CompeteUp Review-Is this really worth your investment?

The rapidly growing online market has significantly changed the business scenario. At present, more people are interested in doing business online where they can showcase their products and services through various online platforms.

However, engaging and grabbing the attention of the audience is still the biggest challenge that people face while carrying out their online business activities.

For this purpose, several marketing tools are available on the internet today that generate traffic towards your business.

The use of videos, blogs, and webinars are some of the conventional ways people use to generate viral traffic. But here in this review, we will look in detail at a newly launched marketing software called CompeteUp.

The working of CompeteUp revolves around creating contest campaigns that attract visitors to your website.

Product OverviewCompeteUp Review

Name of Product: CompeteUp

Creator: Karthik Ramani

Launching Date: 30th April 2021

Skill: All levels

Niche: Software (Contest campaign suite)

Price: Front-end price $37

Official website:

Recommend: Highly recommend

Support: Highly responsive

What is CompeteUp?

Engaging the viral traffic for your own good is one of the most effective ways of boosting your online business. Currently, no one in the market can provide such marketing solutions except CompeteUp.

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CompeteUp is the only one of its type next-generation marketing tool that allows you to create social media contests to generate better leads for your website. It is very easy to use and you can create your viral contests even if you don’t have any prior knowledge or coding skill.

It is important to figure out how such contests attract visitors and make them engage with your business. The answer to this question is very simple, people love to compete in a contest especially when there are bright chances of winning exciting prizes.

CompeteUp provides you the opportunity to launch attractive contest campaigns that later helps you to increase your brand value by flooding your website with visitors that ultimately result in better lead generations and conversions.

How does CompeteUp works?

CompeteUp is a simple cloud-based marketing software that allows you to create contests based on either prizes or instant rewards. The working of CompeteUp is as simple as 1-2-3 and the whole process of setting a contest consist of five key steps.

Step 1: Setting up a campaign

You can initiate the process of campaign set up by simply clicking on the button “Create Contest”. The interface will take you to the screen where you can choose the type of contest you want to launch. Once you are done with the contest type, you have to adjust the duration, design, and policies of your contest.

Step 2: Setting up a contest

After the completion of the campaign setup, the interface will take you to the next screen where you can find the button “Contest Setup”. Here you select entries for your contest. Next, you have to enter ribbon text on the bar that appears after hitting the “Settings” button.

Step 3: Entry settings

In this step, you have to answer several questions that help CompeteUp to set up a campaign that best suits your interests. Moreover, in this section, you have to add details related to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Step 4: Email settings

This step allows you to customize your contest notification emails for your contest participants. These are the emails that participants receive once they get registered for the contest. You also have to set up Referral sign up, Badge unlocked, and Daily summary in this step.

Step 5: Setting up Rewards

In this step, you manage your rewards by clicking on the button “Rewards”. You can also add new rewards under this section. CompeteUp allows you to set up rewards for the participants either through instructions or external URLs. It is entirely up to you which method you choose for reward setup.

What are the features of CompeteUp?

Ease of use – CompeteUp suite is very user-friendly software. It is specifically designed with a concept that everyone can use this software with ease and comfort.

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Contest campaigns – CompeteUp allows you to create as many contest campaigns as you want for your product. This feature is very important for engaging customers from different social media platforms.


Giveaway prizes – CompeteUp also offers special giveaway prizes for the winners. This further increase the interest of the audience towards your product or service.


Campaigns templates – CompeteUp gives its users 50 additional DFY templates. These built-in templates are more catchy in appearance compared to usual templates.


Detailed analytics – CompeteUp gives you complete details of all the participants that take part in your contest. This gives you an idea about how your marketing campaign is performing.

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Cname mapping – This feature allows you to use your domain for setting up the contests. This gives you an opportunity to further personalize your brand while carrying out your marketing activities.


SMTP integration – This feature allows you to focus on your target audience by sending and receiving bulk messages with just a single click of your cursor.


Customer support – CompeteUp provides an excellent 24/7 customer support service to its users. You can ask your queries anytime through multiple gateways.


Money-back guarantee – CompeteUp is 100% legit software. To provide its users a better customer experience, it provides its customers with a 30 days money-back guarantee.


How much does CompeteUp cost?

CompeteUp comes with four types of pricing plans. Each of these plans differ from the others in terms of available features. It is entirely up to the users to choose a plan that best suits its marketing interests.

Names of CompeteUp plans along with their price are mentioned below

  1. 1. CompeteUp Commercial – $37
  2. 2. CompeteUp Platinum – $77
  3. 3. CompeteUp Agency – $147
  4. 4. CompeteUp Whitelabel – $247

Is CompeteUp a scam?

CompeteUp is 100% authentic and genuine software. Since its launch, a number of reviews related to its services are published so far. You will be surprised to hear that the internet is flooded with reviews that praised the marketing services of CompeteUp.

Moreover, from our personal perspective, we also found CompeteUp as one of the most legit software available on the internet today. In terms of its services, it is far beyond its market competitors.

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Final thoughts on CompeteUp

CompeteUp is simply one of the best products launched so far for online marketers. People belonging to different business categories can use this product for a wide range of marketing activities.

CompeteUp is a tool that you can utilize for reaching the global audience in no time and keeping them captivated and engaged throughout your marketing activities. In terms of price, it is also economical compared to its market competitors.

In simple words, we can say that CompeteUp is a must-have tool in the modern era where the market is saturated with a plethora of service providers.

I hope this review was helpf and I hope it gave you the value that you are looking for. If you have any questions you can leave them  belwoa and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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