Cashwords Formula Review-Is this the best program?

Welcome to my Cashwords Formula Review where I will be helping you find the truth when it comes to this program so that you will make your own decision at the end.

You are likely here because you are trying to see what the hype is when it comes to this program and whether it will really deliver or not.

This is a great way to go about things so that you do not ever get scammed by any program or course that may promise you things it may not fulfill.

I also went down this route when I was looking for the best program to help me make a full time income online.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I make a full time income online which allowed me leave my high paying job as a Civil engineer in 2019 to travel the world.

This blog is mainly to help and guide people around the world in how to also be able to live a life of freedom and happiness without being tied to a job.

This is why I do my best to give out great information and also unbiased opinions and reviews of any programs I come across so people never get scammed.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Cashwords Formula Review

Program name: Cashwords Formula

Creator: Jeff Lenney

Price: 5 monthly Payments of $399

Recommendation: Yes rating: 4.5 out of 5

What is Cashwords Formula?

Cashwords Formula is a course that teaches you how to build a website and promote it merely using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The course is centered around promoting Amazon high priced physical products which are geared to help you generate a 5 to 6 figure income.

The course takes a unique approach with affiliate marketing which is different to many programs I have seen out there and I mean this in a good way too.

If you are tired of courses that promote ways to make money by requiring Facebook ads (which cost you money) like Commission Hero, Facebook Ad Blaster etc then you may be delighted to see this program.

As a person who has been in affiliate marketing for a while I was blown away by the content that is given and the tips that the creator gives to be honest.

The course runs under a platform called which promotes courses for making money online and I will tell you how this all links up.

Who is the creator?

Let us look at who the creator is so we will have a bit of an understanding who we are dealing with and also if they are to be trusted or not.

Cashwords Formula Review

The creator of the course is Jeff Lenney who has been an affiliate marketer since there early 2000s and learnt how to make money with affiliate marketing through trial and error.

Jeff has learnt to do a system only a few ever learnt and this is why his methods have been working for him for years.

At first when he started with affiliate marketing he started getting loads of competition and hate simply because he was beating his competition by being honest.

It was only after his business was taken from him that he started making another way of doing this affiliate marketing which is what he teaches.

Some of Jeff’s accolades includes being a top seller on clickbank for 3 years mainly using his SEO methods.

James was also a teacher on the platform called Lurn that is founded by Anik Singal, and has been mentoring many others how to make money online.

Who is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is a very popular figure who runs many businesses and his main platform is where he has many courses to help people make money.

You see Anik is quite different to Jeff in that Anik is more of a salesperson and Jeff is a person who is an SEO expert and you can always tell even in their training.

Anik usually likes to make big claims for most of his programs such as Inbox Blueprint and more.

So since he is one who is promoting Cashwords Formula you can see that it is mainly about making money for him and funneling people in (more about this later).

However, all in all Anik is still a genuine guy who is more on the aggressive side of marketing.

How does Cashwords Formula work?

So the first encounter most people have with Cashwords Formula is through their webinar where you will need to sign up and get a date that suits you.

Side note: if you did not know the webinar is not live it is prerecorded like most of these programs are.

So once you have chosen your date then all you will need to do is to attend at the time. During the webinar is where you get to here all the tips for doing affiliate marketing.

One would expect Jeff to be giving training yet all you hear is Anik who is giving the presentation and tips. This was one of the things that really did not sit well with me because I was waiting to here from the expert himself.

Yet you end up sitting for 2 hours presentation which is more of a sales. Do not get me wrong you do gets loads of value but if you have never started a blog or are clueless then really the value or information you get will not be helpful at all.

After the webinar you are then told that there is a program that you can sign up to.

However, I have to give them credit because they do announce earlier that they will be “giving you an option” to join which is all cool.

However, what spoils it is that at the end Anik become a bit too aggressive on the sales part and it ends up being like any other webinar I have attended which ends up wanting you to pay loads of money.

What is funny is that Anik says beforehand that the “opportunity” you will get at the end will surprise you because it is very low price.

I was shocked when I saw the price ta the end and knew that most people were not going to attend or rather afford.

You can see people before the webinar (on Facebook) all saying that they are hoping this is not like any other program where you end up being sold at the end and some people actually say that there is a catch…well that is true.

Now let us go into the program.

The essence of what the program teaches is that you focus on physical products on Amazon and avoid the big niches that have high competition and also avoid other affiliate networks which have huge commissions for each sale like Clickbank and the like.

Instead you focus on making money with 3% commissions from big products. Jeff says that his conversions are1 out of 10 which if you compare with clickbank it is usually 1 out of 100 for most of their programs as they are expensive and usually scams.

I had to agree with this because I know exactly what Jeff is talking about and I have been through it myself.

Anyways let us look at some modules you will get when you purchase the course. The course is an 8 module.

  • Module 1:Introduction to SEO and affiliate marketing

In this module you will be learning what Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing and also how they both work together.

You will be told how these aspects will last for years and how you can have the slice of the pie and build wealth for your family.

This course is really for people who know nothing about affiliate marketing and SEO and so if you are advanced or are intermediate this may not be too beneficial for you although you still do get some good value here such as learning niche specific SEO tips.

  • Module 2: Niche Selection

This is probably the most important part of the program because you will be shown 10 hot niches for this method that you can choose and start making money with.

This means that you will not be wasting any time and money trying to figure out what works and what does not work.

What I like about this module is that Jeff goes in depth about niches here and tells you which ones that have worked quite well for him and other students he has shown in the past.

  • Module 3:Keyword research

This is the other important part of the course because it will involve helping you get free traffic that other people are not using so you can get traffic and sales.

This means that you will be learning how to rank your website better and faster.

Some of these methods have the potential to help you rank within weeks because you will also be taught how to use backlinks.

  • Module 4:Website 101

This part is more technical and it will basically be showing how to have your website up and running within a day and be able to have your own website.

You will not be needing and coding just only following the rules that are taught.

What are the features of Cashwords Formula?

Now with any program it is good to check what you will get by purchasing it so you can see if the price is justified. I will list the things you will get:

  • Cashwords System

This will be the 8 modules that I mentioned above which will be in the form of video.

  • The 30 minutes SEO Jumpstart

This will be the part that will help you to get started fast when it comes to your business so if you follow the hacks it will be easier for you.

  • Infinity Support Group

This is the other cool part of the program because it means you will be able to get 247 help if you need it along the way for your business.

  • Bonuses

You then be getting 8 bonuses although they are advertised as 7. Below are these bonuses:

  1. Bonus 1: Top 10 niches
  2. Bonus 2:Top 10 affiliate programs
  3. Bonus 3: The 55-minute mini site
  4. Bonus 4:SEO Rocketfuel
  5. Bonus 5:Micro keywords
  6. Bonus 6:Cashwords Confidential series
  7. Bonus 7: Click, Click Profits
  8. Live Bonus: Founding members calls

The some of the bonuses are cool but other are not as great according to me for example Bonus 2 which is Top 10 affiliate programs is something you can get on Google.

However, mots are pretty good and I am happy to see a program with real value like this.

How much does Cashwords cost?

Here is where things get a bit interesting. You see the course is made to have you believe that the course is cheap, well according to Anik.

However, it is not. Paying 5 monthly payments of $399 is not at all cheap and will cost you a lot like many programs I have seen. I honestly believe for an amount less than this you can get better courses which will give you similar value.

The cost is one of the big negatives for me and yet Anik makes it sound like it is nothing to most people.

What I like about Cashwords Formula?

survey junkie review

  • Jeff is super legit

Following Jeff is great as he is a genuine guy and if you have looked at many of training programs at you will have seen him teach and he is good and knows his stuff.

Other have called him a genuine and I agree. I mean learnt a lot despite already knowing many of the stuff since I have applied it on some of my websites.

  • The course is valuable

I can not stress it enough that the course will give you tons of value even if you are not a beginner there were many “ah ha” moments for me.

  • You are not dealing with scammers

Both Jeff and Anik are real people and have been in the business for long so they do know their stuff although not at the same level.

  • Easy to follow

The program is made simple so that any person can follow and hopefully see the results.

  • Great support

There is great support in terms of the group and also the calls which will help you a lot along the process. This is what is needed for any course that you join.

  • Money back guarantee

There is a money back guarantee so if you feel it did not help you then you can get your money back, however this may not be guaranteed as I will explain later.

  • No paid methods

You will not be doing and paid methods like Facebook ads which will be good in helping not spend a lot especially after paying the full price of the program.

What I do not like about Cashwords Formula?

  • Too expensive

The course is far too expensive which leave you wondering if it is even worth paying that much. For most people this may not even be justified that they can spend so much whereas there are programs less expensive then this that can offer value too.

  • Anik is too pushy

In the webinar Anik is only worried about your payment because that is always his aim with his programs.

For me it is hard to trust someone who keeps getting fascinated by every one who comes to his platform.

It was first Robert kiyosaki with email marketing being the big thing and then it was someone else it paid ads not it is Jeff with SEO.

The course is only worth it because Jeff is a genuine person who is there to help others.

  • Guarantee is not guaranteed (lol)

You need to fulfill a lot of things for you to even get your money back and to me this seems that you can never get your money back.

The guarantee is only put them to help ease your mind, honestly.

  • The method may take very long

Unless you have tons of money to invest on many writers the system of SEO will take you long as it is not like paid traffic.

So be prepared for a lot of working with no results at first

Who is the Cashwords Formula for?

The course is literally for anyone, however as far as the cost is concerned it may be limited and most people may not be able to afford this.

Essentially these are the people who can qualify for the program itself if we leave the cost out of the picture:

  • Affiliate marketers who are looking for SEO methods.
  • Affiliate marketers looking to scale their income.
  • People looking to make money with Amazon.
  • People with time or money to put in.

Is Cashwords Formula a scam?

Cashwords Formula is definitely not a scam and you will be learning things that work and that will give you results.

The reason I am saying this is because I am using the same method which I was taught by a course that is similar to Cashwords Formula.

I also know a lot of people who have made good income using the same method.

You will also be guaranteed success (although I do not believe it). You should however achieve the results if you put in the work.

How do I make money online

I have been in affiliate marketing since 2016 and it was only in 2019 that I was able to quit my job and travel the world and I would never have done it had I not joined a course that was cheap and helpful.

The course is great because it gives you free training to see as a trail and if you are happy then you can join premium which is only $49 per month or $359 per year.

This is way cheaper than most courses like Cashwords Formula and also will give you similar training although not entirely the same.

What makes this course a bit ideal then cashwords Formula is that you can easily afford it and also you can get some training to set up you website without giving out your credit card.

Although some of the training is not as updated as Cashwords Formula especially when it comes to Amazon but you will still get videos from members of the course who have made it and they put it in a platform called classroom.

Anyways this is the same method that allowed me to be able to go from earning $0 online to a full time income which allowed me to quit my job.

Since I am transparent with my earnings you can check out my earnings yourself to see that the program did help and guess what I only use SEO or free traffic to generate these results which means I do not have to keep spending for ads on my website.

This is because what Jeff Does although it is not the same scale as him and magnitude. The good thing is that the website is still new which means that the potential for increasing this income is huge.

This is the reason it keeps growing monthly

If you would like to check how I was able to do this you can click the button below.


What are the other alternatives?

Here are the other alternatives which I believe could also help you be able to make money using a similar kind of method of SEO.

  • Savage Affiliates
  • Authority Site System
  • Wealthy affiliate

All of these really depends on you really as they are all structured in their own unique way.

Final thoughts

If you have been searching for information for checking whether Cashwords Formula is a scam or not that this review should have shown you that the program is not a scam at all.

In fact the training inside is super valuable and will give you good amount of income if you apply and follow everything well.

The program is based one SEO which is Free traffic as a way of helping be able to be financially free.

The program is made by an expert in SEO called Jeff Lenney who has been doing this for years and has been killing it which shows that you are in the right company.

However the course is very expensive and it can be hard for you to get your money back if you inquire about the money back guarantee that is promised.

The program is made for any person who is looking to scale their income using free traffic without trial and error.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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