Clickearners Review 2022-Scam Revealed?

If you are looking into clickearners a way to make money and perhaps you have heard about their amazing platform and are deciding on joining then this is the review for you.

In this Clickearners Review I will be doing an in depth analysis which will be able to help you decide for yourself whether this whole thing is worth it or not.

I always want to say that this review will be unbiased so that it will be able to help you make an informed choice without any pressure.

Before we start I would like to introduce my self and say tell you that I have been making a full time income online for more than 3 years online and I know help people to do the same.

This blog is one of the ways I use to accomplish this goal of mine. So there is no reason not to trust the information I give you here.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the review.

Clickearners Review

Program name: Clickearners


Price:$27 yearly or a lifetime membership package. rating:2 out of 5

What is clickearners about?

Clickearners is basically a platform that helps you to find online or work from home jobs to either supplement your income or to replace your income all together.

The platform has been in existence since the year 2017 and it has been used by people looking to make side income with small jobs.

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Although it may seem good that the platform has survived for this long but you need to keep in mind that even scams can last for years as long as people can not report them well or have enough complaints.

When I first wanted to make money online this was one of the platforms I looked into but there were many red flags that made me not join.

One of them was the fact that I did not see any person living a laptop lifestyle or at least reporting that they have a good side income to replace their job.

At the time (2017) there were little to no good reviews online to help people make a good decision about the platform.

Over the years there have been reviews however, there are still no traces of people being able to quit their jobs or make a decent living with this method.

Who is the creator of Clickearners?

With any program I make sure to look at the person behind it because this will help us be able to make good conclusions and also be able sum up everything about the program’s effectiveness.

Unfortunately there is no creator of the program who is visible and who we can rely on and trust. In fact even if you go to their website it will be hard to locate this.

This was one of the other red flags I saw with this platform back then which led me not to trust at all.

How does Clickearners work?

Clickearners basically works by asking you various questions as a way to qualify you for the jobs or to get the jobs.

However, the issue is that most of the questions you will get are just basic and according to me they are not even worthy to be asked.

This is why I always advice people to not join such sites because they play with your intelligence. It is all psychology on their part unfortunately.

For example one question asks you if you are willing to work online?

You see what I mean?

Anyways I will move past this point so you will know what else to expect with this program.

You will them be asked to but in your email and also your name and once all of this is done you will proceed into ensuring that you choose the type of membership that you will be comfortable with.

There are two membership levels two choose from one is access for one year and there other is a lifetime access.

I will talk about the prices for these later on in this review. You will also have some up sells that you will need to focus on to get the best of this platform which is just another big hype to make you pay more.

The platform will not be where you are getting jobs from but you will be getting connections for your small jobs to other sites like Facebook groups and other websites.

The good thing is that the websites that you will be directed to will be legit more than which is a good thing.

The way they work is that they have a good connection which websites that have good jobs and they charge you a few only for you to be directed to their connections, that is it.

If you were expecting something that was unique and advantage or life changing I am sorry to be the one to burst your bumble.

They also hope you will take their up sells so that they will be able to make more money from you without giving you too much value.

I think this is the reason that the website has stood the test of time; It is because people have been convinced that they are getting value because the websites they get the jobs from are good.

However, they to do not know that they could to do this all by themselves with doing google search.

In the next section I will talk about things inside clickearners even more.

What is Inside Clickearners?

Inside there are various jobs which you can go to and they all are in the form of Facebook groups, websites and forums.

You will also get some reading material for understanding what some jobs are and what is required of you. By the way these are generic things.

You can go on google and find the same information or even more. This is why I said the price you pay is to convince you that you are getting “value’ but in fact you really are not at all.

You see Clickearners focuses on offering people who are lost and are looking for platforms to work online.

This is why most newbies get taken by clickearners and this is the reason I also nearly fell into the trap when I started.

They also charge you a fee by offering you access to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork for getting their jobs via their connections.

I still would not say this is worth it as you can to do this yourself for free and sure it can take time but it is better than paying and not even getting a good quality job or consistent jobs.

How much does Clickearners cost?

clickearners review

As I said before that there are two memberships that you can choose from and I will be showing you what they each cost.

  • 1 Year access:$27
  • Lifetime access:$57

You will also get to have a 60-day money back guarantee which means that you will be using the platform risk free basically.

This is the good part of the platform, however I am not sure whether you will get your refund or not. That is the main mystery.

It does not end there. There are also some up sells that you need to deal with for this program. Let me break these down for you.

  • Mystery shopper & secret Dinner Starter Pack:$37
  • VIP Package Success Coach:14.97 per month
  • Envelop filling Starter Pack-$47

What I like about Clickearns

  • Has been online for long.

It is good that the platform has been able to stand for long in helping people get jobs although we to do not know if they are able to earn as we are told.

  • 60 Day money back guarantee

There is also a 60-day money back guarantee which shows that this is a risk free platform that you can use and may get your money back should something happen.

  • Jobs are legit

The jobs you will get are legit and many people use them my only worry is that you will be focusing on something that has a lot of competition and is hard to monetize.

What I to do not like about clickearners

  • No creators

Having no creator or creators is a huge thing and it will make people not be sure who they are giving their money too unless you are gullible.

  • Price tag

The price that you are made to get into the platform is not justified at all let alone the up sells that they charge you for getting more benefits.

This means that you will be paying to get a job which is ridiculous if you think about it.

  • Big claims

This is perhaps the biggest aspect that I did not like about the program because it is not realistic.

You are told that you will be able to make more than $500 per week without too much work.

This is all to make you get your hopes up and get started with the platform. However, once you are inside you will see that this is not reality at all.

This is why I say this platform is geared towards people who are gullible and in a rush for looking for ways to make money online.

  • Bad online reviews

People who have actually used this platform to do claim a lot that they did not get any help from the program which should give you some red flags.

Is clickearners a scam?

clickearners is a scam to me although it is not outright clear that it is a scam. This is because of all the good components it still has like helping you get a job via their connections.

The other aspect that makes it better is because it is under clickbank which means that it comes with a money back guarantee.

Other than that many red flags show that you are dealing with a scam at the core.

How I make money online

I have been making money online since 2019 and this has allowed me to work for myself from anywhere around the world.

This means that I have been able to find a system that works and I have been able to follow it.

I found this through a program that showed me how to make money online which is beginner-friendly and as you can see these are my results below.

July 2021

I always recommend this program to people because it was helpful in my journey.

The program has tools that are helpful and also it has many training that you can focus on according to your preferences.

The program also has many experts that you can ask help from if you struggle with getting results along the way.

The cool thing is that you can also be able to get started with a free membership and get some training and then after doing the training I to do recommend that you take premium because that is what helped me go from $0 to a four figure income within 6 months.

If you want to check out how I did it and the program that helped me then you can check it out below.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online you can go about it in many ways and clickearners is one of the most known ways for doing this.

However, this is for people who are looking to secure jobs online and not businesses like me.

This is because the platform only provides jobs on various websites that can be able to help you a lot.

I still to do not recommend clickearners though because you can get the same jobs yourself for free without paying anything.

This means that you will need to to do a bit of research and reach out to platforms like Fiverr which are able to offer this.

Fiverr is also for people looking to make money online as freelancers which is way better than what clickearners is offering.

My best advice is that you start your own business so that you will be able to live a laptop lifestyle and be able to to do anything that you wish to to do.

This is why I recommend a program like wealthy affiliate that was able to help me get started and also has a free training to help you get started.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

2 thoughts on “Clickearners Review 2022-Scam Revealed?”

  1. Hi,

    Despite Clickearners having been around for so long, it seems like for those who are serious about working remotely and who don’t want to start their own business, there are many better (and free) options. Thanks for pointing out the slightly dubious nature of their offer!

    Personally I subscribe, for free, to as they’ve been online since 2011 – and the number of remote jobs on offer has skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic (at least one good thing had to happen).

    But as getting started with your own business with Wealthy Affiliate includes free training – it seems like a no brainer to try along side searching for a remote job – two income streams are better than one!

    Cheers, Lisa

    1. hey Lisa

      Good to hear your input and well done for starting your business with wealthy affiliate. Yes the platform is not for anyone and I recommend it for no one indeed.
      I think the option you laid out weworkremotely is a better one indeed if you are looking for small jobs. But for starting a business wealthy affiliate is the key.

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