also been involved in helping many companies to get established a make money online and grow with his skills and one of his recent projects is MyMediaPay.

James also claims that you can make money in many ways online and that is what he shows you on his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is also normal size as it has about 13k subscribers to date.

Well you can certainly see that you are dealing with a legit and genuine person who has been able to make money online and he knows quite a bit about online investments.

How does Digital Real Estate work?

Now let us take a look at how Digital Real Estate works so you will have an idea of how it will work. Let us look at the 10 steps that you will get.

  • Step 1: Choosing a niche

The niche is the most important part for any businesses when it comes to getting the foundation so that you will be able to have a long term business.

The website you choose you will really need to ensure that you will be able to have the right foundation for making money.

You will be shown the best niches you can go into when it comes to ensuring that make money and not be wasting your time.

  • Step 2:Choosing the location

Choosing the right place for your business is vital for doing this business as it is as important as choosing the niche of your own.

There are locations which are not going to be easy as it can involve a lot of work and analysis and it can also take a lot of time.

This section will be able to help you easily achieve.

  • Step 3: Choosing a relevant domain name

Choosing the domain is the next thing that you need and that will be able to help you get recognized online and build a good brand.

This will help you get clients easily because they will be able trust you well.

  • Step 4:Optimizing your website

This part is basically where you will be designing the website to match your brand. You will also be shown how to optimize your business.

Optimizing is also vital for your overall business using other aspects like your social media business.

  • Step 5:Keep tracking

This section is all about helping you keep track of what is working with the business that you are working on daily.

This means that you will be shown the best tools for tracking which will include things like Google analytics to ensure that you can see the program of your business via website traffic.

You will also be shown how to log phone calls which will help you keep track of your clients.

  • Step 6: On-page SEO

To ensure that your business can be found out Google it will be vital that you ensure that you know how to rank on Google and this is why you will need to know what SEO is.

You will be taught the basics of this but more importantly you will be shown how to give your visitors the best experience while on your website and this is called on-page SEO.

  • Step 7: Off-page SEO

This is another type of SEO where you will basically be learning how to ensure that your website is relevant and has good resources.

This will be where they will be showing you how to link and make it relevant to good and powerful websites.

This will be in the form of back linking and the like.

  • Step 8: Find potential Clients

This step is all about getting the clients that will be able to fuel your business and this you will be using online analytics.

Most people will know about such and it will be on you to ensure that you get the potential clients that are just hanging around on the internet without knowing about your opportunities.

This section is more intense than most of the modules since it involves a lot of things that you need to take into account to ensure this works.

  • Step 9: Closing a deal

This section is basically all about ensuring that you will be closing a deal by showing the potential clients your services of cost free leads which they will benefit from.

But do not worry if you are thinking that you will need to know how to write and convince them because you will get your a template that is already filled and done for you so that you can be able to just send it to your clients.

  • Step 10:Rinse and repeat

This section is all about summarizing everything so that you will be able to know how to keep doing the same thing and stay consistent.

This also means that you will be shown the best method for doing this because the first sale is usually the hardest to make and after it is just a matter of consistency.

What is inside with Digital Real Estate?

Let us look at what you will get when you purchase this course so that you will have an idea of what you will be getting for your money.

I will put the list of the things you will get in this program:

  • Private Facebook Group

This is a Facebook group that is a mastermind where you will be interacting with other students of the course should you have any issues along the course or your business.

  • Lifetime access to the course

This is the part that gives you a lifetime access to the course which will include getting any updates that the course has over time so that you do not get left behind.

  • YouTube Domination course

You will also get a local YouTube domination course that will help you get more traffic so that you will keep having clients for your business and increase your chances of success.

  • Video training

These are all the modules that I talked about above which all have the ability to give you information and training.

The total hours of the video is 75 hours and you will be able to get all the value that you are looking for.

  • Email templates and manuscripts

You will also be assisted with the sales process by you getting scripts and manuscripts for your business.

This thus means that you will not need to do the hard work of ensuring that you keep writing emails and closing scripts for your clients.

  • Prospecting King course

This is the course that will help you learn more about prospecting and you will be able to get more tips that will help your business grow faster.

  • Access to suppliers and developers

You will also have good quality suppliers that you can use and also that you can refer to any of your clients or partners.

How much does Digital Real Estate cost?

The basic price of the course is a one time payment of $297 which will give you the full access and this is a reduced priced over the years it has been higher.

Before it was $2k and this is when most people could not have access to it and this is what explains why the course is now very popular these days.

You must also think that there are also some extra costs that you will have to consider which will be able to help you.

Below are the costs that you will get:

  • Hosting and domain:$25 per month
  • Call tracker:$100 per month
  • Email autoresponder:$15 per month
  • PPC ads: $200 per month

There is also an upsell if you are wishing to ensure that you have everything done for you and this will cost you $97.

With the program you can also have a 14-day trial just to see how the program will be for you.

What I like about Digital Real Estate?

  • Creator is real

As you have already see that James is a real person and you can check on his YouTube if you have any doubts before getting the course.

This means that you will be lead by a real person who has had results.

  • Creator is an expert

The creator has also helped many companies so you can see he knows what he is doing and this can be of great help for many people who want to learn from me.

He also helps people on his YouTube channel to ensure that they are able to make things work.

  • 14 day Trial

It is also good that you have the ability to try it for 14 days and be able to see what results it may give you before going in deep into it.

This will allow you to be able to make a good and informed decision.

  • Very comprehensive training

The training is super comprehensive which means that you will be able to learn a lot if you follow it well.

  • Many done for you things

It is good that the program has many done for you things like manuscripts which will make your work super easy and straight forward to follow.

  • Good support

Since there is a Facebook group it is good that you will be able to get help along your journey.

What I do not like about Digital Real Estate?

  • Many skills needed

You need to acquire quite a few skills to ensure that this will work for you and that you will be able to make it give you the help you need.

This will take a lot of time from you.

  • Not overtime success

With any program you will need to really put in work for a long period so that you will see the results otherwise it will be a waste of time.

Is Digital Real Estate a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this program is a scam or not. The simple answer is that the program is as legit as they come and you may have already know this after reading above until this point.

You will also be happy to hear that the program has a trial and was reduced in price over the years which means it is a good program all together.

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You get support and also loads of done for you things to make other things on your business.

So if you are looking to go into this program then go for this program but just know that lead generation is no joke. It requires way too many components to make it work.

How I make money online

Now you may be wondering as to how I make money online and what I prefer as a way to make money online.

Well I can only recommend what I do and this is affiliate marketing where you are selling people’s products without having to own them.

I love this business model because it has fewer things to work with to establish your business.

However, to make it work you really need a program that will help you make this whole business possible and to work.

For me I was helped by a program that is one of the best online or in this space called wealthy affiliate.

You get a free training with 10 videos and 2 websites of your own that you can start making your business.

if you are looking to make real money and you feel the course is worth it then you can go for premium membership.

I was able to go to premium after just a few days of finishing the free training. It was when I committed 6 months that I was able to go from $0 to a four figure full time income.


This is because there is so much support and good mentorship in the program which will leave you satisfied and you will progress easily.

You will also have a community to help you along the way which will really help you grow a lot.

if you would like to see how I was able to go from nothing to a full time income to quitting my job then you can check this program below.

Final thoughts

With so many ways to make money online there is no excuse to not have a side income that you have or be able to reach a four to five figure income easily.

What is vital is to go for a program that will really help you make money and that is legit for you.

Digital Real estate is a program that teaches you how to make money with investing in websites that will give you great profits in the future.

The program gives you comprehensive training that will take you step by step and the creator is well-known and has great amount of reputation on YouTube.

The course is also less expensive which means that you will be able to start the business without too many costs. However running the business is what will cost you a lot so just be mindful of this.

There is also a 14-day trial that you can use to check the program and see how you will be able to make it work for you to before joining for.

I hope this program review was helpful and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review… It’s great that you’ve laid out all of the details to help someone make an informed decision. It sounds like there are many other factors to consider with this type of business model that might not immediately be visible.

    Thanks again

  2. Thank you. This is very informative article. It gives me a clearer picture of the nature of this type of business as well as the cost. It is not that easy at all but possible. It is like everything that you have to put yourself into completely.

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