Affiliate One Review- Maybe the biggest scam!

Generating passive income has surged in popularity in recent years, providing individuals with the perks of flexibility, stability, and a substantial revenue stream. This trend has enticed many to enter this domain, anticipating substantial gains.

Nonetheless, not all individuals find success in this pursuit. Although commencing might appear simple, transforming it into a profitable venture poses an altogether distinct challenge. In this evaluation of Affiliate One, I’ll introduce an outstanding tool capable of automating a significant portion of your responsibilities.

Let’s explore Affiliate One further and ascertain if this could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Affiliate One Review

Program name: Affiliate One

Creator:James Fawcett

Price: Starts at $17.25

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pros And Cons


  • Beginner-friendly: Suitable for those new to the field
  • No installations or downloads required
  • User-friendly, no need for advanced technical skills or prior experience
  • Earning potential through 100% free traffic
  • Time and cost-effective
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for added assurance


  • Improved organization of lessons in a more logical order would enhance the experience
  • Geared towards beginners starting from scratch

What is AffiliateOne Program?

AffiliateOne is marketed as a set & forget system that can help you enhance your finances passively. It is ideal for everyone, including those with minimal tech skills. The creator states that this digital product is fail-proof and easy to use.

James Fawcett is the developer of the AffiliateOne program. He claims an online millionaire trained him on the secrets of earning passive income. According to the trainer, there are two essential components of making money online: traffic and an exciting offer to promote.

AffiliateOne helps you generate a boatload of traffic and offers to promote, allowing you to make good money passively. James Fawcett likens (traffic + offers) to (bread + butter), which he claims is a match made in heaven.

AffiliateOne requires zero Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, expensive methods, Chatbots, or spamming social media. The plan is not time-consuming, and users do not have to make any promotional videos.

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How Does AffiliateOne Program Work?

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. Millions of online users depend on affiliate marketing to earn income. AffiliateOne is a three-step program that can help you make a significant income through affiliate marketing. How does it work?

Step One: Create Opt-in Page

James Fawcett suggests creating an opt-in page to capture valuable email addresses that assist in creating an email list. The trick is to develop a “Thank You” page that drives organic traffic to your promotions.

Step Two: Use Solo Ads

According to AffiliateOne maker, the Solo ads help drive organic traffic to the opt-in page. More traffic increases the chances of people making purchases through your promotions. You can get an attractive commission on each purchase from your attractive offers.

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James Fawcett claims he used this method to generate over $2000 in under an hour. AffiliateOne helps you find high-value customers, increasing the chances of earning a six-figure salary monthly.

AffiliateOne is supposedly straightforward and perfect for both seasoned affiliates and novice marketers. The online course can help you earn passive income regardless of your career.

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Who can Use AffiliateOne Program?

James Fawcett advertises AffiliateOne for anyone looking to earn extra income and achieve financial freedom. It includes:

  • Novice marketers looking to gain from affiliate marketing
  • Anyone looking for a comprehensive affiliate marketing program with systematic guidance
  • Individuals looking to increase their profits via affiliate marketing
  • Anyone looking to increase organic traffic to their affiliate promotions
  • Experienced affiliates looking to up their marketing skills
  • Anyone looking to optimize their approach for success in marketing

How to Use AffiliateOne Successfully

James Fawcett explains the program uses three significant steps to help you earn attractive commissions. The entire system is simplified, straightforward, and easy to use regardless of your tech skills.

Step One: Choose a Gainful Offer

AffiliateOne teaches the users the methods of choosing profitable offers even if they have zero sales history. The program provides tricks for identifying fruitful promotions likely to generate traffic and attract gainful clients.

Step Two: Ignite Traffic

Generating quality traffic is a hectic task for most affiliate marketers. With good traffic, it is easier to earn commissions. AffiliateOne provides methods of creating limitless and targeted traffic likely to lead to sales.

Step Three: Experience Cash Flow

After using AffiliateOne, James Fawcett claims you will notice significant cash flow within a short period. Some people get good results in under twenty hours, depending on the lucrative offer they choose.

AffiliateOne developer recommends repeating the same cycle to generate quality income. The three-step program is purportedly research-based and practical.

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Benefits and Features of AffiliateOne Program

Recession-Proof Method: According to AffiliateOne creator, the three-step system provides fail-proof methods of earning good money. The program helps users to make quality income passively using minimal effort.

Ideal For Newbies and Seasoned Marketers: AffiliateOne creator argues that the program is easy and hassle-free. It is intended for novice and experienced marketers. According to James Fawcett, anyone can succeed with the program.

Requires No Making of Videos: Unlike similar programs, AffiliateOne does not require users to create videos or advertise on social media.

Quick Results: AffiliateOne supposedly uses cutting-edge approaches to deliver fast and satisfying results.

Works on Auto-Pilot: The official AffiliateOne website advertises that the program is a set-and-go three-step program intended to give marketers passive income. It can provide users the freedom to enjoy affiliate marketing almost effortlessly.

Guaranteed Results: Customers buying AffiliateOne get a 30-day money-back guarantee, The developer claims it takes about half an hour to set it up, and it works seamlessly. Customers can request a refund if the three-step method fails to work.

Systematic Training: AffiliateOne trains its clients through easy-to-follow video programs. The developer states the trainers ensure customers get the correct skills to choose profitable offers and generate quality traffic.

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What is Inside James Fawcett’s AffiliateOne Program?

James Fawcett describes AffiliateOne as an innovative three-step program that is fail-proof and practical. The course comprises a comprehensive set of tools and information to ensure users succeed in affiliate marketing. Some of the data inside the three-step plan include:

Insightful Promotion Management Dashboard

AffiliateOne has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring you can set up, track, and boost all your affiliate marketing campaigns. According to James, the dashboard enables the user to monitor vital metrics, evaluate performance data, and make informed choices designed to amplify your gains.

Broad Affiliate System

AffiliateOne teaches users how to create an extensive affiliate network from various niches. The web allows you to connect with high-performing affiliates amplifying the chances of gaining profitable commissions.

Tracking and Analytics Tools

AffiliateOne provides tracking and analytic tools to deliver insights into your campaign performance. The maker cites that the tools allow you to analyze essential metrics, including tracking, clicks, conversions, and affiliate commission payouts.

Promotional Materials Resources

AffiliateOne offers a range of ready-made promotional materials to help you succeed in affiliate marketing. The resources are customizable to align them with your target audience and brand. The promotional materials also help you attract potential customers.


Some of the resources under AffiliateOne include webinars, tutorials, and case studies to boost your workflow and efficiency. The training materials can also improve your affiliate marketing expertise.

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AffiliateOne Upsells
AffiliateOne Additional Offerings

  1. Fast Cash Accelerator – These encompass the tools and techniques James employed to convert subscribers into purchasers for his affiliate programs.
  2. 10x Auto-commission Multipliers – Discover the art of utilizing automation to maximize the effectiveness of James’ profit-generating secret tools.
  3. Done-For-You (DFY) Package – Instant access to pre-prepared assets that can be swiftly set up and put into action.
  4. VIP Inner Sanctum – Involves weekly coaching calls for an enhanced learning experience.
  5. Reseller Opportunity – Affiliates can promote AffiliateOne and earn a higher commission rate facilitated by the authors.

Noteworthy Features of AffiliateOne

  1. Case Study: Gain insights from a case study demonstrating monthly earnings of $5,000.
  2. Training: A comprehensive course guiding you through the step-by-step implementation of the AffiliateOne method.
  3. Mindset: Emphasizes the importance of a success-oriented mindset in online money-making endeavors.
  4. Traffic Training: Discloses a secret strategy for rapidly and cost-effectively increasing the traffic to your site’s links.
  5. World-Class Support Team: Access to a top-notch support team to assist with any challenges encountered during training.
  6. Multiple Commission Streams From DFY Converting Money Pages

AffiliateOne Membership Cost

You can acquire AffiliateOne at the introductory price of $17.25. However, this is an early bird discount, and once the initial launch period concludes, the course will be priced at $97.

It’s important to note that additional upsells within affiliate marketing programs often come with higher price tags, potentially reaching thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Is AffiliateOne a Scam?
Is AffiliateOne Legitimate or a Scam?

AffiliateOne is not technically a scam. It is possible to generate income through this program, although achieving success is not as effortless as the company portrays.

The upfront workload is substantial, success is not guaranteed, and the commissions, most notably, are relatively small.

While front-loading work and reaping financial benefits later is a valid approach, dedicating three months of effort for a $50 commission might not be considered worthwhile.

My Top Recommendation for Online Income

While Growth Cave offers money-making opportunities, it can be challenging for individuals with limited funds or those seeking a simpler business model.

That’s why I consistently suggest, whether you’re just starting out or have some online money-making experience, to focus on programs that begin with minimal upfront investment.

I recommend a program that provides comprehensive training for free, allowing you to evaluate it before making a commitment. Once you’ve reviewed the training and started your business, the program offers a premium option.

This program includes a 24/7 support system with live chat for any inquiries and a supportive community you can engage with daily if you encounter any challenges.

Countless success stories exist of individuals using this program to earn money—I’m a testament to its effectiveness. It’s the same system that enabled me to achieve a full-time online income, prompting me to leave my traditional job for good (See my average online business income below).


If you’re curious about this program and how it helped me achieve financial independence at a young age, feel free to explore it yourself at no cost using the link below.


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