Bitlocity Review-Is this a Bitcoin scam?

Welcome to my bitlocity review where I tell you all you need to know even it comes to this program so that you will be able to make up your mind at the end whether this opportunity is good for your or not and also if it is a scam or not.

With many people looking at different ways to make money MLM has become one of the most sought after business model for many.

I also started doing MLM in 2016 which ended up not working, However I ended up finding something which was way better.

You can check the training/Business model which allowed me to quit my job and work full time online.

Without further, let’s get started with the review.

Bitlocity review

Program name: Bitlocity

Creator:No visible

Price: from $25 rating:1 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Not too costly to start


  • Pyramid scheme model
  • Hard to follow and succeed
  • Very new in the market

Bitlocity Overview

bitlocity is basically a Multi Level Marketing business where you get paid by recruiting people under you and you will be paid by bitcoins.

The worst part is that the program has no product that you see as your commission is from recruiting only. The program has been developed after there has been a huge hype about bitcoin.

Most people tend to have an interested in bitcoin especially given the news that we get on a daily basis about this resource on the media.

Sometimes it even seems like you are left behind when you hear people talking about such.

However if you are interested in earning money through mainly recruiting other perhaps this program is good for you.

How does the Bilocity work?

I personally do not invest or put effort in pyramid schemes because they always come back and bit you later on in life.

So it is the same with this program or system as well.

Here is how a pyramid scheme actually works:

  • Recruit someone into your “team” and earn commission by your referral
  • If that person also recruits others the same will happen to them but even more than that is that you will also earn an additional commission.
  • There is no product or service being sold or promoted.

Pyramid schemes have been out for years and most of them end up shutting down due to the fact that they are not sustainable at all.

Bitlocity compensation plan

Just like with any MLM business you will earn equivalent to the membership that you decide to join under. The higher membership you are in the more you will pay.

Let us look at some of these compensations:

  • Low membership compensation levels

For lower membership compensation you are allowed 2 spots of the people that you will recruit under you and you will get a commission of the one person you recruited and the second person you recruited the commission will go to the person who recruited you.

This is mainly for Bronze and Silver membership levels.

  • Higher memberships

If you join higher membership then you will be able to recruit even more people under you. From the Gold membership upwards you will have the ability to recruit 3 people and from the 3 you will be able to earn a commission of those two people and the third person the commission will go to the person who recruited you.

How much does Bitlocity program cost?

Knowing the price of a program that you are looking to join is vital for your investment as it will help you decided if this is worth it or not.

Well for this program there are different membership levels which you can join and they all vary. Remember that you will need bitcoins in order to join the program to begin with.

Here is a summary of these for you:

  • Bronze=$25
  • Silver=$50
  • Gold=$75
  • Platinum=$100
  • Pearl=$200
  • Ruby=$750
  • Sapphire $1000

The list goes on and the highest membership there is for the program is called crown ambassador which cost $100, 000

You can already see how much money one can spend on this if they want to use the whole program and get all the benefits.

This shows that it is not for people who are looking for a way to make money online and do not have the finances in check.

Is Bilocity a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is legit or and whether it is worth it or not.

Bitlocity is a downright scam according to my books and as I have mentioned before that the structure follows that of a pyramid scheme exactly where there is no product or service in place.

The other aspect is that you are required to pay huge sums to join the program and yet you still do not even earn a fraction of what you paid.

On top of that you will have to deal with some transaction payment that will have to be factored in.

Is Bitlocity worth it?

You may be wondering if you should even try this program for making money online, however my advice is to stay away from it if you want to make money legitimately like I do.

Over past few years I have joined many programs in the hopes of making money online and I can easily see ones which are not worth you time.

Bitlocity is one of those programs.

Are there any Bitlocity alternatives

Yes there are many alternatives to Bitlocity and most of them are not pyramid schemes and are MLM.

As much I do know they do work but I would suggest if you want to make passive income (money while you sleep) then it is better to get legit training to make money online.

One program that helped me to start making money online is Wealthy Affiliate and it is good become it is beginner-friendly.

You can check it out here of how it helped me start making money online as a beginner back in 2018.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money whether online or any other place you do not a system which has been proven to work for years.

Multi Level Marketing is a business model which has been working for years however the issue is that most of the programs that adopt this model end up doing it wrong and thus end up having something called a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme.

I have also been involved in many MLM companies and luckily I never got involved with those that are pyramid schemes.

Bitlocity is an MLM company which focuses on bitcoin, however the issue is that the whole program operates as a pyramid scheme.

This is due to the fact that the program is focused on only recruiting people in order for them to get a commission or make money as there is no product or service being promoted.

The whole program is quite expensive too which will make it hard even for most people to join and make decent amount of money.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. if you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

6 thoughts on “Bitlocity Review-Is this a Bitcoin scam?”

  1. Hi Thabo, I don’t really get products like this one. For me if I was going to buy BTC I would just buy some from coinbase then try and set a target to withdraw ($60K to $1USD for example) I guess it is more long term though I know people can make money from the short term fluctuations (same as forex) but very skeptical of anything like this.

    I think safest bet to invest in cryptos longer term with a trade goal in mind and try to invest ahead of time. Also, building a sustainable business should not have so many risks associated with it I don’t think exactly why I’m trying to master blogging and marketing.

    1. Hey Alex

      Yeah one needs to have a certain skill when it comes to cushc so that they will be able to make money easily in the long term just like Forex.
      I am glad you are also into blogging. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Thabo,

    When it comes to making money whether online or any other place all you need is to get a system that has been proven to work over the years.
    One such system is the bitlocity.
    Bitlocity as a company mainly focuses on bitcoin, it is basically a Multi Level Marketing business where one gets paid by recruiting people under them and they will be paid in bitcoins.

    It is highly recommended for all who want to start making money online. Anyone that is interested in earning money online by just merely recruiting others should take up the Bitlocity program it is very good


    1. Hey Samantha

      Thank you for your feedback. I do agree that people should use something proven to work because that is what helped me. Although I do not fully agree with you about Bitlocity I can see that people must look into systems that can work for them For me I do not like any MLM systems as there is always one person benefiting.

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    Good luck

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