Amazing Selling Machine Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my Amazing Selling Machine Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to making money with this program or not.

If you are looking to an ecom program to help you start the business then you may be interested in trying out this program.

The program is also one of the few ones out there that you can be able to follow step by step even though it may be a bit costly for you.

HI, My name is Thabo and I make a full time income which I started from $0 and was able to achieve within 6 months.

Since I achieved this I have had many other blogs that help me generate other streams of income and now I have developed a new hobby which is to look at programs to help people find the real truth about different programs so I will know that you which ones are actually legit or a scam.

Before I get started with this review I wanted to let you know that, unlike other blogs, I am not affiliated with Amazing Selling Machine which means you can trust that my review was be fully unbiased

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Program name: Amazing Selling Machine Review

Creators: Rich Henderson and Mike McClary

Price:$3k-$4k rating: 3 out of 5

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is basically a program that teaches you how to make money with Amazon called FBA.

Just like with any Amazon FBA program you will always be led to believe that you will start making money online using a system that will be automated.

You are also be told that once all the systems are up then you will be able to make money on autopilot and integrate it.

Who are the creators of Amazing Selling Machine?

The creators of this program are Rich Henderson and Mike McClary who have been involved with this business model for over a decade.

Rich Henderson is the main expert who created the original Amazing Selling Machine course to help those who are looking to make money with Amazon FBA.

It was only in 2014 where Mike McClary became a successful Amazon FBA under the Amazing Selling Machine that Rich decided to partner up with Mike.

What also distinguishes Rich Henderson is the fact that he is not only good with this business model since he is also an expert at affiliate marketing for more than 15 years.

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So you can see that you are dealing with great experts of the industry who have succeeding and are likely to help you succeed too.

Below is an idea of how Amazon FBA works.

How does Amazing Selling Machine work?

So now that you know a bit about the program let us now take a look at how it actually works.

It essentially works in 3 steps;

  1. Product selection
  2. Find suppliers
  3. Drive traffic to your product and scale.
  • Product Selection

Product selection is the key and it will be what will make your business exist.

  • Find suppliers

Suppliers are basically key for help you get the products that are needed by your clients.

  • Drive Traffic to your product

The last stage will be driving your traffic to your product via social media platforms.

Let us now look at the content of the program that you will be getting:

Module 0: Welcome and Overview

This section is where Rich is mainly introducing to you what the business model works and how it can gibe you financial freedom.

It is mainly a sales pitch according to me more than anything. You will also be able to learn how to set up Amazon seller account.

You will also be getting some key tips on avoiding your amazon account from being disabled.

Module 1:Building your opportunity List

This module is basically all about showing you the basics of making this business work. If you are new to Amazon FBA then this module will definitely help you learn all the basics.

Module 2: Product sourcing, Profits

This program is mainly about focusing on sourcing unique products for your Amazon.

Module 3:Ordering Your inventory & creating your brand

The most important aspect of this module is that you are creating a brand because you need to choose the right suppliers.

This means that all you need is to source out suppliers to give you some samples first. You will be learning from Rich Henderson how to do this well.

Module 4:Ensuring Your launch’s success

This module is all about social media set up so that you will be able to launch your products and get more traffic.

This also means that you will be able to get set up for making your business scalable. However, this module is very basics because these days almost any person can be able to do this.

Module 5: The 8 components of the perfect product listing.

In this product you will then be taught how to create your own listing. Here is the process you will learn:

  • Research initial keywords
  • Writing a good title for traffic
  • Create a product listing
  • Calculate product pricing.

Module 6:The Prefect product launch

This module is made by Mike McClary where he teaches you can propel your product on amazon.

Module 7:Advanced Marketing and Traffic tools

This section is merely about helping you get on top of your business daily tasks so you can run your business easily.

Module 8:Taking your business to the next level

This last module is all about helping you scale your business to the next level.

What I like about Amazing Selling Machine

  • The creators are real and experts

Rich and Mike are real experts with more than 10 years when it comes to Amazon FBA which means that they are legit people to follow.

  • The program is always updated

The program is always updated and that is why there are so many updates of this program which have been happening over time.

  • Very comprehensive program

The program is made in such a way that it will be giving you all the information that you need.

  • The business model has been proven

The business model is basically known to work and many people are making money with daily online. The business model is not become very famous now.

  • Easy to follow

The module is super easy to follow especially since most is geared towards beginners.

What I do not like about Amazing Selling Machine

  • Very expensive

The course is quite expensive and one can see that the program is specifically focused on helping people who already have large amounts of money or savings.

  • Amazon FBA is time consuming

You will really need to put in so many years just to earn a penny and that is not what I call financial freedom especially if you are starting out with no money and not a lot of time.

  • Not a lot of real testimonials

Aside from the fact people who promote it as affiliates there are no real testimonials that I have come across yet. This makes it hard for me to even believe it will be worth it.

  • Competition price war

The competition for price is always going on with Amazon. If one seller reduces prices to get more clients it will cause others to do the same.

This means you will be at the mercy of this by reducing production costs and thus quality for your products which will reduce your revenue drastically.

  • You have no control

Amazon is literally controlling your whole business because you are using their platform to make money online.

They can either shut your account down without warning anytime or they can have some interruptions or worse they can have similar products to yours which they offer at best value.

  • Market saturation

Let’s face it most business models are now saturated especially Amazon FBA because there are thousands joining every week.

As the years goes it will be super hard to even make a living using this especially for beginners.

How much does Amazing Selling Machine cost?

The training will cost you $5k and that is just for getting the training with all the videos to follow.

You will still need to spend more money to setting up your business and getting products just to name a few things.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this program is a scam or not. Well the simple answer is that the program is not a scam at all because you can make money using it.

There are a few reasons for this which I will tell you about:

  • Mike is a good example

There is nothing better as having the student of the course being the one who actually shows you that this works because he succeeded doing it.

  • Risk free

You actually get a 30-day money back guarantee which is something that is good to show the confidence the creators have when it comes to this programs.

  • No scam claims

Even though I never saw any real positive testimonials I still have not seen any negative reviews either which could show that it is not too bad.

Programs with bad reviews are usually the ones which make it possible to see that you are dealing with something that is not legit.

How I make money online

I have also tried many ways to make money online and I can say that most do not work or have become saturated over the years.

This I always aim to mentor people with what I do so they can replicate my results in their lives too.

I was able to go from $0 to a full time income in 6 months just by promoting people’s products and making passive income for myself.

The program that helped me was good because it gave me a fee trial for me to use their training to start my business online.

However, once I was in for a couple of days I decided to go premium so that I could be able to focus on making money.

After putting my all for 6 months with their training and their supportive community I was able to make a full time income.

The good thing is that you are not forced to join at all and you do not have to put any credit card details online which I found super cool.

So if that is something that you would also like to try out I will leave the link below.

Final thoughts

Amazon FBA is one of the most well-known business models currently and most people who start out now struggle to make money due to the fact that it is very saturated and needs good expertise.

Amazing Selling Machine is a program that is geared towards helping beginners and intermediates to make money when it comes to the business model.

This is why Rich Henderson created an updated version of this program so that people can learn new and updated information.

Even though that is good I still feel that it is very hard to make money with this business model currently.

The program will give you all the information that is super comprehensive so that you can learn everything so you can hopefully make full time income.

However, the program is not expensive not to mention that you still need to be thinking of the running costs that are associated with all of it.

The program is also risk free since it has a 30-day back guarantee which means that it will be able to help you to see so that you do not have any issues if you feel it is a waste of time.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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