Blog Profit Network Review (2022)-Worth it or scam?

Looking to find out the truth about this program from someone who has an inside knowledge? Well you have come to the right place.

On this Blog Profit Network Review I will do my best to show you all the facts about this program so you can make your own informed decision.

With many programs promising you to help you make money online and be your own boss it is vital to do research to find legit ways to make money without being scammed.

This is why I want to congratulate you for doing your research so that you do not end up being trapped and scammed like many people.

This is what helped me also in the past when I was looking to start making money online full time. Needless to say that I bumped into many scams until finding what worked well for me.

This blog is to save people from the trouble I went through to start making money and this is the reason that I have looked at over 500 of these programs.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this program.

Blog Profit Network Review

Program name: Blog Profit Network

Website:>>click Here<<

Creator: Marcus Campbell

Price: rating:

What is Blog Profit Network?

Blog Profit Network is a membership site that offers you training on how to make money blogging where you will be focusing on making money with affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing is where you make money by promoting products or programs using your unique link that you are given and whenever a person buys you will be getting a commission percentage.

This is one of my favorite ways of making money online that I have also been using for many years to work full time online.

Blog Profit Network is unique to other affiliate marketing or blogging programs due to the fact that you will be getting all your training through a forum style teaching.

Who is the creator of Blog Profit Network?

The creator of the program is Marcus Campbell is an expert affiliate marketer who has been doing this business for more than a decade.

He has a YouTube channel where he shares his tips on how to make it using Affiliate marketing and also other methods which can increase your income drastically.

Not only that but Marcus has created many other make money programs which are quite good or rather not scams such as Simple Site, Big Profits and High Ticket Niches.

From this we can see that we are dealing with a person who does know what they are doing.

How Does Blog Profits work?

As I briefly mentioned above that the program is more of a forum/membership by this I mean that you will be learning how to make money through training by navigating yourself.

This means you will not really have someone who is following through with you on the training as you will have to look at the sections you need.

The program also does not have any community that is stable enough to help you along the process although you will have a section to answer questions.

You will be required to pay a monthly fee to stay in the program and there are no other up sells that you have to expect which is a good thing for you as it means they are not looking to funnel you in or something.

What is inside Blog Profits?

Let us now take a look at what you will be getting inside the program once you sign up. The program mainly has videos that you will be following.

  • Welcome section

This section will be briefly explaining what blogging and affiliate marketing are and how you can incorporate them in your business.

You will be learning how to set up your own blog so that you can start building it up to be your money making machine.

  • Ask Marcus

This is a unique section where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions form Marcus with anything you have trouble with your business or training.

Although this section is more geared for people who want to ask questions about affiliate marketing and blogging Marcus still does allow other questions.

  • The Tuesday Calls

Tuesday calls are basically weekly live Q&A where you can ask Marcus anything related to your website so you can get feedback.

  • Blogging Basic Training

This is where you learn the essentials of making blogging a success and learning aspects like SEO which is using free training to get sales.

  • Voodoo Plugins

You will get customized plugins that Marcus uses to make great sales and you will have the ability to use these for yourself.

  • Marcus’ blog theme

This is just a theme that Marcus uses on most of his websites to help optimize conversions. You have the option to use it if you wish.

  • Market Flipper training

This section mainly shows you how to target low competition keywords so you can start getting sales quick.

  • Marcus’ money Reports

This section is to help you increase your business more by using marketing tools and strategies like YouTube marketing.

What I do not like about the program

  • No actual supportive community

For beginners it is great to have a community to learn from daily. Although there is a section for asking questions from Marcus but I somehow feel that is not really enough.

  • Not enough testimonials

There are not a lot of testimonials to validate that people are really killing it when it comes to this course which can make people question a lot.

What I do like about Blog Profit Network

  • Very affordable

The program/course is one of the most affordable I have seen and this is a huge plus since most people can be able to use.

  • Creator has credibility

Marcus is not hidden himself and he has also created many other course to help others make money for quite a lot time which shows how legit he is.

  • Good support

Although I did say they there is no active community to help you out 24/7 we can still see that there is a good support in place in the way of asking questions in the forum or via the weekly live Q&A with Marcus.

Is Blog Profit Network a scam?

I want to not beat about the bush and say that the Blog Profit Network is not a scam at all and it will be able to help you make money as long as you can apply all the methods.

The only issue is that you may need to figure out some parts for your business since the training is not as straightforward as one can expect.

Is Blog Profit Network worth it?

If you already know a bit about blogging or affiliate marketing than it will be worth it for you because you will already have some knowledge of how to run the business.

My worry is for people who are just starting out as they may need guidance (that is what I needed anyway when I started which was very helpful).

Final thoughts

If you are looking to start blogging and making money with your blog/website than you may have come across many programs promising to help you like Blog Profit Network.

This program is legit as it is made by a person who has been helping many people with making money with blogs.

The program is one of the cheapest out there and it is in the form of membership or forum where you pay a monthly fee to get into the training.

The course is also comprehensive, however it may not have a structure that you may be looking for that will help you have a business that will help you.

You will kind of need more guidance to make all of this work for you in many aspects.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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