Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money- The 5 best ways

With many countries on lockdown most people are left with nothing but bored to say the least, But what if there were things you could do to  make money?Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money

Today I will be talking about activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money.

These are all the methods that I used to make money for myself not just during coronavirus way before that too but since it is lockdown I am doing these more to get money.

I hope these will be beneficial to you. Before we start you may be interested in checking my # 1 recommendation for making money online.

1. Do surveys

Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money

One of the easiest things to do when it comes to making a quick buck is finding online surveys and filling them in and make money.

Surveys are what you fill in to help a certain company and in exchange for your thoughts and views you will get income or commission.

The good thing is that there are many companies which are looking for this information and they will pay you for it.

So what surveys do you write? There are many types and they include the following types:

  • Engineering survey
  • Accounting survey
  • Market research surveys
  • Price sensitivity
  • Product research survey

The surveys are normally free and the most popular and well-known is called Survey Junkie. At the end of the day you can choose which one you like.

2. Learn and new skill which will make you money

The other thing to do to make money is to learn a new skill which is what is probably the easiest thing to do.

You can make a lot of money if you do something you really enjoy and this is what I have done for myself.

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So how do you make money with your hobby?

This you can do this with creating a website related to what you enjoy the most.

For example if you enjoy soccer you can create a website which is centered around soccer and here are the topics you can center your website around for example:

  • Soccer boots
  • Soccer socks
  • Soccer balls
  • Soccer t-shirts

You can even start your own free website through website siteRubrix which you can start building right away.

When you create website you will be promoting the soccer related products and get a commission through it.

If you are also looking to get proper training so you can make money online you will be with the skill of making money online.

The training is free from Wealthy Affiliate which is the program which helped me be able to make money online.

3. Learn to trade online

Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money

Trading online is the best way to make money online as it is a skill which is developed over time and hard work of practice.

You can trade two ways: Stocks or Forex depending on what you truly like.

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Trading stocks however has a more barrier to entry compared to Forex trading as you are trading companies’ value compared to Forex trading which focuses on currencies.

To be a profitable trader you should get a proper and reliable trading training system.

4. Learn to be a freelancer

Do you have a skill that you are really good and that you can offer to anyone?

Are you and engineer or a consultant or lawyer who has the skill which you are confidence of?

The great thing about freelancing is that nowadays it is easy to start out your freelancer because of many platforms which make it easier for you to get started.

Here are the most famous platforms to get started:

5. Social media Evaluator

Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money

Now if you spend too much time on social media then this one might be for you and you could do well.

A social media evaluator is someone who analysis social media platforms of a company to check if the campaigns of a company are working or not.

This way of making money isn’t too popular yet so this means that if you decide to be a social media evaluator you will have less competition compared to other ways of making money.

This means that companies will be more inclined to take you to do their work.

Let’s look at places you can get these jobs easier:


How I make money online

Now I would like to tell you how you can make myself if you are willing to follow the same route that I took 3-4 years ago.

This is related to making money online with my hobby as I have said and the training I got was free through Wealthy Affiliate.


This was after I had been scammed from many online business companies which promised me a lot and delivered nothing.

It was only after a few months where I was able to make my first sale after I started with the program which has given me a lot of faith and more courage to make more income online.

More than this I enjoy writing about my hobby and sharing it to my readers.

Final thoughts

When it comes to activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown there are many opportunies to make money online, if you are looking for it.

The best ones which are easy and that you can get started off with include the following:

  • Doing surveys for money
  • Trading online
  • Making money with a hobby
  • Social media evaluator
  • Being a freelancer

These options are not the only ones but they are one of the easiest to get started with if you are at home and looking to getting started easily and fast.

The best one which gives you free is making money with your hobby because you can create a long term big online business and you can get a free training through Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this article was helpful to you and I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest and you could apply it during lockdown and moving forward.

8 thoughts on “Activities to do during the coronavirus lockdown to make money- The 5 best ways”

  1. Great post with some good ideas. Thank you!

    I’m bored so will certainly be looking at a couple of these! This lockdown is seriously effecting my sanity. I need something to do and doing something productive that could make me some money sounds like a great idea.

    I had never heard of Social media Evaluators before, so will be taking a look at that option first. I’m not tempted by surveys to be honest! Been there and done that and it just doesn’t pay enough!

    I’m tempted by your Wealthy Affiliate program .. Will be taking a closer look at that one after the social media evaluators.

    1. Your article is very useful. This would be the right time to do such kind of productive things instead of watching movies and all. Too much watching of TV just make me insane. Good info that you’ve shared. Thanks and keep up the good work.

      1. Hey Lawrence

        Yeah that is the aim of this article to make people aware of how they can change their lives

  2. You make an excellent point. As we sit here and wait out the virus to ‘flatten the curve” , instead of watching hours of Pandemic TV or stress eating, put that time to good use. Invest in yourself, learn a skill, take a course, build a business…. great advice … I’m going to follow that advice!

  3. Hey, Thanks for the great article.

    About trading forex, I tried to learn it properly for several months but never really understood it properly. Can you recommend some good resources?

    1. Hey Rajith

      Sorry to hear that you actually didn’t find success in Forex but Believe that everyone has there own thing and also if they persist it work.

  4. Great post it goes to show that sometimes the simple ways are the best. Thanks for the insight.

    But if there is one thing I still love doing is online marketing it can keep you going if you love it.

    1. Hey Kevin

      Thank you for your feedback. Yeah I agree and it has been a passion for me for many years and I love it daily.

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