Best Headphones For Working At Home in 2021

As we know that working from home has become quite a trend these days. But when you work from home, you have to tackle a lot of challenges.

You all face a lot of distractions that you face and you need a pair of headphones to combat with those distractions. Headphones are a basic necessity for everyone. So today I show you the best headphones for working at home.

From work calls to video meetings, and video conferences, you need a good pair of headphones having a microphone and good speakers.

When you search for best headphones for working at home, you get a lot of options and you can easily get confused that which one you should by. In this article, we will review some best headphones that you can buy to work from home online.

In the end, you will be able to decide which headphone is best for you and have the desired features that you need.

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What are the best Headphones For Working At Home?

We have selected some top-quality headphones that are best if you want to work from home online. Some of them are multi-puporse that you can use for work calls, music listening, and game playing, etc.

1. Jabra Evolve2 65 UC Wireless Headphones

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These Jabra wireless headphones have an excellent build quality. They have some high quality padding on both sides of the speakers and the foam used for padding soft and firm.

It also comes with a smart moveable microphone. It automatically gets muted it is flipped up and gets unmuted when you flip it down. It is an excellent choice for people that have privacy concerns as you can quickly switch from privacy to regular call by flipping the microphone.

The sound quality of it’s microphone is extra-ordinary. The voice heard on the other side of the call is very loud and clear. There is no lag or distortion in the voice and it provides clear communication. It also comes with active noise cancellation technology.

It means that the microphone will cancel all other surrounding noises and will only catch the voice of the speaker loud and clear.

These wireless headphones has a battery backup of 37 hours. Which means that you can use them all day for multitasking by doing a single charge.

It means that now you don’t need to worry about the battery of your headset. You also get a busy light indicator in these headsets. It is visible from all angles and when you are on a call it automatically turns on and let others know that you are busy and you don’t want to be disturbed.

2. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

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Plantronics is one of the leading manufacturers of headphones from over 7 decades. Their Voyager Focus headset is UC certified and it comes with a great sound. You can easily connect them with laptops, mobile phones, and other devices via Bluetooth.

It comes with a triple mic technology that provides you with superior and active noise cancellation. You also get an open mic button in these headphones by using which you can want to head the sounds from your surrounding.

These are one of the most comfortable headphones for all day long wearing. It has a soft rubber tops that fits your head comfortably. It is adjustable and any person can easily wear these headphones without about their fitting.

These headphones comes with a lot of smart sensors. Now you can automatically answer the calls by simply putting these headphones on and you they are automatically muted when you take them off.

Both sides of these headphones have powerful sound drivers. They provide you loud and clear sound. You won’t feel any breaking or distortion in the sound.

You can also flip the mic both forward and backward very conveniently. Overall these headphones are one of the best choices for multi-tasking and work from home.


3. Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Logitech is a well-known company that produces a lot of computer and mobile accessories. Headphones are their one of the specialties.

Logitech zone wireless Bluetooth headset are very lightweight, foldable, and comfortable. The leatherette earpads provides you with extra comfort and they also has Qi wireless charging technology.

One of the highlighting features of these headphones is that, you can connect them with two devices at a same time without any kind of issues.

You get Volume, mute, and ANC buttons that are easily reachable when you are wearing them. They provide you with a battery backup of 14-16 hours once they are fully charged. So, they are pretty much enough for all your work from home needs.

The folding feature of these headphones provide them with a competitive advantage over many other headphones in this range. You can hardly find this feature in premium headphones and it makes them very much portable.

You also get a beautiful nylon travel bag to carry these headphones with you when you are traveling somewhere.

You can also download the logi tune app to customize these headphones. You can adjust the EQ levels according to your choice and can do much more customization.

4. Yamay Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

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If you are someone looking for a set of good quality headphones in budget range, then you can consider Yamay Bluetooth headphones.

If you are just an occasional headphone user who only use them to listen to calls or for work then these headphones can perform very well.

They have a nice and soft padding on both sides of the drivers that gives you a comfortable feel when you wear them. The microphone is also flexible and bendable that can provide you with active noise cancellation.

You also get a dedicate mute button which you can use to mute and unmute your microphone whenever you need. The other buttons like sound control, trace skip etc are also easily reachable.

They provide you with a battery backup of around 15 hours which is enough for occasional usage. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology can connect them with any device like mobile, laptops, tablets, etc.

It provides you long range connectivity that allows you to do multi-tasking. It takes only two hours to fully charge these headphones and then you can get a decent battery backup.

Final thoughts

People who are looking to work well at home it is great to look at the best tools for doing this and one of the best tools to look at are the best headphone

The best headphones must be able to be comfortable and help you to be able to work well and productive without causing distractions on your health.

Most people just get headphones just because they look good and do not look at the finer details which I tried to focus on in this review.

I hope the article was helpful for you and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

8 thoughts on “Best Headphones For Working At Home in 2021”

  1. Great post! Ever since everyone had to start working from home, finding the right pair of headphones for working from home has become more important than ever. As someone who fields client calls all day every day, it has been critical for me to have good, reliable call quality. I went a little overboard with my work from home headphone set up and bought a Senheisser x Massdrop 6XX set of headphones and a yeticaster microphone. Super expensive and takes up more space than the headset options you’ve outline, but I love it. With that said, though, I often times forget I’m wearing my 6XX’s, get up to go to the bathroom and immediately wince as I may have just broken the cable on my fancy headphones. I’ve been considering going wireless for a while now as a result. I think I’ll check out the Yamay Bluetooth headphones with microphone thanks to your suggestion. You wouldn’t happen to have a full review of the product would you? I’d love to learn more from a first hand account. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Dev
      I feel you struggle with not having wireless headphones however once you convert you will really see an improvement in all your engaments that you will have.
      You will really see what I mean about this once you have your set.

  2. I am also working from home and although I am able to do my online classes without headphones I think that it would be more convenient to get a set, because sometimes there are too many outside distractions that may interrupt my classes.
    Which of these headphones do you recommend the most?

    1. Yes I think I am exactly like you when it comes to working with classes online and that is why I have decided to buy headphones, they really do help. I recommend logitech as they have top quality and will not be a huge discomfort,

  3. Hi and thanks for this review of different headsets suitable for remote working. I have been working from home since March last year and to my shame, I am still using very cheap wired earbuds and the built-in microphone on my work laptop.
    I guess my problem with these headsets is that my laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth and I wouldn’t want to take up one of only two USB ports to connect a Bluetooth interface. I am using the main audio 3 mm jack and that works for me, I also find that I frequently need to jump from one kind of meeting to another and I want to avoid technical hitches as they will waste valuable time I encounter most problems switching between Microsoft Teams meetings and Webex or Zoom. When it goes wrong my laptop can no longer find the camera and some of the features stop working and usually, I just have to reboot but that takes around 3 to 4 minutes which is a pain when a dozen or more people on the conference are waiting.
    Anyway, the issue of a good quality headset is one I should fix. One of the reasons I opted for the earbuds is that with headphones my ears start sweating and even burning after a time So I really need something that is wired and sits very lightly on the head. Thanks for this as you have inspired me to look into this and fix this problem.
    Best regards

    1. Hey Andy

      Earbuds are so bad to my ears so that is the reason I never use them. If you feel headphones give you sweaty ears than you could easily use them for a few minutes and take a break after 15 minutes of using them.

      If you are always on your laptop it is ideal to focus on headphones as they will do less damage to your ears.

  4. Hello, I am a lover of headphones, while I am in the room, walking or traveling I always wear them! I like this post, it is very simple, with an extensive and clear description of each individual headset. I can say that Logitech are great because I have used them, so a warm recommendation for them. Now I’m thinking of buying the Plantronics headphones described here. I like the setup and the comfort they provide, as well as the smart sensors. A lot of things can be done with them with ease and they also look nice visually.
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the review and were able to benefit.
      Yes logitech is top range for headphones indeed.

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