Betting Gods Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Betting Gods Review where I will be telling you whether this program is worth it or not so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

If you agree in to anything that helps you make money you may have looked at many options including betting.

This means that you will be able to know what this takes when it comes to making money and you may be familiar with many things associated with it.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I have been making money online and I now help people be able to do the same daily.

I was able to quit my job in 2019 and work online so that I can be able to focus on things that help others also reach financial freedom.

This is why I always look at program and do loads of research so you will not be misled and thus make good informed decisions.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Betting Gods Review

Program name: Betting Gods

Creator: Darren Moore

Niche: betting rating:3 out of 5

What is Betting Gods?

Betting Gods is simply a company that helps give out information by giving out tipsters. This means that it hosts a lot of professional to help give out tips on betting.

This is because the company has been able to see that betting tips are super popular in the betting world and this trend will continue as the years go as more people are looking for ways to make a buck.

There are so many putters on the platform who are ready to use the service from Betting God and thus that is the reason they are said to be the top in the industry.

All their Professionals are top in the industry and have proven to produce good results which make the platform more reputable.

If you go on social media you will likely see that more and more people are using this service to advance themselves with betting.

So no matter how you are trying to bet whether Football, horse racing etc you will be able to find your niche and get the tips you require.

The platform has been connecting tipsters and putters for years and thus they pride themselves with giving the best in the industry.

Betting Gods do not just give out tips but they also give out Professional picks.

Who is the creator of Betting Gods?

With any service it is good to always check who is behind the service so we can see if we are dealing with a real person or not and if he is worthy to be trusted or not.

The service is mainly created and run by Darren Moore who started out as an affiliate marketer for a tipster website online and later started his own thing.

When he started his own thing (betting company for tips) it did not take off and thus had to star over again and that is when Betting Gods was born.

The company has since been super successful and has helped a lot of people.

He has also been in the game for quit a long time and thus has learnt a lot about the ups and downs of the industry which is why he knows how to help people in this game.

The main thing I like about Darren is that he is able to make things transparent for people which I guess is what sets his company apart.

He also does not like to take the credit for the company as he sees it as a sharing information platform and he is just the facilitator.

Not many people are able to say that have created a platform to help people succeed in this game without scamming people but Darren has been in the game with this platform for long and has been reputable.

It is wise for use to look at how it works and see just how helpful it could be to people looking to use it.

In any case we can say that the platform is basically good that it has a creator who is basically there to help people out.

How does Betting Gods work?

Betting Gods has an array of sports to choose from and they will all differ in how they give you advice.

The main thing that you need to do though is that you need to create and account that you will use for your betting. This account will allow you to have access to all the tipsters easily and fast.

You will have a 30-day trial for your account and afterwards you will then have to pay a fee for using the service.

The way the service works is that on your chosen sport you will have professionals to choose from who will guide you.

For example if you choose Horse racing you will be able to get probabilities of the horses wins and also the best for that day.

The good thing is that you will be able to also get some tips on how to manage your betting because the platform understands that money management is key.

They know that you will have some losing streaks too and the best betters know this and are able to capitalize on this and win more over time.

So if you follow the advice of your chosen professional you will likely see more results over time.

The worst thing one can do is just look at this whole thing as gambling and unfortunately that is what other similar services do for people.

The main idea of the service is to help you do your rational thinking after getting advice from the tipsters who are there for you.

You will have to understand that this service does not provide a get rich scheme at all which makes it one of the prominent platforms out there.

What are the features of Betting Gods

This platform you help you be able to help you get daily advice from people so that you will not be able to struggle with bets daily.

This also means that your chosen sport will have an expert who has shown results over time who will help you make money easily.

Below are the sports you will get advice and tips from:

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Horse racing

Let me explain each of these:

  • Football tipsters

This service is basically what will give you 1 or 2 tips a day. You will also get some advice for these tips.

The average monthly profits for this is said to be in the ranges of $100 to $200 which is quite a lot for betting.

The only thing you need to know is that these are not guarantee profits since the accuracy is about 50% generally.

  • Golf Betting Expert

The average win for the golf is more than football as it is about $300 and the win rate is way higher also.

This means that you will have more wins if you focus on Golf generally and I think this is because golf generally has less constraints to look at.

Most people feel they benefit with this more than any other, The other is that you have to keep in mind that the Golf id more of a long term thing.

  • Horse racing tipsters

The win rate for horse racing is also high since it has been one of the oldest which means they generally know what usually works,

The average win for this is $250

What I like about Betting Gods

  • Real and expert owner

Darren is a well-known figure who is mainly focused on ensuring that you get the best service since he has been in the game for very long which can help you with his experience.

This is because he knows what is working and what is not and more than that he has surrounded himself with many experts.

  • Many experts

The platform has many people who are experts at different things and will be able to help you achieve your goals.

  • Daily tips

It is great that you will also be able to get tips throughout the day which will help you with your planning even if you get confused.

  • Realistic advice

You are not promised quick riches by using the service as you are told the success rate and also given advice about money management.

Most platform like this do not do this.

  • Many positive reviews online

If you go online there you will be able to go to see many positive reviews which is something that will be able to help you see that the platform does help those who are serious.

What I do not like about Betting Gods

  • Not sustsainable

For most people this will not be sustainable due to the way this game is and how it operates.

  • Not all bets are there

There are mainly 3 sports so for other sports it will not be able to be there for you to use. Other sports which you can get are the following:

  • Esports
  • Basketball
  • NHL
  • Cricket
  • and more

Is Betting Gods a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this platform is a scam or not. The simple answer is that the platform is not a scam at all.

This means that you will be able to sue it and benefit from it and here are the reasons I say that the platform is not a scam:

  • Owner is real and expert
  • The professional in the platform are legit
  • You are not promised quick riches

How I make money online

Now I truly believe that if you are looking to make money you really need to focus on a system that will really help you make real money.

This is usually something that can be a business and you will n need to build it from scratch and that is what I did with all my businesses, they are all skills.

I make money in two ways online.

  1. Affiliate markerting
  2. Forex Trading
  • Affiliate markerting

Affiliate marketing is basically where you are selling people’s products using a platform like a website or YouTube channel.

You get a commission for any sale you make for that product. This can accumulate to become a full time income as time goes.

This means that you will be able to make money for as long as you have your platforms and this is what happens for me.

However the issue is that you really need to learn these skills and it is always good to get a mentor to show or a reliable programs.

One of the programs that helped me was Wealthy affiliate which has all the training required to do so.

The program equips you will all the tools you need to make money and a community of people who are willing to help you.

This is what was able to help me achieve success in the long run.

The program is also one of the most reliable which since it has a free trail for you to check out the training where you get a free website and 10 training videos.

Once satisfied you can then go for the premium level. This is the program that helped me go from $0 to a full time income in no time.

This was possible for me in only 6 months of putting in the work from the training. You can check my earnings below.

The good thing is that anyone can do this since it is relatively simple and straight forward as I was able to achieve results as a beginner.

You can check out my full story below and how I achieved this using the program.

  • Forex Trading

Forex Trading is the other way I make money online which is another skill I developed over a few years.

I also joined a program that was able to help me achieve the results over time and I can say it was one of the best investments I have ever made.

I have since achieved great results with this skill as you can see on my income reports for Forex Trading.

Due to people asking me to help them as they saw many people achieving results after I taught them I ended making a course to help me students.

My course has helped many students develop the skill and achieve their financial freedom as I make sure that each student has results I can see as I follow through with them.

You can check out how my course works below and how it is helping others who are newbies just like you.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online you will need to follow something that you feel will really resonate with you and help you.

This also means that you will need to put in some investment especially if you want to make money faster since paying someone or a course can help you get a shortcut.

When it comes to making money online betting is one of these ways and Betting Gods is one of the best ways one can be able to achieve this goal in a short space of time since it is a platform dedicated to help people.

When it comes to Betting Gods you will be able to make money doing bets for different sports by getting tips from this platform.

This is not a get rich scheme however it will help you be able to achieve success if you follow the tips that you are given.

The platform is not a scam as it has a real creator who has proven to make things work and has been in the industry for very long as is there to help people succeed.

They also have a 30-day trial to help you check out the program before committing.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

6 thoughts on “Betting Gods Review-Is this a scam?”

  1. Betting Gods looks like an excellent opportunity to people who like gambling, but It never interests me. I am glad this platform doesn’t promise quick riches. I believe your top recommendation is, Affiliate Marketing is a better approach to making decent money online. Your result with Clickbank also motivates me. 🙂

    1. hey Matt

      each person must choose what fits them and I am glad you like affiliate marketing and that it motivates you.

  2. Betting god seems to be a gamble with money and can it be a forsure thing and retire with these kind of odds. Are the games hard to play so I lose my money fast and catch on later after I lose my money.
    Forex trading does seem to be a good way to get money in other ways. If you happen to be a good trainer we are willing to learn.


    1. Yes it is more of a game more than anything and you can learn it too. Yeah Forex Trading is my favourite skill that I do daily. Yes I can teach you if you are willing to put in the work.

  3. Betting gods is an interesting concept and program – and it seems to work in some way since there are a lot of positive reviews online. How much does it cost to join and are there any monthly fees as a member? Is there a contract stipulating that membership is over a certain period with renewals thereafter. If so, is there a penalty fee you pay if you choose to leave the program?
    Many thanks


    1. Yes it is a legit program although I would not use it personally. The program has different costs depending on which betting service you are looking to get tips from.

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