Clients On Demand Review-Worth it?

Welcome to my Client On Demand Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to this program so that you will decide if it is for you or not.

If you are running a business online or are planning on starting one then the chances are that you will be needing to get clients.

There is no way to get around it because this is what runs the business and what makes you money.

However, the issue is that you really need to focus on having a good strategy or get someone who knows how to do it to help you achieve this.

So Client on Demand is a program that claims to help you do this so the big question is whether we can trust it and will it even give you this.

Read on the find out the truth about this program so that you can make an informed choice.

Clients On Demand Review

Program name: Clients on Demand

Website: >>Click Here<<

Creator: Russ Ruffino

Price: Starts at $8k to $50k rating: 3 out of 5

What is Client On Demand?

Content goes here. This is a program that is mainly focused on business owners or online coaches be able to get high end clients for their business.

The program was made with the understanding that it is super hard to get high end clients especially if you do not have the skills to do.

This is the reason many business owners and online coaches eventually fail to attract customers for their business over time.

The average client these days is aware of sales tactics so one needs very good skills to get clients that will pay more and not complain.

I know this too because when I had a ballroom dancing service it was hard as I was new to this and it was too hard to get the client.

This meant that I had to pay more money to make ads to my business and even that did not work since it came with loads of work and needed loads of skill.

So this program is made to give you a shortcut in achieving success with getting clients from an expert.

Who is the creator of Clients on demand?

The creator of Clients on demand is Russ Ruffinno who was a regular guy like most people as he was a bartender.

It was only after seeing that he could make more money online that he started looking at other successful business owners who were killing it online.

After learning the trade by himself he was able to connect all the dots of how to make money.

He started off by selling a video course and ebook which was what led to Clients on demand program after seeing people wanting more help from him and asking him how he was able to get loads of clients with his ebook and video course.

This is a true inspirational story which shies that if you put in the work you can make anything work.

Now that we know that we are dealing with a real person we can see the program is founded on good grounds.

However, before trusting it let us take a look at how it works and what you will be required to do for the program to work.

How does Clients On Demand work?

So the whole premise is that the program will teach you how to get clients that will be good for your business and we are talking about high paying clients.

You will be taught how to get at least 40 clients a month that you will charge a minimum of $3000.

For these people to qualify as clients they must do the following:

  • Can reach your price entry
  • Resonate with your service
  • Trust you and your skills

Russ also claims to help you attract your customers or clients without you having to chase them at all so that you have more time to build what will help them.

So that is the reason he focuses on online tools which I will talk about.

This will help you not have to go to networking events trying to catch clients but rather them finding your valuable work.

So these are the steps that he teaches you and they are in 3 phases to help you accomplish this:

  • Facebook ads

You will be taught the mindset of how to build a Facebook ad campaign and then be able to scale it once it works.

The Facebook ad campaign will be made to cater to how much quality of clients you are looking for.

You will be taught all the concepts of running it and some mistakes to avoid for your business.

  • Drive people to a webinar

Once you have gotten people with your campaign you will drive them to a webinar that is prerecorded so that they can start watching at their convenient time.

This will give you time to not have business work while you sleep for you.

  • Close the clients

After the webinar you will have to close the clients over the phone.

This may look simple but it is not and needs a lot of work for it to work properly as even some experts still struggle to close people.

How much does Clients On Demand cost?

The price for this program is very high and that is why the course is classified as a high end and high ticket course.

This means that you will be paying anywhere between $8k to $50K including some of their up sells.

However, the price is not really mentioned even on their website as you will only hear this during their webinar.

This is because the program is set just like how you will be promoting it.

The reason the price is not disclosed is so that people will not immediately run away because of the price.

What I like about Clients on demand?

  • Legit and real creator

There is no lack of transparency when it comes to the creator so you can rest assured you are dealing with someone real and more than that he is a well known expert online.

  • Some good reviews online

Some people have benefited from the program which means that for some it does work.

  • Good Facebook ads training

if you are looking for training for Facebook this program does deliver as they even have support for you if you get lost in the process.

  • Great support

The support in this program is super amazing as the team members are 100% invested in helping all the clients be able to make money.

This is why many clients are also able to get help if they get stuck with any of the trainings in the program.

What I do not like about Clients on Demand

  • Not fully transparent

As you will see that the course does not disclose their price so as to make gullible people go into it.

  • Very expensive

This course is way to expensive and I would say it is only people who are really making loads of money who can benefit with this program.

Is Client on demand a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this program is a scam or not. The simple answer is that the program is not a scam at all.

This is due to the fact that you will get legit training and plus the creator is someone who has shown to not only be real but is an expert that is known in this industry.

You will also see that there are some people who have been able to benefit from this program although there are not that many as I would like to see.

Client on demand testimonials

Knowing what others are saying is a great thing to help one decide whether a program or a course is worth it or not.

What others have experience will help you know if this is even working in the first place.

This program generally has good testimonies online as you can see below what people are saying on TrustPilot when it comes to their success.

Most of them are saying it helped them be able to look at thongs they never really thought of.

Not many programs can be proud to have such good testimonials.

Who is Client On demand for?

AS I said above that Client On Demand is not for everyone at is generally for people with large amounts of money and that is generally very successful business owners already.

Below are the people who will be more suited to join this program.

  • Business coaches
  • Online coaches
  • Wealthy business owners
  • Business owners needing help for more clients

My #1 recommendation for making money online

Now the whole concept of getting clients whether you are a coach online or just a business man looking to increase your revenue is very hard.

You firstly need to be comfortable to doing some lies and also some bad convincing sometimes especially when you do things like webinars where you are looking to close people.

Not many people like that and that is the reason I stopped doing anything like this as it compromises my values.

I thus prefer ways of making money where you will be legit and be able to make money easily in your own terms being truthful and doing your own thing.

This is the reason that I did affiliate marketing years ago which was able to help me make passive income even while I had a job.

I soon was able to replace my income within 6 months of working hard and following a proven system that is based on legit values.


This is the same program that I recommend for people who are looking to make money even while they sleep as you do not have to sleep with bad thoughts that you lied.

The program also has a free trial for you to see how it is and with that you will be able to 10 free training videos and 2 free websites to apply the training.

It will be then be a no brainer to join premium to be able to make money and that is what happened to me. I went to premium within a few days of joining which completely changed my life.

You can check my story and how this program has helped me and other regular people.

Final thoughts

Making money online requires a lot of things to be put together in order to be able to reach the success that is needed.

The only difference with successful business and those not successful is the number of clients and not just any clients but quality clients.

The only issue is that this is hard to do so you really need to have the skills to do this.

One of the best ways to do this is to get a mentor to help you or get a course that will teach you. The good thing is that there are many courses online.

Clients On Demand is one of the courses that is there to help you and is said to be one of the best courses for helping you do this.

It has good amount of support and the creator of basically one of the most established experts in the industry who started from humble beginnings.

However, the issue is that the program is not made in a way that will benefit people who do not have money to invest.

This is because it is far too expensive and most people who can benefit are those with loads of money already.

If you have the money to invest then this course is one of the best to help you do this. However, if you do not have that kind of money I would recommend affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate which is a course that was able to help me reach success.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

6 thoughts on “Clients On Demand Review-Worth it?”

  1. Hi Thabo,

    The price of this course really threw me for a loop – between 8K-50k!! On top of that you also have to have to pay for Facebook ads! If there are testimonials, I guess this will resonate with some people but it is certainly outside the league of many. Your suggested alternative is more affordable.


    1. Yeah I understand the price is what makes people run away and that is why I said that it is not for everyone indeed.

  2. Hi Thabo, Thanks for sharing this review I was thinking about this course and if it is any good. I mean there are so many these days it’s kind of confusing to know what is good and what is not. I think the creators story is quite inspiring and it is true businesses need clients or rather customers to stay afloat its great to see people succeed being in this business myself as it shows me what is possible. However I know its a lot of work and i really feel like you can only really go through one of these courses at a time. I think it really has to be right for the investment of your time. Your recommended course I think sounds better but I am still curious about this – is there a free plan or is it just paid?

    1. Hey Alex

      There are many programs online and you are right people should choose what will work well for them.
      I will always start with what I can afford and then later scale up.

  3. Wow $8K to $50K seems very high for me, I hope to someday become successful enough to consider this program, right now it seems out of reach. I agree with what you said about Wealthy Affiliate, I think it is a much more affordable way for people to get started in the online business world. I also like that they have a free level where you can try it out for free as long as you want, so many different services try to charge you thousands of dollars before you can even be sure they will work for you! Anyways thank you very much for your article!

    1. Yes Randi

      Indeed for most people clients on demand is a very out of reach program and that is why I advice those starting out to focus on small programs.

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