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how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

5 steps on how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing consistently

When it comes to making money online you can never ignore affiliate marketing as it is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

Just like any other business it is not easy to set up but once done it can be one of the most lucrative businesses for you especially if you earn consistent income. Today I will talk about how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing.

The post will be purely based on what I have experienced as an affiliate marketer over the past few years.

Before we start you can check how out my # 1 recommendation of how I make money online.

Now without wasting time let us start.

What is affiliate marketing?

 how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a product that you do not own and get a commission for your efforts in being the referring person.

The good thing about this is that you do not need to create a product and also you do not need to handle any product or any other thing rather then your commissions which you get through PayPal or another source.

You go and apply to an affiliate marketing product and from there you will get a link which is will be linked to you.

So whenever a person purchase through the product (your link) you will get a commission.

To get these links for products you get it for free and start promoting.

Step 1: Make a website

 how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

The first step for being an affiliate marketer is that you need to create a website.

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Now, granted you can do it without a website but your journey be very long and hard. This is because when you get people to your link they will go directly to the sales page.

This will leave you with a lot of people who you let slide of which if you had a website or a landing page they would have been your customers forever.

The good news is that it is so easy to build a website and will take you less then 5 minutes.

In fact, you can even build a free website with Siterubrix and also with Your best bet is siterubrix because this site give you trainer free to be a successful business person.

Once you make your website it will be like your storefront where people come to you daily to check for information, How cool is that?

Imagine if you did not have this?

You will lose a lot of potential customers.

Creating content involves a lot of aspects such as buying your domain and linking it to your hosting platform which could cost you a lot.

This is the reason that I recommend using siterubrix or for these options.

Step 2: Create content

how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

Once your website is fully functional the next step is to create content on your site. Now this is not just content but it is content which can generate you a lot of money.

You will need to right helpful content to help your readers with their problems so that they will trust your advice.

You need to do this overtime until it helps you become a trusted brand in your niche.

Now I know that not everyone knows how to do this and they will think it is hard, however that is very opposite.

Before I started my online business I really thought it was impossible for me to do this as I was never a writer in my life, let a lone a blogger.

But once I got the Free training from Wealthy Affiliate I was able to really excel in my business. and was able to start earning from my online business.

Step 3: Create email marketing system for your website

How to sell information online

The third step after creating good and helpful content on your website is making an email marketing system.

So what in the world is this?

This is basically where have a service whereby when people visit your website they can put in their email and you capture their details.

The importance of this is that you will be able to create an income forever.

This is because in the online world there is a term which says “money is in the list”. Which means money is made by having a long email list.

The reason this works is because people always read their emails and so it is an easy way to capture them and keep talking to them to promote your products.

It is like having their phone numbers where you constantly talk to them and give them help.

Step 4: Create a social media group

When it comes to making money online you can never ignore affiliate marketing

Another great way to keep your customers close to you other than emails is to have them on a Facebook group.

The importance of this is that you will keep talking to them and having their attention over there.

You can actually use this as a replacement of an email whereby you will can promote your products by educating them constantly.

The good news about social media groups is that you do not need to pay anything as they are free to set up and are instant.

I would recommend having a Facebook group and an email marketing system as this will boost your income even more as your campaigns will be leveraged.

Step 5: Stay consistent

how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing

The last part in this process of having consist income through affiliate marketing is staying consistent with your writing as well as with your helping of others.

The more you help people the more your website will grow into a consistent six or seven figure business over time.

The hardest part for Most people is staying consist with what they are doing and this is because of many reasons like:

  • Doing a website in a niche they are not really passionate about.
  • Not knowing the proper methods to stay consistent.
  • being distracted and not providing value to their customers.

If you stay consistent with what I have laid out on this post I am sure you will see results soon or later.

Final thoughts

Everyone wants to earn a recurring income with affiliate marketing however not everyone knows how to do this.

The irony is that it is very simple if you understand that it requires a few fundamentals such as the following:

  • Creating a website
  • Creating content
  • Having an email marketing system
  • Creating a social media group

The most important items are having an email marketing system and creating a social media group and creating content.

All of these are all you need to have consistent income as an affiliate marketer because you will not only be helping people but you will also be having clients (not just customers) forever.

This will make your job easier when you want to promote products every time.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you benefited a lot from it. If you have any question or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

How to sell ebooks online successfully

How to sell ebooks online successfully- NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS!

There are a million ways to make money online and most of these are actually free to get started. One of the best ways to start is to create your own ebooks or other people’s ebooks and sell them online.How to sell ebooks online successfully

However, having been an internet marketer for 3 years I can definitely say that this process is definitely not easy if you do not have the right skills. It is for this reason that I will be giving you best steps on how to sell ebooks online successfully like the pros.

The funny things is that only a few people use these strategies which I am about to give you and this is the reason for only the 1% succeeding.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money online, which how I do it.

Discover your niche or passion

How to sell ebooks online successfully

When it comes to selling books online perhaps the most overlooked step is choosing the correct niche and focusing your efforts on it.

Most people sell books that are unrelated to each other on their websites or Facebook platforms which leads them to less progress, if not any.

The professional ebook sellers know that they need to focus on one industry.

The reason they know they have to focus in one industry is because they know that they have to be considered experts in that space.

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They build their name first and then start promoting their books.

For example let us say you want to focus on selling books for personal development.

Your niche would be personal development and decide you what other books that you will sell which are in the personal development.

Once you have decided which niche you will focus on you need to build a platform where you will be build your expectations.

The best way to do this is to create a website where you will write content helping people.

Build a website for your ebook niche

How to sell ebooks online successfully

The next step is to create a website for your business. There are two reasons to create a website and here there are:

  1. A platform to sell and promote the ebooks.
  2. A platform to build an authority with content.

These days it has become so easy to create a website of your own and you can make it below 1 minute if you are using the right platforms.

More then that you can even spend $0 to build your site and you can do this with siterubrix which gives you a free hosting platform.

With siterubrix you get to have 2 free websites of your own which you can build and own. How cool is that.

By the way siterubrix was my starting point as a successful affiliate marketer.

Build trust and authority to your audience

How to sell ebooks online successfully

Once you have built your niche site and it is ready you will need to write content on your website. This content has to be consistent.

This means that you will have to write content on a weekly basis educating your audience about your niche.

And why is this important?

This is because people buy from people they know, like and trust and those are the simple rules of business everywhere you go.

Once you have this content which is helpful people will see you as an expert or an authority in your business and that is when the sales start picking up.

I have done this with two sites already:

1. My dance site

2. My vegan site

Both these sites grew from me consistently adding value to the people with my knowledge and know how.

What if I do not know a lot to write about my niche?

Well There is something called research and with a click of a button you can get all the information you need. If you are failing to find content and write that means you are simply in the wrong niche.

How to sell ebooks online successfully

Remember when you are selling books on line you are starting a business which you want to grow and make it sustainable (hopeful that is what you need).

This is why I say you need to think long term and that is when you will see results. Most people sell few books or are in there for a few bucks and are ready to give up.

I call this a bad mindset and it is responsible for the majority of those who fail to make money online.

Apply in affiliate programs

After writing consistent blogs the next step is to find books that you are willing to promote so you will get a commission every time a person you referred buys.

To find the books to promote you need to look at affiliate programs. What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are programs where you can apply to and get a product(in our case ebook) to promote.

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For every product you promote you will be given a unique affiliate link which will be to track the sales you personally make when your sell or promote a book.

Now there are many affiliate programs you can apply to. So all you have to do is to find affiliate programs which have personal development books.

Here are some affiliate programs you can look into and apply for free:

Focus on bulk instead of just one book.

Since you are selling books online for a commission which is very little based on how little each book cost you will need to rely on bulk selling.How to sell ebooks online successfully

For example let us say you are promoting an ebook which costs $30.

Assuming the affiliate program you have applied to gives you 15% commission.

This means if you sell 10 books you get:

$30 X15%=4.5

$4.4 X 10 books= $44

This means you will get $44 for 10 sales. Ofcourse this is not a lot.

However if you focus on promoting many books on your site and write content which promotes more then 100 books over time the amount will accumulate.

You could end up earning close to $500 per month on just books.

Now some may say this is too little however if you include other personal development items (items related to your niche) the amount can grow.

Leverage YouTube

How to sell ebooks online successfully

Another platform you can incorporate is using a YouTube Channel to promote your channel.

This can be used alongside your website and this can be a powerful way to more then $500 per month since you will be an authority in the subject.

The fact that you have a website and YouTube will make your earnings to grow like crazy.

Expand your niche later

Once your website has grown overtime and you have become and expert/authority you can now start looking at other niches to promote books in those niches.

This will be another leverage that you will be making since now you will have a huge audience.

In fact at this stage you can literally promote book and you can even start promoting your own books to your audience because you will have trust.

This is what people do first and this is what makes them not program since the audience hasn’t got their trust.

Final thoughts

Making money with selling books online is one of the easiest ways to make making money online if you apply the correct strategy.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a niche that you love and start building your authority so that people trust you.

Once you have the authority by having a website and writing helpful content you will have trust in your site and more people will come to your site to look for help.

Once people come to you for help all you have to do is to promote your ebooks to them.

Once you have grown your sales you can expand and move to other niches on your website and promote more books to increase your earnings.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions to ask you are more then welcome to ask me below.

any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

How to sell rings online successfully- The best way to do it

Many people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it. Many people lately have been interested in selling jewelry, especially rings as it is one the most lucrative item online.any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

The problem is that most people do not have the right skills to do this and end up waiting their time. Today I will be show you how to sell rings online successfully.

Before we start you may be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money online.


When it comes to selling rings online there are three strategies which you can use and these are:

  1. Selling on eBay
  2. Using affiliate marketing
  3. Having an E commerce

I will go over all these strategies one by one so you understand what they all are and which one is better for you.

let’s start with the first one:

1. Selling on eBay

any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

Selling on eBay is easy because all you do is find a ring that you no longer like or use and then you advertise a picture of it on eBay.

If someone likes it they buy it or if there are a lot of people they bid for the price.

This works well if your ring is still valuable so I wouldn’t advise you to sell any old ring that has rusted because if you do you will literally wait a long time to get a sell or just depend on luck.

2. Having an E commerce

any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

The next best way to selling online is having an eCommerce website. The way you do this is to basically set up your website as a store.

When people come to your site they will be able to buy rings directly from your website.

This is often takes a long time to set up but it is a great way to really make money with rings.

3. Using affiliate marketing

any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

This way of selling rings online is my favorite and it has given me a good amount of income which is growing steadily.

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Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a product or a company and when someone buys you get a commission for the sale.

The good things with these methods is that it literally takes little time to set up and thereafter it can generate passive income.

Now on the following section I will be showing you how to sell rings with affiliate marketing successfully.

Do not worry anyone can do this and it is very easy to set up.

Step 1: Choose your niche

The first part to succeeding with affiliate marketing is choosing a good niche. In this case this niche is already chosen, rings.

However, this is not enough because there are many types of rings so what you would want to do is focus and get a sub-niche.

What do I mean by this? I will explain below:

As I said there are many types of rings so if you choose to sell rings you will have a lot of competition and your customer will be confused.

This you can do once your site has grown and you have become and authority in your subject.

So for example you can choose to focus on wedding rings or anniversary rings.

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This will make you a trusted expert in wedding rings or anniversary rings and the completion will be way less and success will come a bit faster than you expect.

But make sure you choose a niche which is more profitable not just thumb suck a niche and start a website.

So how do you choose a niche that will be profitable?

The way to choose a niche is to basically use two methods, Forums and Keyword research tool.

Let’s start with forums:


Forums are where people are looking for solutions to their problems so they usually go into forums in hope they will be helped.

This is where you come in as an affiliate where you provide a solution in the form of the product.

Below is how to look for forums related to your niche:

You type in “Your Niche”+ “forum “”. Example: if you are looking for wedding ring you type in “wedding ring”+ “forum”

As you can see from the above there are many forums related to this so this means there is a huge need for this niche, People are looking for help in this niche.

2. Keyword research tool

the second part is looking at a keyword research to check the demand and competition for this niche.

The keyword research tool I recommended and use which is free is Jaxxy keyword research tool.

When you have registered an account all you have to do is type in your niche as follows and look at two things.

1. completion which must be below 100

2. Demand which must be above 30




Step 2 Create a blog/website

any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

After finding the best profitable niche you can then start your blog related to your niche.

Usually you have to pay $10/year from normal website platforms however there is a service you can make your own free website and this is called siterubrix.

With siterubrix you will have a get 2 free websites of your own and on top of that you will get many other benefits like a hosting platform for your site and training to start your own blog.

This is the reason I recommend this service.

Once you have this website all you have to do will be to write posts related to rings consistently. You can write anything as long as it has a good demand as shown below.

When you write you will be writing with the mind of promoting your rings remember?

How do you do this?

Well you find a ring or anything related to rings and include it in your content when you write. The product will be from an affiliate program which you will have to register.

Here are some best affiliate programs you can register in and get an affiliate link of your product which is directed to your name.

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Commission Junction

Step 3 getting traffic


So great now that you have your content with content how will you get people to come to your site.

Don’t worry the final part will be getting traffic to your site. This you can do in two ways:

  1. Free traffic
  2. Paid traffic
  • Free traffic

This is basically done by you using SEO which was the methods I talked about where you find the keywords with demand and also competition.

The more of these articles you write the more your site will rank higher on google.

Other ways to get traffic is also to use social media where you share your blog posts consistently there.any people are looking to make money online and earn a living from it

  • Paid traffic

The paid traffic is where you use things like Facebookads and twitter ads which are the quickest ways to generate traffic.

Free training

What if this is too overwhelming to do for you and you are a beginner?

Well I would recommend you get training just like I did so you can be guided step by step on how to do this whole process.

The platform that helped me earn an income is called Wealthy Affiliate and it is totally free to learn the skills you need as an affiliate marketer.

In this platform you will get tons of training and get guided until your site start earning commission as long as you stay dedicated.

You can register your free account here and I will start mentoring you with our community.

Final thoughts

Making money selling rings can be done in many methods and what you choose depends on your preferences.

These ways are creating a E commerce website, affiliate marketing or selling on E bay (selling your own used rings).

The methods I recommend is affiliate marketing since it is easy to set up even for beginners.

When you choose to sell rings as an affiliate you just need a website and register an affiliate program where you get to promote rings that you don’t own on your website and you get a commission.

Before doing that make sure you focus on what type of rings you want to focus on and try not to be broad.

The main aim in succeeding in this method is to ensure that you focus on writing good quality content on your site and wait for the results.

I hope this article was helpful you too and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments or questions you are more then welcome to leave comments or questions below.

How to get out of student loan debt

How to get out of student loan debt- Clear your debt the simple way

Perhaps the most important thing people are terrified of is debt and particularly student debt because it sets you behind even before you even start your work life.How to get out of student loan debt

According to Harvard Business review the student debt is estimated to grow exponentially over the years which is tragic. This is the reason that you as a student need to learn how to get out of student loan debt fast.

Luckily for you I have never been in student debt because I am always cautious when it comes to finances and this is why I was even able to fund my online business which has helped me quit my job in 2019.

In this post I will be giving you tips on how to get out of student debt the fastest using practical ways that are easy to follow.

Before we begin you may be interested in checking my # 1 way of making money online.

You can also watch the video if you prefer watching


Step 1 Start with being aware of your expenditure

How to get out of student loan debt

When it comes to getting out of any debt it is vital to first know how much your expenses as this will help you know how to save.

Let’s face it, there are things that we buy on a daily basis which does not even make sense why you might be buying them.

The more you are aware the more you will be able to control the urge to keep spending and rather start saving.

How to get out of student loan debt

I learn this act when I was young and I think for me it has always been ingrained in my mind.

I would recommend you have a dairy or an excel spreadsheet to help you track your expenses on a daily or weekly basis (depending on your preferences).

Step 2 Save any penny wisely

How to get out of student loan debt

I already did talk about saving a bit, but saving should also be something like a planned event not something you do because you have money left over.

Rich people spend after they have invested/saved while the poor i save after they have spent. Again this is just the opposite of how things work.


If you are struggling to save luckily we now have apps which help you save and have a good budget.

The above saving apps are what I am familiar with and which are reputable so you can choose one of these with confidence when you start your journey in making money and paying off debt.

Step 3 Find one vehicle (other than your job) to make money and learn it hard


The next step after you have accumulated money in the bank is to save it is to look for a financial vehicle which you will put it under.

How to get out of student loan debt

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This means you need to invest in vehicles which will give you a good return.

Now the internet is filled with those and I recommend you choose what you love doing and you can check these opportunities on a post called how to make money online without any investments.

These do not require any upfront costs and will cost you nothing to start however you need to invest your time in learning about the opportunity you like.

Give yourself at least 4 months to learn the business. This is key as you need time to go through the process.

Most people do not like the process and that is why they end up staying broke forever.

Step 4 Use a portion of your savings to put in your financial vehicle and put another portion to your debt.

How to get out of student loan debt

When you have learnt now it is time to put your money in and start making money. You will see that with almost all opportunities you may need to inject some sort of cash to make it grow more.

When I started with affiliate marketing I started with little to no money but I had to add so more when I wanted to scale my business.

For example I had to put better looking themes for my website and paid to get into premium membership to be trained by top online business owners.

This is the reason I was able to quit my day job o work online for myself.

If you are interested to joining this free training you can join where I learnt affiliate marketing and  you will be ready to start and make money.

I only recommend serious people who would love affiliate marketing (making eCommerce or any online stores) to join the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

While you are investing in your business you should also be paying off your debt with the other portion of your savings.

This will accelerate the process of you paying of the debt and you will be doing two important things.

1. You will be paying off your debt and not just sitting there and just doing nothing about the accumulated debt interest.

2. You will be creating another stream of income which will come in a few months or years, which you would never have got otherwise.This is important to do since inflation is growing more than your savings so if you just save an to pay debt it may take so long.

Step 5 Rinse and repeat

The next step once you have found and started your online business is to keep doing step 4 to make your vehicle grow and start making money.

With these opportunities they only work if you are willing to work. So make sure you put in the needed time to make this work as this will be your future job, hopefully

My story of overcoming debt

When I started working I did know about saving and investing and so what I did was invest in property on my first year of working and that property was 100% financed by the bank.

As the years went on I accumulated debt since I was doing many things such as travelling for my sport (dancing) and I was trying to start businesses.

All this left me with a huge debt quickly without realizing.

In 2018 I decided to sell my property as I wanted to get rid of debt I was shocked to see that my property had given me $20 000 in just 3 years.

This helped me pay off all my debt and I was left with more money to invest in  my financial ventures such as affiliate marketing and Forex.

This is what I am talking about when I say you must educate yourself about a financial vehicle you are looking to venture into.

Had I not invested in property I would still be in big debt.

Final thoughts

Paying of student debt should not be a huge burden if you are clever about and you actually plan for it.

Most people are in student debt due to circumstances however they do not want to take control of their finances by becoming more rather than being a victim.

Once a person realizes they do not want to be victims there are many financial vehicles waiting for them such as Affiliate marketing, E commerce, Trading, YouTubing, property investing etc.

I do recommend you start out with as little money as you can because at the end of the day you do not want to put yourself into more debt while you are still building your other stream of income on the side.

Having said that I do advice you follow the steps I talked about above such as being aware what your expenses are and developing a saving plan and then creating another stream of income next to your job.\

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you benefited from it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

How to make extra money as a physical therapist online

How to make extra money as a physical therapist online- The secret to full time income

The online world is booming with many opportunities to make money especially if you have a good skill like physical therapy. In fact due to physical therapist getting laid off, according to McKnight’s long-term care news, more of them will look else where for opportunities.How to make extra money as a physical therapist online

Online is where most will look at and this is obviously where all opportunities lie. This is the reason I wrote this article to help you know how to make extra money as a physical therapist online.

I have been working online from 2016 and only quit my corporate job (as a Civil Engineer) this year (2019).

Now I want to say that I am not yet making millions but I am able to cover my living expenses with my money online and I am well on my way to making millions.

This article is written for anyone who wants to make money online as a therapist, whether beginner or advanced.

Before we start you may be interested in checking how I make money online here.

The reasons for choosing the online route

Before I start giving you the ways to make money it is worth telling you why you should focus on building your income online.

As I had said before the online world is where many opportunities lie and only those who are eager to take them and work hard will prosper.

Working online also provides you with a lot of opportunities that you would never ever get if you worked online like the freedom to work with patients online.

1. Build a blog and be an affiliate marketer

Now this is the best way to make money as a physical therapist and it can make you have many streams of income in the process (I am speaking from experience here).

So what is a blog and what is affiliate marketing?

Firstly a blog is another name for a website. The reason you will need to build a website as an online physical therapist is because this will act as your online store.

Not only will it be your online store but it will also be your business card.

Think of the fact that most physical therapist who are physically working paycheck to pay check or have their own practice may only have a website.

Their website is just standing their and they refer their customers to it now and then.

This means that if you become a blogger and blog about ways that help people (patients) in no time you will have customers from all around the world as your audience.

You will basically be a head of the game.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote certain products to earn a commission and this works well if you are well known and trusted by the audience on your blog.

So in your blog you just promote any products which are related to physical therapy and if people buy you earn a commission (easy as that).

Well since you are already a physical therapist you have that as a huge advantage. This means that your audience will already trust you.

By blogging (writing more helpful content) you increase your authority to these people which will make it easy for you to promote anything to them that you wish.

Now the next section I will show you how to get started with this process.

1. Create a website

How to make extra money as a physical therapist online

The first step of being an affiliate marketer is to first start by creating a blog. This will take you less then a minute to do, thank to the technology advancements.

In this section I will show you how to start a blog for free.

The first step to starting a blog is to register a domain name and link it to a hosting platform which you have to buy separately.

Once you have bought these two things you will need to merge them together. You will then have a fully functional website.

I know this can be a bit expensive especially if you are starting up like I was two years ago where I had to pay huge amounts for these times.

It was only I found a free platform which enabled me to create two free websites to start off. The platform was Wealthy Affiliate which is free to open an account and you get two websites free.

You can create your free website in less than a minute with site rebruix.

Once you have created your website you we can move to the next step where you choose a theme that is good for you.

2. Choosing a theme for your website

It goes without saying that having a website that looks good is good for attracting customers or clients for your.

Think of your website like a shop where people pass by daily. Would customers go in your store if it was dull and did not have anything appealing to it?

I hope your answer is no.

So this is why you should ensure your website looks good and appealing.

Luckily when you have created a free website from siterubrix you will have many free themes to choose from like the ones below.

Here are the steps for choosing and uploading your theme.

On your wordpress back office go to APPEARANCES then go to THEMES. and you choose which ever one you prefer.

3. Choose affiliate products and attach links to your site

After having a blog and start having a beautiful themed website you can start choosing products which you can promote on your website.

Here are affiliate programs that you can find products related :

3. Research keywords

After registering and signing up in an affiliate marketing program you will need to look at topics which will rank higher on google so that more people will see your site.

To do this you will need to have a good research tool to do this. unfortunately most of these research tools do not work well or they are very expensive.

Here is a research tool which I would recommend which is free to use called Jaxxy keyword research tool and I did a great Jaxxy keyword research tool review for you too.

4. Be consistent and helpful

After you have got content to write about through Jaxxy keyword reaserch you will need to have consistent content which is helpful to your audience.

The more you are helpful the more audience you will get and the more google will love and rank your website.

Since you are already a physical therapist this should be easy for you to achieve.

How you can be trained to do this

In this section I will talk about how you can get training for you to be able to do this from scratch as a beginner online to a full time business owner.

This is a platform this gave me all the training to be an online business owner or affiliate marketer which helped me quit my job this year to work on my online business full time.

This program is wealthy Affiliate and it is totally free to join (no credit card details needed).

When you join you immediately get training which will help you know all the basics of starting a blog or any online business.

On top of everything you have a community of thousand of online business owners who are ready to help you 24/7.

I do recommend it if you are a beginner and are ready to make serious money online in the long term.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to make extra money as a physical therapist or even to be full time online as long as one is willing to work.

Affiliate marketing is what any physical therapist can use to help him or herself make a fulltime income with the skills they already have.

All it takes is creating a website and learning how to blog while incorporating affiliate links on your content.

The best way to do this is to get proper training so that you can understand that you need to be consistent to make a full time income and wealthy Affiliate is a good option as it is totally free to help any new beginner.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

How to make money online in South Africa easily- The best way

We are living in the 21st Century where almost everyone is looking to escape their 9 to 5 and most people look online for this.How to make money online in South Africa easily

As much as many parts of the world have people working online daily South Africans are yet to catch up on this trend. I left my job in South Africa in 2019 to work online and now I am helping people know how to make money online in South Africa easily.

By the end of this post you should be on your way to earning some money online. I want to warn you that you will need to work hard to make this happen at least for 6 months.

I will show you three best ways to achieve this and I will recommend the one that is best to follow.

Let’s get right into it.

Before we start you may also prefer to watch the video where I summaries the ways of making money online.

Writing online surveys and getting paid

How to make money online in South Africa easily

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to cash in money and many times instantly.

How this works is that you fill in a survey where you answer questions that the company asks you and then after that you earn some sort of commission.

The steps are simple you OPEN your account by registering with your email and then you verify your account and then open link to your bank account if you are in South Africa.

Once you have an account you basically wait for gigs to write your view. Remember you do not need to have prior experience when it comes to this.

Now South African companies have not known this before and that is why other companies from other countries have been dominating.

Example are companies like SurveyJunkie, you can check out the review and Swagbucks.

Thank God South African companies are also starting to see the value in this and that is why they are not starting to introduce surveys that pay.

Here are some of the best South African companies which pay:

Affiliate marketing

How to make money online in South Africa easily

Affiliate marketing is one business venture that is still to rise not only in South Africa but in many other countries too.

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a company or product and you get commission for your work. Many companies are looking for people to help them expand online.

The great aspect about affiliate marketing you can generally start with little to no experience to earn money online.

However you will need to be knowledgeable about this which is not hard to learn, especially since I did it with no computer skills.

If you would like to learn for free I suggest a free platform called Wealthy Affiliate which free and will help you to learn the skills until you are confident.

Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards beginners and advanced online business people of affiliate marketers who want to earn money online.

The reason I have been in Wealthy affiliate is because of the great training which took me from absolute beginner to advanced professional within a year.

The steps you do to become and affiliate marketer:

  • Create your own website
  • Start promoting a product on your website.

One thing I want to tell you is that you do not have to promote a certain company or a product but you can actually promote something related to your hobbies.

What do I mean by this?

Well I mean that you can start a website related to your website and then start promoting products which are related to that hobby.

For example let’s say your hobbies is Tennis. You can open a website talking about anything related to tennis. Whether tennis balls, tennis outfits or tennis rackets etc.

Take photos and get paid

Just like taking surveys you will not anything but your items like camera and an internet connection and you can get started with this.

So all you do is take pictures and after this you submit these to online photo companies and then if your pictures are approved you get good amounts of money.

Although this sounds very easy you need to be unique for your photos to be taken so you can get cash.

For this reason I suggest having a good quality camera and unique photos taken at unique angles. This will help a lot in making sure these websites recognize your photos.

My number 1 recommendation: How I make money online

How to make money online in South Africa easily

Now I will talk about the best way to make money out of all of these and the one that helped me quit my job this year and work online full time.

The one I highly recommend is affiliate marketing because you are building a long term business which will sustain you overtime.

I know this because I started internet marketing from 2016 and I am still building a six figure business from it although it is still able to sustain my living.

You may be wondering how I learnt to be an affiliate marketer?

Well I started with a program which costs me huge amount called Internet income intensive. Although I learnt a lot through the program I was unable to make any money.

It was only after finding a free program called Wealthy Affiliate which helped me learn all I needed for making money online.

I did a review for this program and you can check it out on Wealthy affiliate review 2019.

Final thoughts

making money online in South Africa is not hard at all. It just needs dedication to see it through. The best ways I recommend is writing surveys, affiliate marketing and taking photos and getting paid.

Affiliate marketing is the promoting or a product or company is an exchange for a commission, which can grow very quickly.

However to make it in this venture you need to really make sure that you know what you are doing and that is why I recommend proper training for this.

If you decide to do surveys or photos to get paid you do not need any sort of training just your uniqueness.

I hope you are enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful to you. If you have questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online-Anyone can do this

In the 21st century we have seen a lot of teenagers who have made huge wealth for themselves. According to 40 young people who became millionaires before they reached 20.7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

This goes to show that this is so easy for any teenagers to make any amount of money online. This is why I will be showing you how to make money as a teenager online today.

Now there are many ways you can make online as a teenager, however only a few will tend to work well.

This is why I will be showing you the best ways that work which you can start with today.

Before we start you may be interested to check out my # 1 recommendation of making money which is one of the ways I make money online.

1. Blogging and affiliate marketing

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

One of the best way to build long term wealth is to start your own website or blog. The reason a blog is great is that it becomes your foundation in your online business.

When it comes to blogging the great thing is that you can make generate different streams of income from your site since it can be a basis of making many streams of income.

For example a blog can be made to have ads on the website which generate income.

You can also put in affiliate marketing links on your blog which will generate income.

If you are looking to get proper training to build an online business you can check out a free training by wealthy affiliate.

2. Babysitting

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

So do you love babies?

Well if that is the case this is the best way for you to get extra income online which can be consistent. Unlike before you do not have to look for these gigs from friends but you can just go online.

Although babysitting will not give you huge amounts of cash but it is a great way to make extra income on the side.

Here are a few companies which you can focus on:

3. Tutoring

Is there a subject that you happen to be good at or you have a subject that you used to enjoy or still enjoy at school?

If the answer to this then tutoring is the greatest place for you as a teenager to get started in making money dude.

tutoring can be done on your own or as third party where you are working under some sort of company like:

You can also start your own company where you provide services to many people. Do not worry it is not hard to start your own online tutoring company.

4. Take surveys

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

Another great way that teenagers can make money for themselves is that they take surveys to help companies with information they are looking for.

The surveys are easy to do and only take a few minutes to a few hours to do. and this is where teenagers can benefit as they can do it after school or weekends.

I want to, however advise you that taking surveys can only give you a good pocket money and not enough to make you a millionaire as I have explained on some of my previous posts.

Here are some of the best surveys to look into:

5. Review music

Without a doubt if you are a teenager you do enjoy listening to some sort of music and most probably every day too, at least I know I did that when I was a teenager.

What if you could get paid doing just this all day?

You would be happy right?

Well the good news is that the internet is loaded with a lot of opportunities for you to leverage and this is exactly what you should used to get paid.

Just bear in mind that you must focus on companies which will actually pay you well and I have put one site which pays quite well.

6. Trading online

Trading online is what is another great online business which has been working for many youngsters.

I know teenagers who are making millions of dollars trading from home using this vehicle as it has become easier to enter due to a lower barriers on entry unlike before.

Now you can start trading with $10 whereas before you needed millions of dollars to enter and trade.

For trading to succeed you will need proper trading training from an institution which is reputable.

Just remember that trading is very high risk due to the liquidity so that is why I said ensure you have all the knowledge you need.

7. YouTuber

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

For teenagers YouTube is by far the number 1 way to make money which as it is easy for teenagers to blossom in this system.

The reason why most teenagers are doing well on YouTube is because it is the mostly about entertainment.

If you are young you will likely have a huge audience which you can leverage to give yourself a huge following. This is one of the reasons youngsters are the ones who usually blossom in this space.

Final thoughts

There has never been a great time for teenagers to make a living for themselves than now. This is because of so many aspects that the technology has created.

You can literally go to the internet and find an opportunity and then start making money (generally over time).

There are also ways to make money quick and this can be done by focusing on certain ways money making vehicles like the following:

  • Reviewing music and getting paid
  • Doing surveys and getting paid

Other ways which take long but yield huge amounts are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Trading
  • YouTube

I advise that you always choose what you enjoy doing so that you will be able to do it over a long period of time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below.

How to make money coding online from home

How to make money coding online from home- We all should do THIS

There has never been a time like this to get paid for your skills online. More and more people are getting their full time income online every day thanx to the technology.How to make money coding online from home

In fact Fundera has done some statistics to show the increase in people who are working from home in the world of telecommuting.

If you are a programmer there are even more opportunities to make money online for you (and for yourself) more than most people. The Internet is literally crying for programmers and that is why today I will show you hoe yo make money coding online.

I have been working online from 2016, but have only been able to earn decent amount that has helped me quit my job in 2019.

Yes the journey was long because that is how long it takes to create a full time business online or any business for that matter (whether offline or online).

Before I start telling you ways you can start making money coding online you may be interested in checking out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

start blogging or start a blog.

The number 1 recommendation for anyone looking to start and make an impact online is to start a blog or start blogging.

Why do I say this?

This is because, as I have said on many of my posts, blogging is where you create a great foundation for your name online.

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Basically this will be your online shop where people will come to you to get advice or guidance. This is why you need to make your blog to be an authority in coding.

The good thing with blogging is that even if you are a beginner blogger or less advanced blogger you will can start your own blog.

This is because blogs nowadays take less than a minute to create. Yes it is that easy.

The other thing about starting a blog is that you can be able to create any company or any services of coding that you have.

This can give you a lot of traffic over time for your blog.

Create website themes

How to make money coding online

Creating a website themes is such a big opportunity that is waiting to be explored. This is because only a few people can code and make these great looking themes for websites.

One thing you should know about website themes is that they will stay in fashion for long time due to the fact the internet is an ever growing niche.

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Besides for as long as websites exists there will always be the need for website themes to be made on a daily basis and as the online business needs grow so does the need for themes.

Freelance your skills

How to make money coding online from home

Dude, you are already a skilled programmer so why not freelance your much-needed skills on the internet?

If you do not what to do freelancing where you are a standalone business luckily there are sites like Fiverr who are waiting for your skills to help you leverage your skills easily.

With fiverr your business is set up as soon as you register for on their platform to have an account.

The good aspect with platforms like Fiverr is that you only have to focus on what you are good at since they take care of all the other aspects of your business like payments and marketing.

Fiverr is not the only platform that you can join in fact there are thousands out there here are just s few.

You can choose whichever fits your personality or what you love or what works best for your preferences.

The best way to find the one best for you is to register in at least 2 of these platforms and test there services. Normally after a month you will know in which you are getting more clients on.

Are you fit to be a freelancer? Check the video below

Create landing pages for online companies or website owners

How to make money coding online from home

Creating landing pages is also another unexplored territory due to the fact that most people can not code at all.

If you have a programming or coding skill this is absolutely a piece of cherry waiting for you to discover and eat it.

I have had some friends who barely finished their IT course at college but decide to offer their services to some website theme companies for an exchange of money.

Needless to say one of them has created a fully fledged freelance job where he helps people build good-looking websites.

All he did was just to offer his services.

At the end of the day it just depends on you having the confidence to use your skills.

A side note you should remember is that you will be competing with a lot of very successful companies in this space of making landing pages.

One such competitor is Clickfunnels which has become a brand name for many online users due to its services.

However this must not stop you because just like you these big companies like click funnels started just like you in this space.

How I make money online

How to make money coding online from home

Now the way I make money online is purely my choice and it may not work for anyone especially if you are not willing to put in the work for long amount of time.

I make money as an internet marker and I have doing this from 2016. I only started seeing results only this year after 3 years of working hard online.

This is how long a normal business in real life takes and considering the fact that I did slack of for a year and a few months my success would be way higher.

However if you are a person who has a work ethic and are willing to do whatever it takes to make money online you can join the platform and stick it out until you succeed.

You get a lot of support not just from me but from a community of online entrepreneurs who are making it big.

You can join the make money online community here for free (no credit card details needed).

Since it is free to join you can see or decide if you like it or not while using it which at least leaves you with 0% risk on your side.

Final thoughts

When you are good at coding you definitely have the skill that is in demand online which can give you extra income or even a full time income.

The best approach in this way of making money is to make sure you start small and I do recommend you focus on joining companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Nexxt etc.

The reason I say this is because they will handle all the admin and payments for you so you can focus building your name as a freelancer.

The second best option is starting your own blog and having a base shop online where clients and come to your store.

Although this approach can take longer especially if you will be focusing on free traffic while you are staring it can really pay off in the long run.

You can actually get free training for this so that you fast-track your success in blogging and that would be joining a company which will teach you this for free.

This is the same company which has helped me be able to build a great business online which is this website.

This company is Wealthy Affiliate and it is free to join (no credit card details needed) however I want to tell you that although it is free you still have to work to make the results come.

If you do apply the knowledge taught there I promise you that your success online as a freelancer or an affiliate marketing coder or anything you want to do online will succeed quicker.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments that you would like to give me you are more than welcome to leave them below.