Advocare review -Is this another scam company?

Welcome to my advocare review where I will be looking at one of the biggest network marketing companies out there.

So I will be looking in to see if this is actually a good company to be in or not and also if they have legit products or not.

All I will be doing here is laying out the information for you so that you can be able to make an informed decision for yourself, sounds cool?

Below are the topics I will be covering about the company:

Company name:

The overview of the company

How the business opportunity works

The support system of the company

The training of the company

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Advocare review

Company name: Advocare


Creator: Charles Ragus

Price for business opportunity: Depends on the package rating: 2.5 out of 5

Advocare overview

The advocare is basically a multi level company which started its operations in 1993 selling dietary supplements mainly.

The company was founded in the United States of America in Plano, Texas where it has its headquarters there.

The company has going through varies lawsuits due to having been labeled as a bare scam by one of the organizations such as the US Federal Trade Commission.

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The company has been growing strong even besides these set backs over the years.

Who is the founder?

Just like with all my reviews I make sure to do research of the founder so that I know if they are:

  1. Real person
  2. Reputable and trust worthy leader.

Well to answer the first question the founder is Charles Ragus is a real from the US and to add on to this he is very reputable person.

Advocare review

This is because he has first had a firsthand experience where he was a sales representative of many multi Level marketing (MLM) companies like Herbalife and Fidelity Union Insurance.

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In this section we will look at what the company actually has provides and its business opportunity to see if it is worth your time and money or not.

Let’s start with the products

As I said before the products they sell are all supplements which help in personal wellness. Now let us look at what they actually have in their product line.


Advocare review

Now that we have seen the products it is time we take a look at the business opportunity from advocare.

This is a typical MLM type of company where you are required to require a team who will help you grow and make money.

You will also of course be selling their products at the same time.

Their compensation structure is very hard for any beginner network marketer to actually make money.

This is because the nutrition industry is one of the most popular one which means you will have lots of competition as a beginner.

Not only this you will also be competing without network marketing companies which have sales representatives which have many years of experience.

This is one of the reasons most people do not succeed in advocare when they try to build a business.

In any case look at how their compensation is like and you will have a brief overview of what I mean.

Any incentives?

With advocare there are all bonuses and incentives people to succeed and if they succeed they will reach the top.

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You usually go to a luxurious trip which happens all the time. However, as I said this is extremely hard to achieve.

The reason for this is that to be able to recruit and be at the top you rely only on the company’s great products and also the discounts you give to customers.

Now this makes it hard for the average job to recruit because almost all companies have discounts with them. This is the reason only the top people become the best earners and get trips.

Support structure.

With any company it is great to have a support structure so that you will be able to get help should you struggle.

The support is also needed to ensure that the customers you sell to can be taken care of should something happen with their products.

Advocare is one of the worst companies when it comes to complaints because they will hardly respond and respond with regard to the customers’s concern.

One huge concern has been people being charged through their cards after they had only paid once but did not agree to renew.

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When you write back to them they act as if it is not their fault at all. To me this is pure fraud at the highest level for a company that is claiming to help people.

What is more is that the company will charge you even if you have not purchased their products. This can happen if a person put their credit card on the form but decided to not buy.

Training of the company

To succeed in any business you need to be able to get proper training at least constantly especially if you are a beginner.

The company has many training events which are usually hosted by their top reps such as Gregg Stern and Eric Peterson.

The training is done all over the regions where the company has a footprint on.

The training is there normal MLM structure kind of business and I do believe a beginner can benefit if they are hard working enough.


Now I do want to say that this company has a huge emphasis of research for their products and they have teams of some of the best health experts who ensure great and safe products.

Perhaps this is one of the reason that this company is so reputable amongst its customers for its great products.

One of the most loved products are those which focus on skin and hair because most customers have been giving it raving reviews.


First of all I want to say that do not fully trust the testimonies you see on their website because they are very objective.

However if you check other platforms online you will see real people who have done well with this company.

There are many who do well because of the training but then again the newbies will struggle for many reasons I have mentioned above like the competition in advocare and the competition of being a sales rep where you have other distributors of other companies fighting with your clients.

The company does recognize the success of the top achievers constantly and that is where you see people who have actually succeeded.

Below is their social media page of top earners and also some people testifying on the page.

The verdict

I know this is probably the part you have been waiting for where I tell you if this is a scam or a legit company..

The answer is that the company is not a scam and it is legit because it sells products within its recruitment structure.

A scam or pyramid is cam is a company which focuses and pays people for recruiting more leads and there are no products at all,

The only problem I have is that it is extremely hard to actually make it to the top because of how the MLM structure of this company is.

This is true for most MLM companies.

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When it also comes to servicing its customers this is where I do not like it because it operate like a scam. I mean how can you charge people for things they did not buy?

Final thoughts

Advocare is a typical network marketing company which is great when it comes to its products but the services is not good at all.

This is because they charge people without even purchasing the products in some instances and they fail to resolve such basic issues.

It is also hard to achieve great success if you are new to network marketing because the training is mostly based on recruiting and merely helps those who are at the top the most.

I do commend them for the research they put to their products because it shows how much they when to serve others with their products.

I hope this advocare was helpful and I hope you learnt a thing or two about the company. If you have any question you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

Advocare review

Not reliable support for product purchases but good support for sales reps

The support for buying products is a bit lacking as the support is merely focused on helping reps make money more

2 thoughts on “Advocare review -Is this another scam company?”

  1. Yes, you are right not a scam but close. A work at home site, must remember, their customers are what keeps them in business,. And if they want repeat business, which I am sure they do, they must resolve any issues with their products that their customer may have, as I said at the beginning, they must resolve quickly.

    I like the article very much, well done, strong content. Good media that goes very well with the contents. Article is easy to read and navigate around. Job well done!

    1. hey Laurence

      Firstly thank you for your compliment glad to hear you love this article and its content.
      Yes it is close to a scam. I personally would not join an MLM again because of the face to face recruiting process.
      They do need to sort out their issues first before going forward

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