Affiliate bots 2.0 scam review- Inside information

Most people are now looking for a great way to earn a full time income online at home and they are looking for solutions that work. And I am sure it is the reason you are here on this page too.

A new affiliate marketing program which has been having a hype recently online is the affiliate bots 2.0. Although it is not entirely new since it is an upgrade from the first one called affiliate bots it is having a great hype around it.

The important question is whether it is worth your investment or not?

Well I will be answering this question for you and unloading it simply and clearly for you.

Before we start I would like to give a bit of information on why you should read this review.

  1. I have been an internet marketer for 3 years and have been constantly looking for legit work at home programs which have helped me work from home after leaving my job recently.
  2. I am not a millionaire yet so I will not mislead you with saying I am earning big bucks myself as I am steadily getting there.
  3. On this site I review products to see if they are scams or not by researching and sometimes using them.

Now that you know about me and why I am doing this review it is time to get started with the affiliate bot 2.0 review.

By the way you may be interested in checking out my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Affiliate bots 2.0 reviewaffiliate bots 2.0 review

Product name: Affiliate bots 2.0

Owner: Chris X


Bonuses: Yes rating: 5 out of 10

Support: Average support


What is affiliate bots 2.0 review

Affiliate bots 2.0 is basically an automation tool system (marketing tool) which helps marketers create landing pages and squeeze pages. This really works if you already know why you are building those landing pages and the like.

The other good thing about affiliate bots 2.o is that it notifies you when major affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo and Warrior) are releasing or launching their new product to the masses. This helps you stay ahead of the game.

The reason this system is in high demand is because it is using affiliate marketing to create money, but doing it automatically.

This is obviously the second version of the program as you can see the name. So why do we have the second version if the first one worked well?

Well this is because Chris X wanted to offer more value than what he did for the first successful version of the affiliate bots.

We have all seen many people making money online easily and wondered if we could do the same.

Well Chris X is trying to do exactly this for people as he is leveraging technology which is what is already taking over in our lives. He is doing in affiliate marketing industry. How cool.

About the Owner

With my reviews I love to check out everything including the author to see if we are dealing with a legit person and if that person has produced results himself.

In fact, I do this with everything in life. I never follow the advice of someone who has not produced the results he/she talks about or that I want so with Chris X I did the same.

So is he legit or what?

Yes, Chris is more than legit because he has created millions from affiliate marketing and not only that he has used his skills to make money through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

After making a success for himself he decided to automate what he did to se if it will work and all it worked because he was doing the same thing over and over again.

This is where affiliate bots was created where he has been selling this to friends and then to other people to do the same.

Pros and Cons


  • Getting commission directly when you make any sale
  • You get free traffic
  • Once off payment
  • Fast and easy to use


  • May be a bit tricky for newbies
  • Some hidden upsells

How does the program actually work?

affiliate bots 2.0 review

You will be blown away to know that the program is not too complicated to use especially if you have been in the affiliate marketing industry for a while.

However if you are a beginner you will be very confused initially as you will have to understand how to integrate everything together.

The essence of the program is that it helps make the job of an internet marker better by automating the works. This is done by the systems that are automatically done for you.

For example the system will help you find top selling programs on the 3 major affiliate programs which are included in the package you buy like Amazon, WarriorPlus and JVZOO.

The other major thing that helps affiliate markers is the fact that it provides free traffic to your website and you get to keep all the commission from this free traffic.

If you are an experienced marker you already know how hard it is to get traffic to your website so this feature is what is a game changer for internet markers.

Not only does it help you with making the system of affiliate marketing operations but it helps make your website a magnet for your visitors.

You will get website widgets like pop ups which will cater for different audiences who come to your website.

Features of the program

affiliate bots 2.0 review

There is just a lot of tools you get when you purchase this program and there is no way of covering all of that here.

So what I will do is focus on the core of the features that I think you need to know. I will just list them below.

  • Warrior 250

This is a feature where you get 250 of the best-selling affiliate programs on WarrioPlus

  • CB 250

This feature is where you get 250 of the best-selling affiliate programs to promote on ClickBank

  • King of the Zon
  • Banner Builder
  • Launch Phase
  • Web widgets
  • AutoMail software
  • IM Affiliate bot
  • Host Affiliate bot
  • Click Videos Pages

Who is this program for?

The great thing about this program is that it is fit for absolutely anyone looking to making money online, whether millions or just extra income on the side online.

Here are those people who will benefit:

  • Affiliate marketers (advanced and intermediate)
  • Bloggers
  • Online business owners
  • Ecommerce markers
  • Advertisers

Will I get proper support?

The main concern most markers have is that will they get support for whatever program they join and that is a valid question because it will make or break your chances of success anywhere.

Affiliate bots 2.0 really does take care of its members but not in the way I would love as an experienced marker or even worse for someone who is a newbie online.

The only big way that they help you with is with the PDFs and video training. I assume this is because the whole system is an automation tool so Chris X does not see the need for full support.

But trust me if you are a newbie you do need help as you need to know why you are doing certain things for your system to work.

This is the reason that for newbies or anyone who is struggling in affiliate marketing or who wants to make money online with full support to check out my #1 recommendation program for making money online.

What is the cost of affiliate bots 2.0?

The actual product costs $17 which you only pay once of to get everything, However as you start using the system you will be sold into more upsells.

This is an old trick that affiliate markers do to make you buy more for just one product and this is why I usually stare clear of such programs.

It does not end there. You also get another upsell after getting your initial upsell of $97 for the ProClub.

Here is the initial upsells you get:

  • AL VideoCreator software for $17 which helps you get make instant videos with about 1500 templates to choose from.
  • Affiliate bot 2.0 for $97 which helps you make more advancement for profits since you get more tools like 1 on 1 support.

Last upsells you get

The last upsell you get is when you get through the first upsell. Here you are told to pay $27/month to get the systems all done for you.

Training for affiliate bots 2.0

The training is one of the major things needed to succeed in any online business and given the complexity of the program the training is not enough especially for beginners.

The training is not a compact one or an ongoing one rather it is in very basic PDF form and some few videos, that’s it.

Here is how you get training for affiliate bots 2.0:

  • Different videos document about how the system works and how to put thing together.
  • PDFs which talk about YouTube and google SEO
  • PDF talking about email marketing
  • A quick start PDF guide which talks about the basics of the software and affiliate marketing.

The verdict

The one thing most people are wanting to know is if affiliate bots 2.0 is really worth the investment or it is just another scam product.

In simple words it is definitely not a scam and it is a legit product to help you succeed in affiliate marketing or online.

However I would not recommend it for intermediate and newbies because the amount you pay will be a waste since you will not be advanced enough to know how things work.

However if you are a successful affiliate marketer I would say this is definitely worth the investment to help you scale you online business further.

To show that there are no guarantees for success with this “so-called” program there is a disclaimer which talks about this for the program. Below is the Disclaimer

Affiliate bots 2.0 review

>>I am ready to try affiliate bots 2.0<<

So what do I recommend for newbies or intermediate marketers?

I recommend using a program which will take you step by step online from beginner level to advanced. For such a program you can check out my #1 recommendation here.

Final thoughts

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest businesses and best ways to make money online but mostly people fail due to lack of proper training and programs.

Affiliate bots 2.0 is a new program which helps top marketers scale their online business and make a huge success for themselves automatically.

The system gives many tools for affiliate marketers for only $17 such as automated emails and website widgets.

The downside is that there are too many upsells for the program and this can cost a lot for someone who has limited cash and who is starting out.

This is why for beginners or intermediate marketers I suggest for looking for an affordable program to help them grow like my # 1 recommendation which is free to start and get all the help until reaching success.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the affiliate bots 2.0. I hope it was helpful to you and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

12 thoughts on “Affiliate bots 2.0 scam review- Inside information”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing so it was very valuable information. I will save your article and affiliate bots 2.0 for a later time, maybe I will consider buying it in the future.

    1. Hey Tanya

      I am glad that you find this affiliate bots 2.0 review useful and valuable and I hope you will be able to make you have informed decisions that will lead you to being financially free.

      Best wishes

  2. Thank you so much for all the research put into this review. I love learning about helpful products, but I can see that this one is more advanced and costly than what I am ready for. It was certainly an interesting read, and a beneficial one for people trying to find useful aids to their affiliate marketing endeavors. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Cathy

      Yes affiliate bots 2.0 is for people who are already experts in affiliate marketing so do not worry you do not have to be in it and use your hard earned money.
      Master the skills of affiliate marketing yourself and this will pay in the long term.

  3. Interesting review! But, I’m just curious why it’s called Affiliate Bots 2.0. I mean aren’t we told as affiliate marketers to avoid bots? I mean we’re taught to be more personable as an affiliate marketer to brand ourselves. I mean maybe I’m misunderstanding here. Can you help shed some light on this topic for me?

    1. This is an automated system for affiliate marketing, however you still have to put all the tools and systems together yourself. You can only do this if you have advanced experience in affiliate marketing.
      Yes you are right we should not rely on automatic systems as they usually crash over time. This one hasn’t crashed yet, at least the first version of it.

  4. Hey there,

    I have recently gotten into affiliate marketing and i am glad there are people like you who are out here providing us with useful information like this. It is nice to see someone take the time out to review products that could either benefit us, or harm us when we are trying to make money online.

    I was thinking of buying this product, but I might be second guessing myself because of the solid, and in-depth review that you provided.

    But, this product isn’t too expensive so it seems like I couldn’t go wrong if I wanted to try it out. I like what you are doing with this site! Keep it up.



    1. Hey Max

      I am glad I could be of great help. I do not want anyone to get stuck when it comes to making money online like I did for a few years.
      You can also check out my other reviews on my blog section.
      Thank you for your feedback

  5. Hello. Nice review on affiliate bots 2.0. It certainly helped me clarify that this program is not for newbies or intermediates in affiliate marketing. Me being in affiliate marketing for 5 months and still haven’t made any considerable amount of money, I guess that classifies me as a newbie.
    Also this upsell “system” I read quite a lot about such programs.
    My final words will be that even some people know to make millions, it can be hard to teach to another how to do it too. Hence the version 2.0.
    Thanks for writing this article. It’s always useful to learn about new affiliate programs and their potential. Have a nice day.

    1. Hey Georgious
      It is great hearing from some new affiliate marketers about their views. Since you are new to affiliate marketing it is definitely true that upsells are major in this industry but do not worry you will get use to them.
      Yeah this is the second version of affiliate bots thus the number 2.0.
      Best wishes with your affiliate marketing journey

  6. Great review. I like that the price is only $17, it’s when the upsells start that scare me. On the other your #1 recommendation sounds great, I may look into that a bit more.

    1. Yeah buddy I am also terrified of upsells and that is why I do not enter program which focus mainly on that. Affiliate bots 2.0 definitely has.

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