Affilorama scam review-The things you are never told

There are many affiliate programs online which promise you to build a great online business and I am guessing you have been looking at affilorama as a way to build your online empire.

It is important you know exactly what you get by joining any online program. This is the reason today I will be doing an affilorama scam review for you.

Is it really a scam? and is it really worth it?

Well this is exactly what I will be exploring for you thoroughly so you do not miss anything.

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If you have been looking for an unbiased review then you have come to the right place because I always have unbiased reviews of all program since I use them myself or do a ton of research.

Affilorama scam review

A quick background about me before we start:

  • I quit my job at the beginning of 2019 to focus on my online business which is helping me afford my expenses as well as my other side hustles (not a millionaire at all yet but I do afford to support myself)
  • I have been working online from 2016 and have learnt a lot about generating income online.

Now that you know a bit about me let me not waste anytime let us start with the review

Affilorama Review

Product name: Affilorama


Owner:Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Price: Free or $1 and $67 per month rating: 8 out of 10

Affilorama overview

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing company which helps beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers get results online.

Affilorama claims to give you all the tools you will need to succeed in the 21st century with their training content.

The site has tons of training in the form of videos and posts which I would say is good and relevant to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It is completely free to join the platform and start training immediately.

There are options for premium membership which will be beneficial if you are really looking to succeed quicker as these memberships are very exclusive and informative.

Pro and Cons


  • Great for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers
  • Free to join
  • Easy to follow training
  • Help and support center
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Outdated training sections
  • The platform members are not too active for support
  • Too much upsells

How affilorama works

It is important you know exactly what you get by joining any online program

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing platform which serves to help beginner and intermediate marketers.

If you are an advanced marketer this platform will not really work for you and I would just suggest that you look for other platforms.

I would not recommend Wealthy Affiliate too due to the same issue of offering help to beginner and intermediate marketers.

Affilorama has a lot of tasks based lessons in the form of videos and PDF.

Their videos have hundreds of hours to watch and learn from at each stage of your training.

Who is affilorama for?

Earlier on I had said that affilorama is for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers because of its simplicity in its training and learning.

Let me expand more on the types of people who can benefit from this platform in point form:

  • People looking to make money through their websites.
  • People looking for a way to make money online.
  • People who have been struggling to make money online for years.
  • People who are looking for extra income.
  • People who are looking for a new career path.

How much does affilorama cost?

Affilorama scam review

Now let’s talk about what most people dread hearing about, Pricing.

When it comes to Affilorama’s cost it is very expensive for my liking. Even though you do get the value of starting your own business however the cost may be a huge hindrance to most people.

The basic membership is free and you will be able to access anything on the platform whether it is training or lessons or PDF.

However, this free membership is limited and you will likely not get what you are looking for when you are looking to build a stable business online.

This is where you will need to purchase the premium membership which cost $197 once off and the $67 per month to stay on the platform and get everything.

This premium membership is the affiloBlueprint 3.0 system. This would be all you need for succeeding online.

There is still another membership which is called affilojetpack which is deeper that the affiloBlueprint which you can add on top of your free membership.

This will cost you $997 on top of this amount you paid for the affiloBlueprint.

This means that if you take the full package you will pay a total of $997 once off and then monthly installments of above $70.

The program is very good in that they give you trial access with a small amount of $1 and then you pay the $69 if you like it.

This I feel personally is too much for getting started on your business especially if you are new. This is the reason that I ended up starting my online empire with a cheap and similar service called Wealthy Affiliate.

With this service I am getting more for absolutely a fraction of the price and on top of this I am hardly paying any monthly fees.

If you are interested you can check my Wealthy Affiliate review and see how it works.

Support and help

affilorama scam review

The main thing you should always look at when you embark on joining any affiliate program or a platform that promises to help you make money online is the support system.

Why do I say this?

This is because without the proper training and support you will not succeed and if you do it will take a very long time.

When it comes to Affilorama the support is there and it is through email and telephone mostly.

You can also get help through other members in the forum, however the problem is that the forum is not very active.

This I am saying because I am comparing it with Wealth Affiliate which by the way is 24/7.

Training you get

affilorama scam review

Now let’s talk about what you get in terms of training when you join.

Affilorama is split into 8 categories of lessons which are easy and simple to follow. I will talk about them below:

  • Lesson 1

The first lesson is a basic introduction about affiliate marketing and how to succeed in affiliate marketing/

  • Lesson 2

The second lesson is market research portion. Basically you are taught how to research the topics you like or are passionate about.

This will help you know whether the niche you want to venture into is profitable or not before creating your website.

  • Lesson 3

The third lesson is all about creating content on your new niche website. The aim is not only for you to produce content but the lesson talks about how to make the content rank well on google.

The aim is for you to produce very helpful content t which will make people read your content and also google to rank it high.

You will be taught how to do catchy headlines which will help your content meaningful for your readers.

  • Lesson 4

After you have learnt about how important content is you will start building your niche website from scratch.

Do not worry you will be walked through for the whole process until your site looks good.

You will see how easy anyone can build a website as you will be using word press.

  • Lesson 5

Once you have built your site you will learn how to market your site and content. Basically you get given many ideas on how to market your website.

Most people love this part because it involves a lot of creativity on your part.

  • Lesson 6, 7 and 8

The last 3 lessons are basically there to help you know how to get traffic to your site using content and back linking (which you will learn there).

These are the main things you will keep doing until your site becomes big.

Lesson 8 will be basically outsourcing your work so that you can get more done with less time. You will be taught how to get people to help you write good content on your site for you.


So is Affilorama legit or a scam that you should avoid?

The short answer is NO.

This is a platform that helps you build a long term online business which will you will benefit in the future from your efforts you put in now.

The thing that may make you take long to succeed is the fact that the forum is less active.

This is unlike Wealthy Affiliate which focuses on getting there members interactive in an effort to produce more results for everyone.

You check my Wealthy Affiliate review here to see the ins and outs of how I also benefit.

Final thoughts.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing platform designed to help anyone who is looking to make money as an affiliate marketer or even on their online website.

The platform is mostly beneficial for intermediate and beginner affiliate marketers as it is very limited with knowledge for the advanced marketers.

There are many benefits in the platform such as great training content and starting up your new website.

However if you are looking to be supported 24/7 you will struggle with this platform since their forum is less active.

If you are a person who likes support as they are developing their online business than I would advise you to check out Wealthy Affiliate which has helped me earn my money online.

I hope this review was beneficial, If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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