Bad Ass Marketers Review 2022-Is BAM Legitimate?

If you have looking for a way to make money online then the chances are that you may have bumped into many courses that promise to help you do this.

The truth is that not all of these are legit so it is vital to always check before joining and that is why I am here to see you doing some research on this course called Bad Ass marketer. I will be doing a full Bad Ass Marketer Review for you.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I am a full time online earner who left his office jobs in 2019 to work online and travel the world.

I now help people be able to find the best ways to make money online as I have many online skills which help me have different source of income which I will also talk about in this review.

My goal on this review is to not tell you whether to take this course or not or any other course for that matter. My aim is to help you main your own informed choice with my guidance.

So expect to decide for yourself and not me convincing you or anything like other experts online.

Anyway without further ado, lets get started with this review

Bad Ass marketer Review

Program name: Bad Ass Marketer


Niche: Lead generation

Creator:Joshua T. Osborne

Price:$5k rating:4 out of 5

What is bad Ass Marketers?

Bad Ass Marketers is simply a lead generation business which means you will be getting clients for small businesses online.

This is where you set up a website and help small businesses get leads and they will be happy to pay in an income monthly for this.

The key though is to keep bringing in clients for these business so that you can get a passive income from the small business.

The main thing to remember is that there are so many businesses looking to go online and get leads but they can not so that is where you come into the picture.

This business model has blown up ever since the start of the pandemic and it is still growing hard as more businesses look for these services.

You can imagine how much you can make if you have the skills to help as there are millions of businesses you can target and help around the world.

It is even better if you know other languages as this will help you have more choices to choose from.

However, here is a spoiler alert…I’m sorry, but I have to say it.

This business model is one of the most competitive online now along with other business models like affiliate marketing.

This is because these models generally have a low barrier of entry and more than that it has been the most advertised online since the pandemic.

So if you are starting out now you either have to have a lot of money so you can accelerate success or have a skill that Will be different and that is where the course you get comes in.

We will look at how Bad Ass Marketer actually works and if it will set you apart from millions of competitors or not so you do not waste anytime.

Who is the creator of Bad Ass Marketer?

It is vital to know who the creator of Bad Ass Marketer or any program before joining so you will have a deeper understanding.

The Bad Ass Marketer is made by Joshua T. Osborne who is a well-known entrepreneur who got his skills the very hard way.

He was able to establish his online lead generation services to local business owners at first and learnt to do things like ads which helps him scale up his work.

He was only able to do this after getting some mentorship from his mentor/friend.

His story is one of the most inspirational because it basically shows rags-to-riches at its best. This is because he did not come to business like normal people.

The way he found out about making money online was through a friend of his when he had been constantly been in prison for his bad lifestyle.

After that he decided to change all his ways and financial freedom was what he wanted most and thus his friend helped him along the way.

He is now well-known and his legitimacy is not doubted at all. He has so many followers on many social media platforms like YouTube.

As you can see it is good that we are dealing with a legit person who knows what he is doing and can guide you or anyone.

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How does Bad ass marketer work?

Bad Ass Marketer as I said above is where you are the person finding clients for businesses. You could say you are the middleman of business success in a way.

This means that you will really need to ensure that you have a system that will benefit business owners and will always help them well.

The course is quite extensive as we will see and I will show you what you will be learning:

Mindset fixation

This part is where you are told about the reality of this business and that you need to be realistic when you come into it.

I like the fact that the course will tell you on the onset that you should not have a mentality of making money quick which is what most course will lead you to believe.

In fact this is the main reason this mindset section is included so that you can be able easily know the truth and not have big expectations at first.

You will also learn general rules of having a business mindset in general so that you can have the ability to keep this mindset for any business which I also thought was cool.

Most get-rich-quick schemes like Cash Formula and Mobile Sniper will do the opposite to make you pay money.

These are programs of schemes to avoid totally if you are looking to make money.

Make your own website for lead generation

This section is the practical part where you will be learning the easy way to make your own website without any specialized skills.

You will be taught about domains and webhosting and given places you can go and register your own. You could use their recommended places or you could choose your own.

This part will also go over some ways to make your website look appealing even though that is not the aim for the program.

You will also learn things about how to place ads and also how to make your website easy for people to navigate when they visit it which is crucial for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

This section is where you will be taught how to make your website rank so your potential leads will easily find you.

If you can’t do this you might as well forget about doing this business because it is the core of getting your leads especially if you want to start without too much investment.

if you have investment then ads will be a good addition to this in helping you get leads.

You will be learning two types of SEO. On page SEO and Off page SEO.

Here is a brief description of these:

  • On Page SEO

On page SEO is basically where you internally link with other links of your website so that you can increase the time people stay on your website which is called user experience enhancement.

  • Off page SEO

This technique is basically where you will be externally linking in your website to show Google or other site engines that your website is legit and not just doing its own thing.

Google Maps

Google Maps is what you will need to make your website super visible especially to local business and Google will love you for this.

You will learn how to do this yourself so that you can do it on any website and for any location.

Paid ads Training

This part is the most important as it will help you yield results super fast. You will learn how to do things like Facebook ads, Google ads as a way to target and get leads.

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The only issue is that you will need to test and check which one works better so you can scale. This process takes a long time though.

Client retention

This part is where you will be learning the art of having many clients and being able to deal with them so you can have long term relationship with them.

It is one thing to get customers who buy once but getting clients who stay for long is what separates to successful from the super successful.

What you will get Inside Bad Ass Marketer

Let’s check what you will get inside Bad Ass marketer.

  • Walk through video

You will get a video showing you all about the course and also how the business generally goes so you have a bit of an understanding.

  • Training

You will get the core training that I have mentioned above that will take you all the way through to understanding the program and getting the skills.

There are videos and training documents so that you can learn well.

  • Facebook private group

You will also have access to the Facebook Private Group where you will meet like-minded people who will help you if you get stuck and you can also help them.

The group is not too active as you will see but you will get a lot of help from others who are asking and answering questions.

You are encouraged by the creator to ask questions in the group so that you can get help which is what most people do not and that is the reason the group tends to be quite.

How much Bad Ass Marketer costs?

With any course you get it is always good to find out what you will be paying so you can check if it is worth that value or not.

Bad ass marketers will cost you $5000 and you will only know the price once you get a call from the course coordinators.

This will be their way of closing you so that you can buy their program.

This is basically the same way that JT Foxx and his company works when it comes to making people pay. I still feel it is a dodgy way of doing business until this day.

The price is normally charged with the mind that you will easily make this money back but it does not work that way as it is hard to get started and will take you some time to start making money.

What I like about Bad Ass Marketers

  • Real creator who is legit

As I have discussed that we are dealing with someone who is legit and will be able to help you as he has gone through the same way of looking to make money online.

It is unlike other programs where the creators are hidden.

  • Legit business model

The business model is legit and is used by many to make passive income monthly.

  • Industry is growing

The lead generation industry is growing rapidly so if one does not tap in now it may be harder in the future.

  • Good support

The creator of the course is helpful and encourages users to succeed which is rare for most programs these days.

What I do not like about Bad Ass Marketers

  • Very competitive

You will really need to work hard to make this work let alone the costs you need to stand out in general from others.

If you have money to invest then it is easier.

  • Very expensive course

The course is super expensive which means it will make you really pay before you can even get results. For example, you will not only pay for the course but you will also have to pay for your ads like Facebook ads while you are still testing.

Every top marketer knows how hard this is at first if you have not found what works. So unless you have money to do this you might as well not do this course.

What are the Bad Ass Marketer customer testimonials?

Testimonials are very key when it comes to finding out if a program is worth it or not. So with BAM generally it is said to be an okay program by people who have used it.

As you can see the people in places like TrustPilot and Reedit voicing out there statements.

Judging by this we can say there are no huge issues with the program at all aside from a few complaints here and there.

Is Bad Ass Marketer a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you if this is a scam or not. The simple answer is that the program is not a scam.

However it does tend to go close to being a scam for a number of the reasons that I highlighted above such as

  • Price not being revealed clearly
  • Craetor not too present on Facebook group
  • Similar to other programs in lead generation.

Do I recommend Bad ass marketers?

Remember what I said at the start?

yep, I will not tell you what to do so hopefully you have decided if lead generation is your thing and if this course is what can help you and most importantly if you will have the funds for starting with this program.

Again I do recommend it for people who have that kind of money and want to do this business because after all it is a good business and the program is not bad at all given all the factors.

As for me if I were starting I would start with something that will not cost a lot so I can make money and scale later and that is how I started with my online businesses.

My number 1 way to make money in 2022

As I said at the start that I have two sources of income and this is through affiliate marketing and Forex Trading.

Both of these models are good because you can start super small and scale up.

Let me start by talking about my first business model (affiliate marketing).

This one is best for people who are wanting an alternative that is similar to Bad Ass marketers (lead generation).

Instead of making a website to get leads for other business for this business model you will be able to get clients for yourself.

The good thing is you can promote millions or products to make money when they come to your website for as long as your website is online.

Again, just like with BAM, you will need a good program. I can only recommend a program that helped me and if you like it you can also start with it and it is called wealthy affiliate.

The program helped me get to four figures in just 6 months of start out with my website as you can see the results below.

DecemberJuly 2021

The program is good because it comes with a free trial for you to check out before starting out.

The free trail or training will give you 10 free training videos and 2 free websites to practice wheat you learnt.

You can then decide later if this is what you are deciding to follow and build you long term and ever lasting online business.

What I like is that you need no skill except the drive and hunger to make it work.

There are many regular people who are killing it just like me and here are some of them here.

It is also good because you are never forced to sign up since you are not asked about your credit card which is cool and was the reason I have trusted them until now.

If you want to check out how this program helped me and how it can help you then you can check it below.

Second source of income

Forex Trading is my other source of income which has one of the best because you do not have to work 8 hours a day. You can literally work 2 hours a day once you have grasped the skill.

This is the skill that took me a few years to master but once I got it I have shared it with many people which led me to starting a course to help people out.

The course has been helping a lot of people because I am confident of my skill that I can teach any person to make money as long as they are willing to follow the steps.

The good thing is that the course comes with a money back guarantee and that shows how confident I am when it comes to this.

There is no better way to start trading then to follow and expert who has done it for years who is not only legit and real but is there for you every step of the way.

You can check out the course below and see how it helps people.

Final thoughts

Lead generation is one of the well-known ways for people to make money online as long you know what you are doing.

There are tons of courses out there that are ready to help you get started but you just need to be good at finding the right ones.

One of the best ones is Bad Ass Marketers which is basically a program that is made by an ex-convict. It is purely a rags-to-riches story.

The guy is super legit and he knows his stuff and is ready to help people escape their 9-5 jobs.

The program is comprehensive, however it is very expensive for the average person to get as it is $5k.

If you have the money to invest it is worth it but if not there are better alternatives for your pocket like Wealthy affiliate and Trading.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

Bad Ass Marketer Review

Great program

The program is great and will teach you legit stuff to make money.

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