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Welcome to my review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this product so that you will be able to make up your mind with this platform.

This platform will only be helpful for people who are looking to work part-time as or full time depending on your circumstances.

However, should you trust this platform to make money here or is it just a scam like most platforms? Well after looking over this platform I was able to find out all about it.

So all you have to do is to sit back relax and check out how it works and if it is worth it.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review. Review

Program name: Clickearners

Price:$57 once of or $27 monthly rating: 1 out of 5

Pros and Cons

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What is is basically a job site platform where you are able to get a job and online assistant in various jobs that do not require too much skills.

Most of the jobs on the platform also don’t require any qualifications which means that any person can apply and get a job the work from home.

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However, you have to pay in order to get on the site and have the opportunity to get a job and it is a product that is sold on a marketplace for affiliate marketing called Clickbank.

This means that it is similar to you having a business except for this you don’t have any business that you will be building rather you will be doing work.

This is similar to other platforms like Fancy Hands which also requires you to pay in order to use their platform to get a virtual assistant job.

For me I don’t like paying to get a job and such platforms are always scams.

Who is the creator of

The website does not reveal the creator at all which shows that they can’t really be trusted since they don’t want to be transparent.

Other platforms like Fiverr show their creator and thus it is easier to follow such and plus they are also free to use.

The most weird thing about is that they even promise to teach you how to be a virtual assistant.

How does work?

Now that you know a bit about let us now take a look at how the platform works.

The platform is simple you need to pay a fee and you will immediately get access to their portal where you can get jobs.

However, it’s not guaranteed to get a job since you still have to wait when their is a request. The jobs are very limited and also the countries are also limited.

The platform also shows you how to be able to be a virtual assistance for various topics, however the training is quite generic since you can get the same information for free on YouTube.

What are the virtual assistant jobs that you will be doing? I will list these below:

  • Doing surveys
  • Doing online research
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Doing document editing

As you can see that most of these topics or jobs don’t need any qualification or skills (you can develop skills along the way).

How much does it cost to join

There are two price packages that you can choose for joining the platform and below are how they both work:

  • $57 once off payment

Thus amount s for those who have the amount above and don’t prefer paying any monthly payments. This is also a lifetime membership if you pay thus amount.

  • $27 per month

This amount is to be paid monthly and you will be able to have a renewable membership yearly.

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Is a scam?

The simple answer is that is a big scam and in my opinion you should run away and far.

I will list the reasons for this so you know why I say this but of you have been reading until here than you can tell that the platform is such a scam.

Anyway here are the reasons:

  • Creator/Founder not visible

Just like with many online scams which make money from people by cheating them in any way they always never disclose who their founder is.

  • Payment for a job is not good

First of all if you have to pay to be able to get a job that is not good and is a red flag. You only do that if it is a job.

More than that there are many platforms that you can use that are free and you will be able to get gigs for free like Fiverr.

  • They use other freelance website

On the platform you will see that you will be made to join other freelancing website which you can join for free like Upwork and Fiverr.

  • Upsells

This is perhaps what I didn’t like about the platform that it tries to suck out all the money from you. Although they are not compulsory I still find this whole process weird.

Who is for?

In my opinion the platform is not for anyone since it is a scam. However just to put things in perspective the platform is for any person looking for a virtual assistant job of any kind.

If you are also willing to pay money to get jobs and be on the platform then you are good to go.

Final thoughts

Making money online can be done in many ways and getting into virtual assistant via a job board is a good way to polish your skills to ultimately have independence.

There are many platforms you can join, However some are scams and will leave you high and dry.

One such platform is which essentially causes you to pay to get virtual assistant jobs which is not good since there are many virtual assistance platforms that are free that you can join.

The platform also doesn’t have a real creator which makes things a bit weird and dodgy since you won’t’t have any person to account to.

You are better of joining other free platforms like Fiverr or

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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