Blog Simple Framework Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Blog Simple Framework Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to this course which you may be wondering if it is worth a shot or not.

I have been making loads of reviews about programs which promise to make money online and unfortunately most of these are not worth it.

Blogging seems to be one of the famous ways people are looking to make money online these days even though this business model has been around for a while.

When it comes to Blog Simple Framework the program is said to be made in such a way that it will help people make money in a different way.

However, is this really true?

Read on to find out why this is so. Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Blog Simple Framework Review

Program name: Blog Simple Framework


Creator: Paul Scrivens


Recommendation: Yes

What is Blog Simple Framework?

The Blog Simple framework is basically a program that is mainly there to help you make money with blogs where it can make six figure income.

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The program is made in a such a way that it will be simple and easy to follow as the creator believes that blogging should be easy to make a full time income.

Blog simple Framework is also named like this because it is tried to be made in a simple way.

In the program or course you will also be shown step by step how to make your blog into six figures just like the creator has done to many of his other programs.

Who is the creator of Blog Simple Framework?

Paul scrivens who has been doing this for many years and to show that it can be done and this is what I found very valuable.

Paul is created about 6 blogs which are making six figures whether he is sleeping or traveling.

The Paul is also there to ensure that all the people who join can see the proof and thus be able to join the training to help them do it themselves.

Having a course that is transparent like this is basically great because it gives us the trust that we may be looking for in a program.

How does Blog Simple Framework work?

Blog Simple Framework simply works by helping you focus on firstly setting up your blog and then after that you sue mainly free traffic methods to get traffic and thus sales.

The way Paul does it is a bit different to most courses because with the free strategies that he provides he makes sure that he updates you constantly with new and currently optimal methods.

This is different to other methods which mainly focus on showing you the same method like other people are using and this means methods are not working or have large competition.

You will be learning for example how to use Pinterest and YouTube along with your blog. You will get this in the training which has 11 courses.

The get access to this you will first need to join the free workshop where Paul explains how this make money model works and after listening to the 46 minutes presell you will be introduced to Blog Simple Framework.

In essence this is what you will be learning:

  • Choosing a niche

You will be shown the best way to find a niche that will make money according to your passion or interests. You will be shown some of the best ones and also the ones Paul chose.

  • Setting up your blog

In this part you will be shown the basics of setting up your own blog with the right tools. You will be shown how a blog works and all the technical stuff.

You will also be shown the best way to set your blog so that it is appealing to your niche.

  • Getting make money products and programs

You will be shown how to get things that will help your blog make money such as free ads and also affiliate marketing programs and products.

  • Traffic sources

You will be then shown the best traffic sources you can use for your blog to make money online with your blog.

What are the features of Blog Simple Framework?

Let us look at what you will get if you decide to get this program.

  • Blog Simple Framework

This is the core of the program where you will learn all about blogging and the fundamentals of starting your blogging business.

This is what is inside the course:

  1. Setting up your niche
  2. Content ideas
  3. Search Engine optimization
  4. Why you need an email list
  5. How to make your content go viral
  6. Bonus content
  • Pinterest Traffic Framework

Below is what you will learn in this section:

  1. Pinterest set up
  2. Pinterest Pinning strategy
  3. Pinterest SEO
  4. How to get rich Pinterest pin.
  • SEO Traffic Framework

This is the aim way your blog will be getting traffic as this is traffic you will be getting from Google to your blog. This is a free method that you will need to know so your website can rank on Google and you will start making money.

Here are some topics that will be covered with this training:

  • Choosing keywords
  • Understanding how Google works
  • How to set up your link building for your blog
  • Building SEO rich content
  • Google analytic
  • Video Simple Framework

This training is all about YouTube and how to integrate it to your blog for even better results. Here are some sections that are covered.

  1. How to open and sign up your YouTube Channel.
  2. Finding your topics to do videos
  3. Structuring your YouTube videos
  4. Optimizing your YouTube videos.
  • Blog beautiful Framework

This section is mainly about guiding you set up your website by choose the right domain name and setting up your them for your niche.

Below are some sections that are covered in this section:

  1. How the layout is like and how to set it up
  2. The color that is appropriate.
  3. Homepage
  4. Menus
  5. Plugins
  • Blog attraction Framework

This section you will be shown methods on how to get the right traffic to your website. This will be done by enhancing your website’s readability and attraction.

Here are some sections that are covered in this section.

  • On page SEO
  • Brand vs Traffic
  • Content value
  • How to increase your readability.
  • Mighty Tiny SEO

This section is to enhance your website’s visibility in terms of SEO so that it will be able to be recognized easily.

Let us look at the topics that are covered in this section:

  1. The Google Foundation
  2. Rank Brain Plugin
  3. Additional of trust pages
  4. Pocket SEO workshop
  • The Copywriting cookbook

Essentially copy writing is what will help you make money online with your website because it is all about having words that make people trust you and buy from you.

This then means that if you do not have this skill well-trained you might as well forget about making money.

This is why this module focuses more on helping you make money with using your words like a professional.

I have to say that this module was more than I had expected compared to other courses I have bought or looked at. Here are things you will be learning here:

  1. Using powerful headlines
  2. Capturing your audience as quick as possible once they start reading your blog.
  3. Using emotions in your words.
  • The Dream Roadmap

This is what sets the course from many courses in that it guides you on things that you need to focus on and when so that you will be able to have a successful journey.

You will get worksheet for your niche and steps that you need to take.

  • The Pocket Business System

This module is all about showing you the importance of making your blog a brand instead of just a blog that will not last forever.

So you will be learning techniques that will be a bit advanced where you integrate it with social media platforms that will enhance your brand awareness.

What I like about Blog Simple Framework

  • Realistic ways to make money

You must rest assured that you will be learning what you need to make money when it comes to your blog so that you do not waste time.

This is done by you focusing on affiliate marketing as a way of monetizing your business which is something that is legit and I have been doing for years to make money.

  • Creator is real and experienced

The creator’s success speaks for itself and that alone should be a good motivation for you to see that this is a legit program.

  • Comprehensive

The course has quite a lot to go through which means you will be able to make a success of this if you put in the work that is needed since making money online required hard works.

What I do not like about Blog Simple Framework

To be honest there is nothing I will say that I do not like this course as it has all the components that will be able to help you make money for real.

The creator has all the evidence of himself making money with all his websites.

I would say that maybe the only thing is not having enough evidence of students of the course succeeding that would convince you the system is working.

Who is Blog Simple Framework for?

Blog Simple Framework is for any person who is looking to make money with blogging and are willing to put a lot of time and I mean a lot of time.

This is because the way to get traffic is super long for you to start getting results of sales.

It is not for people who are looking to start making money the next day after starting this business. Even the systems that you are taught will require a lot of time to be put in because you will be managing not just your blog but other social media platforms.

Is Blog Simple Framework a scam?

Here is the part you may have been looking for where I tell you whether this course is a scam or not. If you have been reading up until this point you will already have an idea that the course is not a scam at all.

All the components it teaches you are basically what I have used myself in the past to help me make money with my blogs.

I do have to say that all of this is not easy at all and so you need to be sure that you will be willing to put in the effort required.

How I make money online

I have tried a lot of things to make money and that is the reason I am very experienced to help people who want to shorten the journey to make money online.

After 3 years of failing trying things like network marketing, surveys etc. I was able to finally get a system that was willing to guide me step by step to success.

The good thing I liked was that it was free for me to get started which helped me see if this program is good and valuable or not.

After a few days that is when I decided to join the premium membership where I was able to learn and start making real money.

This is why I always recommend this program to anyone because I have results to show as I went from $0 income online and working as an engineer to making a full time income online.

Final thoughts

Making money online is my favorite thing to do because almost anyone can start making money as long as they have the drive.

You do not need a lot of money to get started generally which means that it is a great way to take charge of your life.

Blog Simple Framework is basically a course that teaches you how to make money with your own website using a method called affiliate marketing.

The course is legit and will help you make money and I do recommend it to any person who is willing to start from scratch and they are looking to make a full time income as long as they put in the work required.

The creator has made 6 figures using websites which shows that you are following someone who has proven results and is willing to help you too.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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