Bossless Forever Review- Should You Trust Amiee?

With many programs out there showing you how to make money online you really need to get a program that will actually work and make you money.

This is the reason I am doing the Bossless Forever Review which is a program that is promising you how to make money using what is lead generation.

However, you may be wondering whether this program is even worth it for SEO and be able to make money using the program.

Due to this it means I will be mainly helping you discover the whole insides and outs of the program which may be helpful for your decision.

I have been doing loads of 500 programs over the years to help me see which ones are actually worth it for getting involved with.

Thus this is the reason I will stay unbiased so you will know the real truth about this and not be influenced by me and my opinion or others.

At the end I will be able to show you a system that was able to help me make a full time income and quit my job in 2019.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Bossless Forever Review

Program name: Bossless Forever

Creator:Aimiee Ball

Price: Not disclosed rating: 3 out of 5

What is Bossless Forever?

Bossless Forever is simply a lead generation program where you will be helping local businesses get leads and you will get paid by using your skills.

You will be learning a skill that is made to be your own boss via an agency which you can grow to be a global empire over time.

The skills you will learn are not just technical for marketing but you will also learn about how to do sales online so you can keep making money.

The program is advertised as very simple and easy and indeed it is and that is why it merely has a one page that says you have to follow 3 steps to make money online.

Who is the creator of the program?

Amiee Ball is an online marketer who has been making money through this method and this helped her quit her job which is why she ended up calling it Bossless Forever.

Amiee is also a web consultant who helps local businesses to make websites or to improve their websites rankings online so they can start getting more leads.

Amiee decided to make a program to show people her method as a way to make passive income and also help people who were looking to make money using her skills.

Some of other programs she owns include Calibr8 Technology and Tech Leverage.

Having a creator is real and is an expert is great as it shows that we at least have or are following someone who knows what they are teaching.

How does Bossless Forever work?

The program will start with a webinar where you will be learning how the whole system actually works and how you can start off with this business.

The program simply works by you being a middleman between a customer and businesses locally.

This means you will be required to get leads (people) around a niche you like and then you can sell these to the businesses in that niche.

You will be using a website to do this via SEO with the skills that you will be taught in the program.

Let us look at some steps you will be following for this:

  • Step 1: Niche Selection

You will first learn the which niche is good for you and has good amount of clients and according Amiee this is what can kill or make a success for your business and thus you will be helped to do this.

  • Step 2:Proper Due Diligence

In this step you will be doing marketing research to help pre-qualify the clients you may be working with.

  • Step 3: Traffic and Lead generation

This part will be all about tips to get your leads and it will do away with doing an actual website which can be time-consuming although it may still be an option for you.

  • Step 4:Prospect Clients

In this part you will have the opportunity to learn how to automatically draw clients to you without the need to hard sell them.

This will be because you will be creating and presenting leads to potential clients before even working with them which is what will help you stand out.

  • Step 5: Monetize Business Owners

This is the final part of the webinar training where you will learn how to price your services to your clients so that you will start having passive income.

You will be advised on the best ways to price your services such as starting with a flat rate so your clients will know their costs monthly when working with you.

How much does Bossless Forever cost?

With every course you decide to get it is vital to look at what you will need to pay so you can see if it is worth it or it is affordable for you.

The bad thing with this program is that it does not disclose the price as it claims that they keep changing the prices due to more courses being added daily.

Although this may be true, however the issue is that this may be hard for people to decide and people may think they are hiding something.

Amiee also says this is a way to prequalify people who want to join the program.

For me it is vital for the creator to at least give the general price so people can decide.

What I like about Bossless Forever

  • Creator is a super expert

The creator is basically very knowledgeable and it is big and trusted expert as she has created many other programs around the same skill.

This is pretty good for trusting a program we want to start.

  • The business model is legit

The system is legit and many people do use it and also the skills that are taught such as ranking a website is what I use myself which shows they are teaching you valid information or skills.

What I do not like about Bossless Forever

  • The price is not disclosed

This is a huge negative for me as I need to know firsthand when I get into a program otherwise I am wasting time since I may find it is not worth it at the end.

  • You get funneled into other programs

In the program is basically made in such a way that it will make you finally go to her mentoring which is another price in its own.

  • Testimonials

There are not many testimonials which means it can be hard to trust by most people who want to start.

Who is Bossless Forever for?

The course is basically made in such way that it is for people who have money ready for starting a business. This is the reason the price is hidden.

Not only do you have to think of the price of the program but also the tools of running the program.

Is Bossless Forever a scam?

I will say outright that this program is not a scam at all because you will be learning principles that work from a person who has made money using this method.

The program, as you will see, is that it has very comprehensive training for you to start making money although it will not be fast it will take some time.

This is not a quick rick scheme at all like many other programs it is a slow get rich scheme and can give you long term passive income if you put in the work.

is Bossless Forever worth it?

In my opinion this program is only worth it for you have loads of money and are wanting to start another additional side hustle because if you are new the price can surprise you as well as the ongoing costs you will incur.

How I make money full time

I have been online for many years and have tried many ways to make money online until I find out about the best way that doesn’t really need you to have clients or sell your family and friends to make money which I used to do in the past.

After getting the training for doing this, which is promoting people’s products and getting a commission, I was able to start making a full time income.

I was able to do this after joining a program that super affordable as I was broke to start with a program that was super expensive.

Within 6 months of starting I was able to start making money online fulltime and that is why I like talking about it to people who are looking to start with little income.

You can check out this way I make money and the training that helped me below.

Final thoughts

I am always happy to help people know the best ways to make money online following the best or legit programs.

This is why I do reviews such as Bossless Forever to help you find out the true so you do not get scammed.

Bossless forever is a lead generation program which means it helps you be the middleman between businesses and their clients so you can start making money online.

The program is made by a person who has been doing this for a very long term and has a few companies under his belt.

The program is mainly a webinar that funnels you into a mentorship program so you can start learning from the creator Amiee.

The program is not a scam at all however it is hard for me to be able to recommend it to any person since it has some negatives which I find weird such as the price not being disclosed.

I hope this Bossless Forever Review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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