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Hello, I am Thabo, welcome to my site www.theworkathomegraduate.com I am glad to have you here. I have had the passion of earning income online for 3 years.



It was only in 2019 that I got to leave my high paying as a Civil Engineering and do my online business full time. This has given me so much freedom and I am stress free. (Yes this is me below at some hotel)

More than this I am happy that I have streams of income that can support me.



Growing up I have always been a big dreamer and I have also always been competitive in everything I did. This has been proven in my many areas of my life (dancing and academics).

When it came to academics I started off as being an underperformer at primary school especially grade 7. Perhaps the worst grades I got was in this grade since I was basically pushed through.


When I went to high school I worked my way from being labeled as an underdog to being one of the top performing students in the school.

This journey was by no means easy since I had to sacrifice a lot of things to get to the top.

This work ethic and dedication was responsible for getting me my dream job, Civil Engineering.

Like many other children I was told by my parents that I should work hard in order to get good grades, and get secure job. I did accomplish this fulfillment for my parents in 2015.

In less than a year of working as a qualified Civil Engineer the excitement soon wore out and I realized that I did not have freedom to do my passion, which is ballroom dancing.

By God’s grace that time I read a book about Robert Kiyosaki, about business, which change my whole perspective of life and work. I started looking for ways to earn extra money in order to leave my job and sustain myself while doing my passion.

Journey on making extra money online

The journey was not easy and in fact I haven’t reached my ultimate goal (of being a multimillionaire) but I happy that I am getting closer.

My making money online started off doing direct sales for one insurance company which was new at the time and this was my first step in learning about business.

I left that direct sales company after seeing that I did not have proper guidance and support from the company.

I then went to another global direct sales company (World Ventures) and this was mainly in part to help me get over rejection and learn to do presentations in front of people.

The company was good and I learnt so many valuable skills about business, However I left the company when there were issues with payments for Sales Reps (which was unethical).

At the time nothing was going to stop me from reaching financial freedom since I started buying properties with the extra money from work and my side hustles.

I bought one property and rented it out in 2016 and another one the following year. I also heard about earning online and I started working on my online business in 2016.

I started doing my passion online and I started earning on the side while I was in my job. (check my story of my first sale online, below).

At the beginning of 2019 I left my job to focus fully online since I was able to support myself with my online income and my properties.

Ever since leaving my job I have now been dedicating all my time doing my online business and doing my passion and also traveling the world.

Check out the program that helped me do this below:



Through this journey I haveĀ  had the pleasure to be coached by some of the top wealth or business coaches and attended their private coaching in order to learn about online business.

I have also attended many seminars for business which I believe have helped me achieved what I have achieved.

I still continue to get coaching and mentoring for my growth online.

I have met the following successful business people who have helped guide me since 2016:

  • Pen Joon (Top online business owner)
  • Jt Foxx (The number 1 wealth coach)


When many people started asking me how am I able to travel the world so much and have so much time for my passion I felt the need to help people learn to do this themselves as there seems to be a need.

Since we are living in the information age we are overwhelmed with information and there are many ways to find your path however what seems to lack is guidance from someone who has been in the industry for long.

I have struggled a lot to earn money online and be able to quit my job so I would not want someone else to face the same situation.

They say in life your learn from people who have done or are doing it. Since I have always been a coach and a mentor to my dance students (helping them achieve sport success) I would love to help people leave the jobs that they hate and follow their passions like me.


The reason I created this website was for a platform to be able to help people learn all about making money online without depending on a job.

There are many resources for showing you ways to earn money however this site is different since I will be showing the businesses that work which you can start doing and of which I can be able to guide you through.

On top of this I will alert you if certain businesses are scams so you do not get trapped and waste your time like I have been along the journey of earning money online until I found the real deals.

So basically I will be guiding you to programs which are legitimate that will be worth your time and efforts. (by the way this is me helping people abroad with my money making skills online)

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



7 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hey Thabo, well written post and I hope you will reach your destination and exceed your expectation on becoming a millionnaire, and with hard work and dedication, I have no doubt in my mind you will achieve, as they say what the mind can conceive, it can be achieved. Best of luck with your journey

  2. I have a lot of respect for people like you, you try to show people something they don’t see and therefore help them.
    I am one of those people, but I found a solution in WA, I hope they as a community push me further.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Hey Thabo I just bumped on your video as I was doing my research on affiliate marketing, I looked plenty successful coaches but all of them are international which is great but their stories do not resonate with my core. I needed something that speaks to me and decided to look for South Africans who are doing it. I hope I can get to learn from you boet.

    1. Hey Vika brother

      Great to hear that you are interested in Affiliate marketing. Yes I understand what you are saying and have had to learn that process of the core which was why it took me a while to succeed.
      Yes definitely I am here to help you out if you need help. Also keep an eye on my YouTube Chanel as I keep posting helpful content

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