Commission Hero Review-Is this for you?

Welcome to my Commission Hero Review and welcome to my website I hope you will be able to get help around this post and make money online full time.

If you have been in affiliate marketing for sometime you might have heard about Commission Hero being mentioned one way or another.

If not you may have heard about Robby Blanchard who is behind this course for making money.

You may have wondered whether you should join his program or not. Well this is a good place to be on right now as I will be telling you just that as a person who has been able to be in the program as an experienced affiliate marketer.

Before we start I want to say that I am no way in support of the program or against it, all I am trying to do is to show you the truth about my experience and show you if it is good or not to me.

Thus, I will not be doing those lame bribing things like the fact that is you buy the program I will give you some bonuses, which by the way I things you can usually get for free.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review

Commission Hero Review

Program name: Commission Hero


Creator:Robby Blanchard

Price:$997 once off or $597 in two installments rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Legit business model
  • Robby is a legit person who is an expert
  • Many good testimonies


  • Facebook ads are expensive
  • Too much trial and error
  • Many hidden costs
  • Very expensive program
  • Only one method to make money
  • Only one affiliate program

What is Commission Hero?

Simply put commission hero is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you all you need to know when it comes to making money using affiliate marketing via Facebook ads.

These are strategies that the creator has used for some years to make money in a unique and yet powerful way.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing its is simply getting paid by promoting a product or program via a link associated to you.

So whenever a person buys you get a commission and the more people buy you make more money until it is passive income.

This is in fact the business model I used that has helped me quit my job in 2019 and work full time online.

However, the issue is that most people do it wrong and thus they never make money.

Who is the creator of Commission Hero?

The creator of the program is Robby Blanchard who is well-known expert in the affiliate marketing space.

Robby Blanchard failed several times trying to make his affiliate marketing work with ads. He was then able to perfect Facebook Marketing for his business where he used clickbank products.

He started making 6 figures using a unique Facebook ad method. He was then able to win a clickbank award for being a top seller.

He the decided to teach people his methods of making money with his methods for clickbank products.

I have followed Robby for quite some time on his social media like Instagram and he usually shows his students’ and his results of his work.

So we can say that he is basically very legit as he is very transparent in all his work.

All in All we can trust Robby and his is definitely a person worth following.

How does commission Hero work?

In this section I will go over how the program works and what you will be doing to make this whole thing work.

As I have briefly said before that the program mainly uses Facebook to help you make money with affiliate marketing.

The training has 12 modules which will take you step by step to setting up this whole commission hero Facebook ads funnel system.

So in essence you will need to set up a Facebook account, then you will have to connect that to a lead page ( also called a squeeze page).

The Facebook will be used to create ads whereby you will be getting traffic on a daily basis according to your niche.

This traffic will be helping you to get emails from this traffic of people in your niche. Once you have emails then you will have the opportunity to keep promoting clickbank affiliate products to them which is called email marketing.

Robby teaches this very well although I have to say that you still have to do some trial and errors to see what works and what does not work and this requires you to put lots of money to this.

Below is a video of Robby talking briefly about Commission Hero.

What is inside Commission Hero?

As I mentioned before that there are 12 modules that you will go through but in essence it will boils down to the following structure.

Choosing an offer to promote

In this section you will be learning about all the niches (topics) that are profitable that you can make money from.

The reference affiliate program you will choose from is clickbank. As a summary here are the top niches you will have the opportunity to promote:

  • Health and Fitness
  • E-Business
  • Sports
  • Pets

Landing page

You will have the opportunity to build a landing page which is what will help you collect emails.

In this section you will be taught how to make your own landing page within clickfunnels in a way that will lure people into your promotion.

Even if you are not a great writer you will be taught how to do this from scratch. This was one of the parts I was able to learn a lot from since I had not really done a landing page for myself before.

Building your Facebook ads

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the business model as this is what will make or break your whole business.

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Luckily Robby does put a lot of effort for this part so that you can be able to get emails on a continuous basis. He goes into the whole process of psychology of selling.

This will also be properly the part where most people have an issue since it requires some trial and error.

You will need to test long and short copy for your Facebook ads and also check images to see which works better. This part will take very long and will come with so much cost due to testing.

In fact this is where most people lose loads of money.

What I like about Commission Hero

In this section I will start of by things I like and then go onto things I don’t like after. Let’s start.

  • Robby is an expert

Robby is not only a real person but he is also super successful in affiliate marketing due to his method of using Facebook ads.

This gives us a good reference for trusting him.

  • Business model is legit

Facebook ads is something well-known and is used by many. Although some are unsuccessful with it. This shows that it is not for everyone especially for people who don’t have good fund.

  • beginner-friendly

The program is also made for any person even if you are new to this method like I was when I purchased and used the program.

  • Many good students’ testimonies

Having people who have used the program and succeeded shows that the program does work for students who purchase it.

What I don’t like about commission Hero

  • Too expensive

The program is very expensive compared to other programs which make it hard for any person to start and make money with or even get training.

  • Too many hidden costs

You are not told that besides the training cost you will pay you will also be required to pay more to get you Facebook Ads going.

This makes people get disappointed once they have paid for the program and cant get their system going. I know many people who stopped after seeing this.

Commission Hero cost

The cost of Commission Hero is $997 once off and you get all the components of the training. You can also pay 2 installments of $597 if you don’t have the initial amount.

However, you will still to pay to get your business going. Here are some hidden costs that you will encounter:

  • ClickFunnels:$97/month
  • Autoresponder for collecting emails: approx $15/month
  • Facebook ads: $300/month or more

There is also an inner circle training which will cost you $297/month when you will go deeper with getting more and personalized help.

is Commission

The simple answer is that the program is definitely legit and there is no doubt about this and if you have been reading throughout you may have already see that.

However, here is the summary for you just in case:

  • Real and expert creator

Having someone legit and experienced like Robby is a cherry on top when it comes to giving out full trust to the program as we know that he not only knows what he is doing but has achieved massive success as well as his students.

  • Business Model is legit

The Facebook ads model is legit and makes many people loads of money daily on many affiliate programs so you are not doing something that might not work.

Final thoughts

Making money with affiliate marketing can be made in many ways as long as you find a method that will work constantly.

Commission Hero is a program that focuses only on Facebook ads which helps you accelerate your sales to another level so that you will reach your financial goals faster.

However, the system of doing this way is not cheap at all and requires loads of time and capital with trial and error.

Commission Hero is a legit program that teaches you exactly how the Creator, Robby makes millions daily.

However, one of the main issues is that the program is too expensive and only focuses on one affiliate program, clickbank which limits people somewhat.

All in all the program is super comprehensive and it will teach you well to make money with affiliate marketing.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any comments or questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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