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Welcome to my website where I will be telling you about Cowboy Wealth Review so that you will know whether the program is even worth it or not.

You may have also been caught up in the hype of making money using this program and are wondering how legit it is.

You have come to the right place to check out this and find out the truth. I have been involved in many ways to make money online and checked many programs over the years.

This is the reason I think I am at a good person to find out legit ways to make money online so you do not get trapped.

without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Cowboy Wealth Review

Program name: Cowboy Wealth

Creator:Chris and Cathy Sorensen

Price:$29 once off and $19 per month and more costs rating:1 out of 5

Cowboy Wealth Overview

Cowboy Wealth is mainly an opportunity that is an MLM but is disguised as some sort of personal development program for health and wellness and saving money.

The program was made in 2012 according to their domain and their creators.

The program is also made in such a way that even in their videos and landing pages will not show you the real opportunity that they are trying to sell you in.

You will only find out once you have signed up that this opportunity is a huge disguise and for me this may be the fact that they want to funnel you in without having any hesitation.

Who is the creator of the Cowboy Wealth?

The program was made by a duo called Chris and Cathy Sorensen who are not really well-known and also online they are not experts that we could call out.

You will only have the privilege to see them on their videos and also on their website which you will not know a lot about.

You will also get the creators another program that is linked to Cowboy Wealth and the creator is MLM expert as per their advertisement.

How does Cowboy Wealth work?

The whole essence of the CowBoy wealth is that it aims to funnel you into a MLM company that is called Melaleuca which was founded by Frank Vandersloot in about 1985.

What was shocking in the program is that they try to deny that this opportunity is a MLM company.

So there are two ways you will be making money with this system and they are the following.

  • Option 1: You get paid commission for doing sales for products of health and wellness.
  • Option 2: You get paid for recruiting people into the company to be part of your team and be salespeople too.

How much does Cowboy Wealth cost?

The cost you get will be different according to what you are looking to get involved with but I will summarize the cost for you.

The sign up fee is a once off $29 payment and annual fee of $19.90 and on top of that you will be needing to also get products that you will need to resell.

What I do not like about Cowboy Wealth

  • No products to sell

There are products but they are not shown a lot and this shows that you will be mainly made to not sell products rather focus on recruiting.

  • Misleading information

The information is also not thorough which is obviously not good due to the fact that it will be making you get funneled into the program is not good.

  • Creators are not well-known

When we look at the programs it is good to know we have people who are experts and are known and this program is not at all well-equipped with that.

What I like about Cowboy Wealth

  • MLM is a working model

This is the only issue that is positive about the program but the program itself is not good. Other than that there is no other positives of the course.

Is Cowboy Wealth a scam?

So here is the big question. Is CowBoy Wealth a scam?

Well the simple answer is that the program is made in such a way that it is merely focused on you recruiting more people rather than reselling the products.

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This is such a big sign of a pyramid scheme and thus a scam. A normal MLM should be doing both these things of reselling and recruiting.

How I make a living online?

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Final thoughts

There are many ways you can make money online or offline and one of the best business models is a MLM business.

Cowboy Wealth is basically a program that lures you into an MLM opportunity without really telling you the truth about it.

The program is advertised as a program that is going to help you with personal development in some way and only learn once you have signed up.

The course is also not too clear about its creators and more when it comes to its creators and training. In fact the compensation is also not very clear at all.

There are also no testimonies of people who have succeeded with the program which makes it super hard for any person to even trust it and want to follow through with it.

The price is not too high but the costs can add up and also it will not going to be of good value for you.

I do hope that this review was helpful and I hope it also gave you the value that you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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