ClickASnap Review- Can you make money with photos?

Welcome to my clikcASnap where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this website that you may have heard about.

You may be curious about how this website works and what it is all about right? Well look no further because I will be unloading all of this now.

Are you a photographer looking to make more money from your hobby? If so, ClickASnap may be the ideal position for you.

I recently made the decision to check out this online photo platform because I had heard conflicting things about it.

I can categorically state that ClickASnap is not a scam and that there is money to be gained here if you know how to play the game after giving it a try! It is unlike other platforms for photos like Photojobz were it is hard to make money.

I’m going to review my ClickASnap experience and let you know what worked (and didn’t) in this blog post.

So without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

ClickASnap Review

Program name: ClickASnap

Website:>>Click Here<<


Price: Free rating: 3 out 5

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap Review

It’s simple to join ClickASnap! A computer and an internet connection are all you require. By selecting the button below, you can sign up.

Please log in if you’re already a member to read more.

Read our evaluation of ClickASnap to learn more about this online market if you’re not sure if it’s legitimate. We’ll provide you all the information you require about ClickASnap and discuss whether you should sign up.

ClickASnap is basically a website where photographers are paid for the photos that they upload on the website. The website has a huge following of 44 million people viewing photos on the platform.

How does ClickASnap work?

I will now tell you about how ClickASnap works so you can have an idea of this product.

It’s simple to sell your images on ClickASnap. You have the option to sell a photo as a physical print, a digital download, or both when a buyer expresses interest in purchasing one of your images. Because the business wants to guarantee that consumers receive high-quality photos, ClickASnap prints the pictures. The lucrative website additionally mails the printed images to customers. But subscribers still pay for these services.


ClickASnap does not set limits on how much money you can make from selling your photos. The only catch in this situation is that ClickASnap will take 4% of whatever you were paid for a snap as processing fees. You can take out and enjoy the remaining funds.

let us look at the things you need to do when it comes to utilizing this website well:


This part is where you sign up and are able browse all the photos on the platform. You will also have the opportunity to customize your profile so that you can be verified when you are either viewing or selling your photos.

Remember, this is only a free profile which will allow you to do this.

Uploading photos

You can upload any of your photos in this platform and this is all for free. However, the issue is that you need a paid membership to ensure that you will start earning money.

The good thing is that you can sell any types of photos so that you will be able to make some bucks.

Selling photos

This is where most people who are premium members make real money.

You get to set the costs for your photographs, and this can be substantially more rewarding than the compensation per-view model. Nonetheless, you likewise need quality pictures that have potential for this sort of selling.

How much does it cost to join?

Free Plan: This free plan allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos and have your own photos viewed by other members. However, you will get paid only $0.10 on this plan. If you’re looking to start making money for your photo views, you’ll need to upgrade to ClickASnap Upload+.

ClickASnap Upload: This plan costs £3 per month (roughly $3.80 in USD), and lets you upload unlimited photos and earn $0.70 for every view on your photos. If you’re able to garner a large following, this plan could quickly pay for itself.

ClickASnap Seller: This plan costs £5 per month (roughly $6.40 in USD) and allows you to sell your photos as high-quality prints, canvas, or digital downloads. Additionally, this plan removes ads from the website, providing a faster and smoother experience for you and your customers.

ClickASnap Pro Seller: This premium plan costs £7 per month (roughly $9 in USD) and offers all the benefits of the regular Seller plan, with added bonuses such as unlimited cloud storage, priority photo placement, and promotion credits for social media and RSS feeds.

How do you get paid with ClickASnap?

ClickASnap has a $15 least money out necessity. Furthermore, once more, you really want to pay for one of its superior records to bring in cash.

The website processes installments through PayPal, and as per its site, you get compensated inside a couple of work days after mentioning a payout.

ClickASnap says it settles up to $0.40 per photograph on its site, and that its starter merchant plan pays $0.7 per photograph view. Be that as it may, this is exceptionally deceptive, and ClickASnap really begins by paying you $0.007 per photograph view.

At $0.007 per photograph, 100 perspectives makes you $0.70. This implies you want 1,000 perspectives on your photographs to make $7 with ClickASnap.

What I like about ClickASnap

Large following

The platform has one of the highest followers online for making money with your skill. This makes it worth well.

You can join for free

It will cost you nothing to join and you will be able to create your own profile.

What I do not like

Low pay

They pay very little when it comes to this which means that you will not be able to make an honest living with it or a full time income.


Since the platform has been operating for years it is very hard to stand out since there are already many great creators.

Is ClickASnap a scam?

if you have read until this point you may have already figured out that this website is not a scam at all. I will give out a summary of why I say this website is not a scam.

  • Long in the game

The website has been online for many years and has been helping many people (over 4 million). This shows the trust that people have as they keep going back to it.

  • Real payments

You are promised legit payments and not big and empty promises like other scam websites online nowadays.


How I make money online


In this section I will be telling you how I make money online and what has helped me be able to make passive income online since 2019.

I began member advertising in 2016 and fizzled for quite a long time to bring in any cash even with heaps of examination and difficult work.

It was exclusively in 2019 that I had the option to be a full time web-based worker in the wake of finding a preparation program that gave me every one of the abilities that I wanted.

It took me a half year to go from procuring $0 to a full time pay and this was the very thing that assisted me with having the option to leave my place of employment.

July 2021

The same program is what I suggest since it is legit and simple to follow and is there to help you bit by bit to assist you with making a full time income on the online. There is live help (24 hour support) and furthermore there is extraordinary mentorship from the individuals who are specialists.

This is the explanation individuals who go along with it by and large succeed assuming they set forth the effort that is required.

You can likewise begin the program for nothing and when you are prepared to can join premium which is $49 each month or $359 each year.

I strongly suggest this program for individuals who truly are hoping to speed up with regard to making a full time pay in the span of an extended period of commitment.

In the event that you might want to check my story and how I had the option to go from $0 to a four figure pay in something like a half year you can really take a look at it beneath.

Final thoughts


ClickASnap is appropriate for any individual who is searching for a dependable and reliable method for bringing in cash from their imaginative work. This incorporates picture takers, craftsmen, fashioners, and anybody who makes computerized content.

ClickASnap offers various advantages, including a fair benefit sharing model, a solid stage that safeguards your licensed innovation, and a dynamic local area of similar creatives.

Besides, ClickASnap is a great stage for photographic artists who need to grandstand their work to a worldwide crowd. It has an underlying interpersonal organization that permits you to interface with different photographic artists, get input on your work, and lay out a local area of fans and devotees.

By and by, I like the way that ClickASnap is genuine. Notwithstanding, I would really prescribe a superior method for transforming your energy for photography into a full-time pay on the web.

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