Affiliate Lab Review 2022-The Truth Exposed

Welcome to my Affiliate Lab Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to this program so that you will be able to make your own choice at the end.

With whole loads of scams out there it may be super hard for people to find a legit course and this is the reason that I am here.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I have been living a full time laptop lifestyle after my online business allowed me to quit my job in 2019.

I now help people with finding the best ways to make money online like me and also guide them towards the right courses or programs.

I would like to congratulate you for doing your research before investing into this program. This will always help you not get scammed online.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Affiliate Lab Review

Program Name: Affiliate Lab

Creator: Matt Diggity

Price:$997 or 2 monthly payments of $597

Recommend:Yes but not for beginners

Scam:No rating: 3 out of 5

What is Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab is a course that is made around helping you make money building a website via search Engine Optimization and also be able to sell that if you wish.

The course is more focused on making your website be an affiliate marketing website which is their main model is making money.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing it is essentially where you promote people’s products in an exchange for you to get a commission.

You will get a unique link that you can put on your website for whatever product you decide to put and if someone decides to buy they you will make a sale.

These can accumulate over time and become huge and passive provided it is done well.

By the way affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways that I make money online using different websites so I know this is a legit business model.

So the course from Affiliate Lab is said to help beginners and advanced affiliate marketers get commissions wit their strategy.

You will also learn how to flip a website and also how to make it even better for reselling purposes.

Who is the creator of Affiliate Lab?

It is always wise to check who the creator of a program is so that you will know who you are dealing with when it comes to following a program.

It is always better following someone who knows what they are doing rather than just a random person who has not achieved any results.

The creator of Affiliate Lab is Matt Diggity started if an electrical engineer who became frustrated with his job and wanted to rather focus on something that will give him time freedom.

This is when he bumped into affiliate marketing which was intriguing to him because it would allow him to have time freedom which he did not have in his job.

After failing for many years with affiliate marketing he was able to get a system that worked for him.

One of his methods was to sell one of his websites that only brought a little income to help himself to focus on ones that work which he ended up making.

However, he was able to find a secret where he was able to sell websites to make a huge commission and this is another method he has been teaching which is called flipping websites for profits.

In this course he also teaches this.

How does Affiliate Lab work?

Now that you know a bit about the program let us now take a look at how the course works and how it is structured.

To do this I will look at the modules and expand on each of them.

  • Module 1: Affiliate Lab introduction

This module serves as your introduction to not only the course but to how affiliate marketing really works and how you can leverage SEO.

You will be told about how Matt uses it and has been using it for years to generate income online and how you can also do the same.

  • Module 2: Niche Selection

This section is where you start learning the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and SEO.

You will be learning how to select a niche that will be profitable and also how you can be able to find niches that have potential for making money.

You will also be taught how to avoid niches that will waste your time and not give you sales which is key for your success.

  • Module 3: Onsite SEO

In this module you will be learning the basics of improving the authority of your website by using a method called onsite SEO.

Onsite SEO is using the information on your blog to let google rank you higher. Thus, this means that you will be focusing on things like making sure your domain name has keywords for niche and also writing the right content that will help you be able to start making money online.

In this section you will see the need for choosing the right niche so that you do not write or have content that is all over the place which will not be helpful for ranking you higher.

  • Module 4:Off-site SEO

This section is where you will be learning how to use sources outside your website to help your website become stronger.

This is done by things like Link building and this is what you will learn in depth and Matt will even give you his blueprint that he has used for a very long time.

This will help you skip any trial and error that you come across.


You will also get some bonuses along with the modules and training and below are all the bonuses that you will be getting.

  • Bonus 1: The beginner’s lab

In this bonus you will get steps on how to create your website from scratch and also how to get we hosting that will be suited for your website.

This is really the practical stuff of making your website.

  • Bonus 2:Exclusive Facebook group

This section is all about help you be able to engage with people who have succeeded using the course and also those who are just like you.

What I like about their Facebook Group is that it is quit active which means that you will be able to get your answers to your questions fairly quickly which is something rare for most programs I have been in like Internet Income Intensive which I started off with when I was looking to make money with affiliate marketing.

Bonus 3:Conversion rate optimization Masterclass

This bonus is about helping you be able to increase your chances of success by increasing your conversion rates which is something that most people struggle with.

You will learn some secrets Matt uses to help conversion such as have your content be selling for you.

  • Bonus 4:Featured snippets

Matt will be teaching you about featured snippets and how the can impact your business over time and how you can take advantage of this.

  • Bonus 5: Authority Blueprint

This bonus is all about helping make your website an authority so that you will be able to rank higher and get more traffic and thus sales more than your competitors.

An authority website is simply a website that has huge trust in Google’s eyes and thus it is ranked higher and recommended more.

  • Bonus 6:Website Flipping Masterclass

This section is all about helping you gain capital gains using websites and you will get the same blueprint that Matt has been using to do this and generate good income for himself and family.

Most courses do not talk about this a lot but it is a very lucrative way to make money or just have an extra income coming in.

  • Bonus 7: Outreach Masterclass

This section you will be learning about doing the backlinks that you have learnt about and also how to use these to help your website have huge outreach.

  • Bonus 8: The Kitchen sink+Medic Buster+Penalty Recovery

This section is all about helping your website withstand the test of time. This means that you will be shown ways of how to not be affected by Google updates and the like.

You will learn the blueprint that Matt uses to do this.

  • Bonus 9:Email marketing Masterclass

You will be taught here how to have a passive income for a lifetime by getting emails so that you can keep making money by providing value and promoting any product those that email list.

How much does Affiliate Lab cost?

Affiliate Lab Review

The cost is the one big negative for me because it is huge which means most people will have to pass it (But do not worry I have a better alternative that is way cheaper that I will show you later).

The costs of the program is a one time payment of $997 for people who can pay the once off payment.

However, if you do not have that you can pay 2 monthly payments of $597.

You see even if you paid the 2 monthly payments it is a bit high still and I would not say the price is justified if you look at the value you get since you can get way better training than this course as you will see.

What I like about Affiliate Lab

  • Creator is real and an expert

Matt has been in this business for a long time and has been generating good amount of income from this which is something to admire him from.

I always say that it is also good following a program from someone who not only knows what they are doing but have reached success which they can prove.

This makes it super easy for people to follow as they will know that they are following an expert.

  • Legit methods

You will be able to get legit information which I am also using to make money with my websites which is super cool.

  • A community

The program is made around a community that you will be able to refer back to for help when you need help along the way.

What I do not like about Affiliate Lab

  • Too expensive

The program is too expensive for people to be able to use. This means that not everyone can be able to afford and use it.

  • The course is not beginner-friendly

The course is better for people who already know about affiliate marketing as it focuses more on helping you establish authority.

This is properly the reason the course is so expensive as it may assume the people who are buy already have some income coming.

Is Affiliate Lab a scam?

If you have been reading up until this point that you already know that the program is pretty legit when it comes to helping you.

You will be able to get help as long as you put in the work. My only worry is that if you are a beginner you may not be able to learn this well and make this work.

I am not saying you can not make money but it may be a bit of a steep slope. For a beginner it is better to start with a program that will take you step by step.

Do I recommend Affiliate Lab?

Again I am only recommending this to people who have money and have some experience with affiliate marketing of some sort as you will not have too much issue with this program.

How I make money online

I have also been doing affiliate marketing which is one of my main sources of income and I started this in 2016.

It was only after getting a helpful program that I was able to make this give me a full time income.

This is because the course has superb support in help you step by step to reach your full time income with a website.

The program is filled with tools and not only that it has some free training which will help you look at before committing.

This is what made me join the premium membership after a few weeks of starting the free membership training as I wanted to actually apply the knowledge and see good results which free training does not. However, you are still able to get your free website with free training.

After I applied myself for 6 months into the program I was able to see results and started earning a full time income.

July 2021

After I saw this success I was very amazed and this is the reason now I recommend this program to most people especially those who are starting out and want to start a business investing very a small amount.

These are some of my income or sales that I make using this system which trained me to be a full time affiliate marketer.

If you are wanting to check how I did it you check below my full story and see for yourself how powerful this program really is.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making a business online and earning a full time income you really need to be picky about where you get your information.

This is because the program is because there are so many scam programs out there that will basically scam you of your money.

This is why I do such reviews so that people will be aware and never be scammed at all.

Affiliate Lab is another affiliate marketing program that you can use to learn affiliate marketing.

The program which is led by Matt who is an ex-electrical engineer is legit and will give you training you need. However, the issue is that it is a bit too expensive and is geared towards those who already have some skills for affiliate marketing as the training is not beginner-friendly.

All in all the program will work if you put in the time that is required.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Lab Review 2022-The Truth Exposed”

  1. Hey Thabo,

    I have definitely heard of Affiliate Lab, but never met anyone that has used it. After reading your article I can see that it is a good platform and could be very helpful to affiliate marketers. However, the price range is a bit too much for most people I would think. Maybe they need to look at that?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your articles.

    All the best,


    1. hey Tom

      Affiliate Lab is indeed well known and I have seen some people with good results so I would not say it is a bad program at all.
      Yes the price could be a drawback to many people.

  2. Hi Thabo,

    Paying $997 for an online training course is too much, especially for those who have just started out. The training content looks legitimate, and Matt’s success story is inspiring. I believe your recommendation is a better option and more suitable for beginners. Do they provide free trials, or how much does it cost? It would help if you could answer my questions.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. I do agree that the price is a bit too high and for most people it would not be attainable anyways so one has to ensure they make their business work for themselves which defeats the whole purpose of buying such a high priced program.

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