Course From Scratch Review-Is Danielle a scam?

Welcome to my course from scratch review where I will be telling you all bout how this program works before you jump in an invest.

These days there are many ways to make money online so when you see courses like this one you are bound to ask yourself a few questions.

I am glad you came to this review to find out the truth about this course. This will help avoid you from being scammed in the process.

I have been reviewing so many courses in the past that I can say most courses are scams. I did this after I was finally able to find a program that was actually legit which I will talk about later too.

So without further ado, lets get started with this review and see what it is all about.

Course From Scratch Review

Program name: Course from scratch

Creator: Danielle Leslie

Price: $2000 rating: 2.5 out of 5

What is course from scratch?

Course from scratch is basically a program that teaches you how to make money with selling courses via your skill.

This means that if you have any type of skill that you feel you can help others and are ready to profit from it long term then you may benefit from this course.

The course is made in a simple way that anyone can start following it and making money as per the sales ad.

However, as we will see that the program is not as simple like this when it comes to making money online with courses as it is shown.

You ill actually need more in depth skills to do this otherwise it will be hard to sell any course to anyone online.

The course creator is a person who makes the whole process seem like a breeze and this usually means they want to make you buy it.

Who is the creator of Course from scratch?

The creator of course from scratch is a lady by the name Danielle Leslie who claims to have made millions of dollars just by selling course to people online with her skills.

However, there is no actually proof that she can back up 100% that this is true because it seems like it is a huge sales tactic on her part.

Danielle starting making money online since 2012 and has been working from home since then.

Her operations have expended from selling courses to helping others sell their courses too. She can be found on social media like YouTube and Facebook.

However, her YouTube has not been active for 5 years even though she has about 10K subscribers. This does not give good signs because there are no signs that she is trying to come back and upload.

Usually top experts are always posting as a way to ensure their audience will keep getting value and keep learning at the same time so that there will not lose this credibility.

It is also good for the students to see updates and followers so they can also learn for free and see what she is preaching about.

For example when it comes to my businesses I have Social media platforms that are active so that people can keep seeing what they can learn and how I do it.

Danielle’s Facebook also not active since 2021 even though that is where she seems to get most of her clients and students.

For someone looking to start it does not look good that she has abandoned all of her social activity and does not make any sense why from a business perspective.

So even though she is legit she still does not show consistency at large.

Let us now look at her program to see if it works or not.

How does Course from scratch work?

Course from scratch is a 6 module course that will take you through the steps that Danielle uses to make money with selling courses.

The modules are all made in a way that

Below are the modules:

  • Module 1: Welcome

This is the introduction part where you will basically be told how you the course works and how you can start making money with this course easily.

This part is mainly for people who have never done a course or any type of make money online since you will be told the benefits of doing this and how it can change your life.

  • Module 2: Minimum viable course

This module will start getting into the core of what you are going to be doing and this will include learning the key things you need to have for your course to work.

Danielle goes in depth in this course and shows you how her simple course was able to create many sales and still continues to do so at a good rate.

You will also learn the importance of why you need to have a course that is valuable yet simple.

  • Module 3: Course topics and clients

You will learn here what your target clients are and what structure of the course they will likely resonate with. The course will also go over what you can do to ensure that you will be able to find the best topics for your niche.

This module will also talk about how you need to have a focal niche that you want serve so that you will have good clients that will be loyal and follow you for a long time.

  • Module 4: Conversions

This module will talk about how to get more clients when you sell you course and what are the best strategies that work so you will always have cash flow.

  • Module 5: Advance course launch

This is where you are told how to launch you course so that people or clients will be aware of it and this includes even doing an advanced course for getting more clients and sources of income.

  • Extra courses

There are other extra topics that you will need to be getting for the course that they include the following:

  1. Success series
  2. Tech tools
  3. 3 Months teachable trial
  4. Webinar from scratch series
  5. Email optins
  6. Squeeze pages
  7. Live Q&A sessions
  8. Live calls & coaching

You do get a lot of content but in my option all content is not set out well and it can easily make a beginner confused.

This means that for any person who is looking to start this course they already need to have some form of business so it will be less confusing for them.

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I have courses myself in different niches but I could not really get value from this training at all.

What are the features of Course from scratch?


There is quite a lot of value that you can get with this course when you look at the content although some requires large amounts of payments to be made.


Let us look at the things you will be getting:

  • Core training

This is the course with all the modules that I talked about above.

  • Bonuses

You will also get loads of bonuses as you go through the training which is made to keep you engaged at all times.

What I like about Course From Scratch

  • Real creator

Danielle is a real and verifiable person who is always there to assist people. You can see from her social media presence although right now she is not active.

  • Legit information

You will be learning the right information although the costs do not match to what you will be learning according to me.

What I do not like about Course from scratch

  • Very expensive

Simce the course is $2000 this means it is not suited for everyone which makes things very difficult for those looking to make money fast with no money to start up with.

Is course from scratch a scam?

The course is not a scam at all as you will be learning a lot as a person who is looking to start their own thing although not comprehensive.

My #1 recommendation for making money online

If you are a beginner and have no idea how to make money online there is one best way that I was able to start with and make money and this is making money with products I do not even own.

This is called affiliate marketing it has the lowest barrier of entry because you can start with as little as possible but still be able to make a killing in the process.

This is how I was able to start with nothing and reach four figure full time income within a few months of hard works.

These are my typical results as of this year as you can see that I earn this on the side and it is one of my websites that I hardly touch now but I still make good income monthly and weekly.

The program that helped me gave me a free trail and within a few days I joined premium and worked hard with what I was give to reach success.

the program is made for any person who is willing to follow a system and make money.

Beneficially, the preparation is free however long you wish. You can move up to premium to assemble the genuine web-based business.

I joined the top notch half a month subsequent to being in the free enrollment and this is the very thing that completely changed myself since I did the best that I can with it in the a half year and applied the preparation.

This is why I currently prescribe this program to anybody hoping to succeed on the web and make latent long haul pay with a drawn out business.

assuming you might want to check this program yourself you can see it beneath

Final thoughts

Course from scratch is a program that teach you how to make money with selling courses but does not go too much in to details to help you make money.

This is the only reason I do not approve of how much they are charging you at all because I just seems to superficial for me.

Also I do not see any value being delivered for the students excepts for a few parts where you learn a lot.

The creator is legit and real but I feel she is not experienced enough in teaching and advising at allI hope this review  was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.


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