Commission Hero Review-Is it still worth it?

I recently came across the captivating YouTube advertisements by Robby Blanchard promoting his Commission Hero course.

Having dedicated over 10 hours to thorough research on Robby Blanchard and his affiliate marketing course, I’ve gathered all the essential details for you.

This Commission Hero review encompasses:

  1. What the Course Encompasses
  2. Inclusions Upon Enrollment
  3. Legitimacy of the Course
  4. Customer Concerns
  5. Student Achievements
  6. Concealed Expenses
  7. Pricing

Let’s delve into the specifics.

Paid Ads Course
Commission Hero
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Course: Commission Hero
Instructor: Robby Blanchard
What: Teaches how to thrive as an affiliate with ClickBank using paid ads
Price: $997
Special Offer: Check here
Buyer Beware: While this course has seen successful students, it’s important to note a number of negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. The refund policy can be convoluted. Join at your own discretion.
Official Website: Commission Hero Official Website
Table of Contents

Key Insights

  • Teaches affiliate marketing using Facebook ads
  • Robby and top students have seen positive results, but this strategy carries risks (see below)
  • The refund policy might add to your investment risks in this course
  • Top alternatives: Affiliate Secrets 3.0 or Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Understanding Commission Hero

Commission Hero is an online marketing course that pledges to educate individuals on how to earn money from home using Facebook ads. The course is marketed through the ClickBank affiliate platform.

Though the sales pitch may seem exaggerated, Commission Hero has seen numerous students achieve significant success following Robby’s teachings.

The course is delivered via video content, employing a step-by-step approach to guide you through each phase. It’s designed for both novices and seasoned affiliates aspiring to master generating traffic and sales through paid ads.

Commission Hero, spearheaded by ClickBank’s leading affiliate Robby Blanchard, instructs on promoting affiliate offers online using paid ads.

Many, like myself, have come across Robby’s enticing YouTube ads promising to teach how to earn $1,000 per day online using his system. Robby showcases various impressive income reports from past students, enhancing the allure of his method.

Deconstructing the Commission Hero System

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard, the brains behind Commission Hero, boasts a reputable background as an affiliate marketer. He’s also the driving force behind Commission Hero.

Before establishing himself as an affiliate marketer, Robby was a personal fitness trainer and gym owner. He reportedly hails from Massachusetts and pursued studies at Fitchburg State University.

After a bit of digging, I stumbled upon his old CrossFit YouTube Channel, accessible here. The channel’s last video was published in 2012.

In 2015, Robby transitioned from selling his fitness courses using Facebook ads to promoting affiliate offers through the same medium.

Following four years of refining his strategies, Robby Blanchard achieved the top affiliate status on ClickBank in 2019.

ClickBank stands as one of the world’s largest and most renowned affiliate networks. Robby claims to make anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 per day using the methods taught in Commission Hero.

Since its inception, Commission Hero has trained a considerable number of successful affiliate marketers to establish robust businesses using paid ads.

Commission Hero: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive and transparent training
  • A scalable and proven system
  • Evident success stories among students
  • Active Facebook community
  • Ready-to-use sales funnel templates
  • Thorough guidance on product selection for optimal sales
  • A repeatable, systematic approach


  • Initial investment required for ad spending (recommended $20 per day)
  • Potential ad account suspension
  • Complex refund policy

Commission Hero Review: How the System Operates

Commission Hero imparts a simple yet effective affiliate marketing strategy utilizing paid ads.

The fundamental steps of this system include:

  1. Selecting a product to promote from the ClickBank marketplace
  2. Creating a landing page using ClickFunnels (Robby offers pre-designed templates for immediate use)
  3. Designing Facebook ads to direct traffic to your landing page, where you’ll either sell the affiliate product directly or capture emails for subsequent product promotions through email campaigns

This affiliate marketing model is widely recognized and effective. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the associated risks:

  • Advertisements (Facebook ads) necessitate an upfront investment before generating sales
  • Facebook ads can be costly, requiring continuous reinvestment of a portion of your earnings into more ads
  • Facebook has a tendency to suspend ad accounts. Robby acknowledges this as part of the process and provides guidance on obtaining multiple approved ad accounts

If you’re drawn to swiftly generating traffic using paid ads, possess the financial means to invest in ads, and accept the occasional ad account suspensions, this course might align with your aspirations.

In that case, starting with Robby’s free training would be prudent. If you resonate with the teachings in the free training, enrolling in the full course might be a logical step.

Robby’s methodology is undeniably lucrative, and many have prospered using his approach. If his process resonates with you and you’re comfortable with its dynamics, I wouldn’t dissuade you.

However, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Commission Hero’s refund policy prior to enrollment (details below).

Also, bear in mind that this affiliate marketing approach isn’t passive. Cease your ads, and your business essentially dissipates.

Active engagement is necessary, involving ad procurement, management, and landing page optimization.

For those seeking passive income, exploring free organic traffic methods to complement this system is advisable.

In the following video, Robbie Blanchard provides a walkthrough of his Commission Hero system, elucidating its mechanics.

What You Receive with Commission Hero

Upon acquiring Commission Hero, you gain access to the following:

The Core Commission Hero Training

The core of Commission Hero comprises training modules that educate you on Robby Blanchard’s 3-step system to generate online income through paid ads.

As per Robby’s assertions, adhering to his approach should enable you to attain a minimum daily income of $1,000.

For a deeper understanding of Robby’s precise methodology, delve into his free training here.

Commission Hero Private Coaching Group

Having access to support at the right moment is critical when acquiring a new skill. When you become a member of Commission Hero, you’ll be granted full access to the exclusive member’s group. Here, you can seek assistance and guidance 24/7, get your inquiries addressed, and celebrate your successes with fellow members.

Robby Blanchard’s Highly Effective Ad Images

In the realm of Facebook ads, the imagery you utilize can significantly determine the success or failure of your entire campaign. Over the years, Robby has amassed a collection of over 20 images that have resulted in multimillion-dollar earnings. By enrolling in Commission Hero, you’ll gain access to this private image library.

Facebook Super Profits Training System

The Facebook Super Profits Training System is a compilation of advanced tactics curated by Robby through years of experience. Inside, you’ll discover invaluable strategies such as business scaling tactics, techniques to enhance your ad account count, methods to encourage product owners to increase your commissions, and approaches to boost your profitability by up to 25%.

Ready-Made Landing Pages

Establishing effective landing pages can be a tedious task, especially if you’re new to the process. Moreover, crafting landing pages that effectively convert visitors into sales is a skill that comes with practice. To address this, Robby generously provides access to a library of landing page templates he has personally used to amass millions of dollars online. This translates to a significant time-saving advantage!

Commission Hero Bonuses

  • Weekly Q&A Calls: Engage in live Q&A sessions every week, where you can seek guidance from Robby regarding affiliate marketing. These sessions prove invaluable if you encounter any challenges.
  • Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts: Although the specifics of the Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts are not entirely clear, it’s likely a compilation of product owner contact details curated by Robby based on his affiliate marketing experience. Access to this could provide you direct contact with top product owners Robby has collaborated with over the years.
  • Snapchat Training: While Facebook ads remain the primary traffic source, Commission Hero offers a bonus module that enlightens you on advertising through Snapchat.
  • $10K Per Month Email Marketing Campaign: A supplementary training module focusing on running successful email marketing campaigns that result in substantial sales.
  • Facebook Insider: If you qualify for the bonuses upon joining Commission Hero, you’ll be connected to a “Facebook insider,” most probably a successful student of Robby’s, who can mentor you and share insider hacks for making money as an affiliate using Facebook.

Are Commission Hero Students Achieving Results?

From extensive research into Robby Blanchard and the Commission Hero system, it’s evident that a significant number of students are experiencing success with this system.

To witness testimonials from Commission Hero students, you can view them on the sales page just like this video below.

While both Robby and his successful students are earning money, the exact proportion of earnings that translate to profit remains unclear. When utilizing paid ads for traffic generation, it’s essential to reinvest a percentage of your earnings into purchasing more ads. The specific percentage remains undisclosed.

Who Should Consider Joining Commission Hero?

How to sell ebooks online successfully

If you seek a robust system to earn money online, guided by one of the world’s top affiliates who practices what he preaches, Commission Hero could be an ideal fit. It’s crucial to note that this system employs paid ads for traffic generation. Hence, you should already have a budget of at least a few hundred dollars allocated for ads when starting the course.

If you’re willing to invest time in understanding Robby’s approach and appreciate the concept of swiftly generating traffic by allocating funds for paid ads, then Commission Hero could be a suitable choice for you.

Join Commission Hero Here

Who Should Consider Other Options?

If you’re uncomfortable with spending on ads for traffic generation, or if you don’t possess a budget to invest in paid ads, then Commission Hero may not align with your needs.

In such a scenario, you might find a better fit with an affiliate marketing approach that leverages free traffic. Although building an affiliate business with free traffic requires more time, it ultimately translates to a passive income model once established.

For those interested in building a long-term, passive income using free traffic methods, alternative courses like The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity (an extensive affiliate SEO course) or Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (comprising YouTube, TikTok, Facebook organic, and Blogging by Spencer Mecham) could be more suitable.

Explore Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham

What I Appreciate About Commission Hero

  • Authentic Coach Who Practices What He Teaches: Robby Blanchard is a genuine expert who effectively employs the methods he teaches in the course. Being the number one ClickBank affiliate underscores his credibility. In an industry with courses often taught by individuals who don’t use the methods themselves, Robby’s authenticity stands out.
  • Swift Traffic Generation: Facebook ads present an effective means to quickly garner targeted traffic, despite inherent drawbacks.
  • High Income Potential: While this method offers considerable income potential, it’s important to acknowledge the associated risks that students must embrace.

What I Find Concerning About Commission Hero

  • The Refund Policy: Commission Hero features a somewhat unconventional refund policy. While it’s understandable that they seek to ensure that individuals have genuinely attempted to utilize the system before requesting a refund, the 12-month waiting period and the need to prove your efforts could be revised for improved clarity and flexibility.
  • Reliance on Facebook Ads: Relying solely on Facebook ads for traffic may pose risks, especially given Facebook’s tendency to suspend ad accounts. Robby encourages students to set up multiple ad accounts, but it’s worth considering diversifying traffic sources for stability.
  • Dependency on ClickFunnels: The reliance on ClickFunnels for landing pages and sales funnels could be a drawback due to the associated costs, especially for individuals newly investing in the course and needing to allocate funds for ads.
  • Not a Passive Income Strategy: This method isn’t strictly passive, requiring ongoing ad payments for continued sales generation. However, once a successful and profitable campaign is identified, ads can be left to run and generate sales on autopilot.

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero is priced at $997 for complete access to the course (one-time payment). Additionally, a payment plan option of 2 payments of $597, billed 30 days apart, is available. Opting for the payment plan will result in an additional cost of $197. Hence, choosing the one-time payment of $997 is a more cost-effective option.

Join Commission Hero Here

Commission Hero Discount

Currently, there is no available discount for Commission Hero. Beware of illegitimate claims and offers of discounts found on certain websites and paid advertisements. The best and genuine price for Commission Hero can be accessed here.

Is Commission Hero Genuine or a Scam?

Commission Hero is a legitimate course that imparts legitimate methods, backed by several successful students. However, the refund policy raises some concerns.

Throughout my research, I encountered both positive and negative student feedback regarding this course. The negative feedback primarily highlighted issues with the refund policy, lack of support, and access difficulties for certain students.

Considering these aspects, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research before enrolling in this course.

Commission Hero’s Best Alternative

Wealthy Affiliate

This is the same program I use to start my online affiliate markerting for  almost for free.

Creating an Online Income and Establishing a Sustainable Business: My Journey and Recommendations

For those aspiring to achieve passive income and establish a thriving business that starts generating revenue within six months, I offer a valuable suggestion. I advocate for a business model that not only facilitates this goal but also provides a supportive community to ensure your success.

Personally embracing this business model, I managed to resign from my job after just six months of dedicated effort. The income generated through this venture is consistent and has the potential to yield similar results for you, given your commitment to building a lasting business.

The program I am referring to provides comprehensive training and, notably, offers a free package for you to explore. Here are the details as of July 2021.

This complimentary training encompasses access to 10 instructional videos, 2 complimentary websites, and an opportunity to engage with a supportive community, of which I am an active member.

After evaluating the value of this training, as many have found it immensely beneficial, you have the option to upgrade to the premium package. This upgrade equips you to build an authentic business with the potential to generate a four-figure income or more.

This program empowers you to own a business, granting you the freedom you desire. It’s worth noting that this business tends to grow each year, thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet.

Feel free to explore this program and witness firsthand how it enabled me to attain a full-time income and smoothly transition away from my previous job.


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