Billy Gene is Marketing Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to Billy gene is marketing Review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this program so that you will be able to make your own decision.

I am sure that you have been one of the people who have been looking for best courses or ways to make money online in the best way.

Billy gene is marketing claims to be a program that will help you do this with the best methods and experts who know how to do help you do this.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Billy Gene is Marketing Review

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What is Billy gene is marketing?

Billy Gene is marketing is a program that focuses on teaching you ways to be a great marketer. If you are a person who wants to be a professional marketer or you just want to improve your skills.

This program has causes which teach you how to master email marketing and social media so you can rank up sales.

This is the reasons I got curious to know about what this program was all about because I wanted to up skill myself in these areas.

Who is the creator of Billy gene is marketing?

Billy Gene was created by a professional marketer called Billy Gene (I know right) as he got his experience and expertise in a marketing and sales company called At&T.

He also has a Master’s Degree in marketing and sales and has been able to use all his knowledge and expertise on creating a course to help people.

This arouse when he saw that At&T were lacking on many marketing and sales which could have helped them grow more.

To date he has two course, One course is this one called Billy is marketing and the other one is Billy is Sales training where he teaches people how to make money with email marketing.

From all the credentials that I talked about we can see that the creator is pretty much very experienced and has loads of knowledge when it comes to this department of marketing and sales.

So let’s dive into how the program really works.

How does Billy Gene is Marketing work?

The program basically teaches you ways to marketing and thus you will go over 12 courses which focus on teaching you marketing.

You will be learning this through a series of videos where Billy will be teaching you from email marketing and social media.

You will also learn through PDF that you will be able to need to know when it comes to marketing.

Each course will teach you something specific. For example one course will teach you email marketing where the other is all about social media.

I ill go over each of these specifically.

  • Email marketing course

Here you will learn through 12 courses what you really need to know to make your audience really be engaged with you and Billy believes that this way is one of the best to stay successful online for a long time.

Here are the 12 courses:

  1. Creating broad cast email to get your message out and effective.
  2. How to write autoresponder emails.
  3. How to write Link-Build emails
  4. How to get sales letters.
  5. How to create attractive email templates
  6. Writing compelling email subject line part 1
  7. How to write compelling email subject line part 2.
  8. Email design tips
  9. Common email mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
  10. Billy’s personal files of emails that work very well
  11. His big list of “push” to write a copy like a pro
  12. How to write continuous emails that get results over and over.

Social media

Let us now look at what you will typically learn on the social media part of the course.

  • Creating content to get fans raving behind your brand
  • Get your message out there with social media fully
  • How to deal with negative comments online that you will always get.
  • How to retain fans
  • Converting them into customers
  • Increasing sales with social media.

What are the features of Billy Gene is Marketing?

Now, I included this section because Billy Gene is Marketing is basically a huge platform which has so many courses to deal with.

The program or platform is so big that there are some programs that you will not see again and will never be updated.

So here I will just be pointing out the ones that are recent and you can be able to see and use.

I will just go over the list of these so you can be able to know them.

  • The school of genuius

This is basically where Billy shows you how to sell like a professional and be able to make money easily.

You will be taught skills that are needed so that if you follow them well you can keep making money online.

You will be learning aspects like keywords, writing articles, promoting offers etc. These are basically all the things you will need to make money and it is called affiliate marketing. It is just names differently.

  • Clicks into suctomers

This course will help you turn social media followers into real sales at will and here there are so many courses that you will be overwhelmed.

Is Billy Gene is marketing a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that the program is not a scam and here are the reasons that I think and say that.

  • The creator is very experienced and quailified

As we have seen that Billy has a lot of good credentials which shows that he has loads of knowledge about this subject of marketing and sales.

It is easy to understand someone who is like that.

  • Program is comprehensive

Having a program with so much is so great as it helps us know that at least we are getting a lot for our money.

The program has social media and email which are very hard topics to deal with even when you have become a professional marketer (trust me I know).

Is Billy Gene is Marketing work it?

Well the course is definetly not worth it according to me and the simple reason is that there is too much information that can end up confusing you.

Never mind the fact that you will also be dealing with information that is not updated well.

Any course that works should be simple to understand so you can quickly make money.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online the best thing to always know is that you need to right information to make it works.

There are many courses out there however not all of them are really worth it as they are scams.

Billy Gene is Marketing is a course that is basically made to help people learn skills for making money the most easy and simple way.

Billy Gene, the creator, is very experienced when it comes to marketing and sales and the other aspect is that his has qualifications for sales.

He has many courses which he has made including Billy Gene Is Marketing which is recent.

The course is comprehensive and legit, however the only issue is that the course is basically very complicated for an average Joe to understand and follow as it is not structured well.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal,

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