Campervan Commissions Review-The Truth Exposed!

Welcome to my Campervan Commission Review where I will be unloading all you need to know when it comes to you this program so that you can make an informed decision.

If you have been wondering if it is possible to make money while you travel or do anything like being on the caravan.

It is good that you are able to find a program that will be legit and that is the reason that I am happy to see you doing your research on this program.

I have reviewed many programs that promise to help you make money and I can say most of them are not worth it or just plain scams.

This is the reason which helped me not get scammed and find the best way and program to make money online.

Without further ado, let’s get started

Campervan Commission Review

Program name: Campervan Commission

Creator: Paul nichol and Trevor Carr

Price:$12.95 rating:3 out of 5

What is Campervan Commission?

Campervan Commission is a program that will teach you how to start and affiliate marketing course that focuses more on SEO which is free traffic.

This program claims to help you start making $200 per day and start living a life of freedom.

The program is based on how you can start making money with nothing and start making money as long as you are willing to put in the work.

The program has been around for a while which shows that it is very trusted in every possible way.

Who is the creator of Campervan Commission?

The program is based around Paul Nicholl who was able to live a life of freedom and travel with his caravan.

However the caravan name comes from the fact that Paul used to be a Carpenter and used to travel with his caravan doing his job and also for holidays.

After achieving this he was able to collaborate Trevor Carr in 2017 to start this program to help others as they wanted to create an over the shoulder program that would help the average job do what Paul was able to achieve and of course earn money doing that themselves.

How does Campervan Commission work?

The program will be simple even a beginner can understand because it will be focusing on helping you learn about how you can start the foundations of building and affiliate marketing business using a website.

The training are video and I will show you this these below:

  • Video 1

Campervan Commission Review

This first part of the training is a video that shows you how to start your business by starting and learning about building your website like domain, web hosting and autoresponder.

This training will be 16 minutes where you will be learning this.

  • Video 2

Since the course is mainly focused on one niche (the make money online niche) Then this means that the programs you will be shown will be in this niche.

This is the reason you will be Affiliate networks like JVZOO and Warriorplus where you can find good programs.

This training will be 29 minutes long.

  • Video 3

This section is all about teaching you how to do product review of these make money programs so that you can start getting some commissions.

  • Video 4

This section is all about offering your audience bonuses so that you can get more or higher conversions in the process.

This is to help you start ranking higher on Google and hopefully be trusted along the process with your content.

  • Video 5

This section will mainly teach you about integrating your blog and YouTube so you can start making yourself more seen and your blog seen.

This video is 32 minutes long which is good enough for helping you get the information you may need for YouTube set up and marketing (Free method).

How much does Campervan commission cost?

The upfront cost of the program is only $12.95 , However you will still need to pay for up sells but let us first talk about what you get with this.

You will get the 5 training that I talked about and you will get 2 bonuses which include email marketing.

Here are the up sells:

  • Upsells 1: $27

You will get done for you tools like email series, review templates just to name a few.

  • Upsell 2: $67

In this up sell you will be getting the privilege of getting a license to sell the program where you will get to keep all the commissions.

  • Upsell 3: $197

This up sell is more about you get access to a course that Paul and Trevor sell separately which is called affiliate mastery.

Who is Campervan Commission for?

The course is beginner friendly and I would say just about anyone can qualify to sue the program to build their business.

Just to summary here are the people worth it for this:

  • Beginners
  • People with little money to start affiliate marketing
  • People who prefer free methods to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • People who are willing to work to build a long term business
  • People who are not looking for fast results.

What I like about Campervan Commission

  • Very affordable

Since this training is super cheap it makes it very great for people who want ton start without spending too much money at first for training.

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  • Focuses on free traffic

Since you will be using free methods this means that the program is basically made to help you even if you have no money to get started with.

  • Creators are real

Having a real creator who has shown success is a good thing to have for any program.

  • Program is easy to follow

Since the program is made in video format it is easy for any person to follow and start getting the results that they are looking for.

What I do not like about Campervan Commission

  • Needs too much time

Unless you have loads of time this program will literally demand a lot of time from you to get it going and also to sustain it since it is only a free method.

  • A bit hyped

The fact that you are promised you will start making $200 as soon as you begin and apply the strategies is very misleading.

  • No community

One of the things that makes people succeed in many programs or training is having community to engage with and also see the people who are making it.

This is the major draw down of this program.

  • Support is not sufficient

The support is also not as great which can be a huge deal for beginners who are just starting out and need constant guideline.

Is Campervan Commission a scam?

Here is the answer you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is a scam or not and whether you should trust it or not.

To put it plainly the program is not a scam at all. It has all the components that make it legit such as the following:

  • Teaches real affiliate marketing knowledge.
  • Creator (s) is real and there to answer your questions.
  • Creators have also made another program for affiliate marketing ( they wouldn’t be doing many programs if there are no results).

Final thoughts

If you have been looking to see whether campervan Commission is a program that is worth it and whether you should be investing your time with it or not then this review should have shown you the truth.

The program is legit and has all components for helping you build your business such as good training and tools.

However my worry is that it is lacking with many things such as good support and also a community that will be there and will help you.

This is the reason that I only advise that people who do not mind to not get support to join this program.

I mean it is quite cheap after all. But as for me I always go for programs that will help me with support and a community so I can get help 24/7.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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